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Antique Pine Table Makeover


Would you believe I still have several furniture makeovers from Lucketts to share?  The past few years, I got too busy to take before & after pictures and I really kicked myself for it.  This year, I made myself grab the camera and take a before of every piece AND made sure I had an after picture of each piece before it was loaded into the truck.

This antique pine table was one of my favorite pieces.  I guess I had a lot of favorites this year, because this is like the fifth piece I’ve called one of my favorites!  I found it on my shopping trip to Virginia.  It was one of the pricier pieces I bought, but I really loved it and thought it would make a nice “focal piece” in my booth.  Plus, I loved it so much, I didn’t mind if it didn’t sell.  It wasn’t purchased in the Saturday morning rush and I actually leaned over and whispered to a few people that I would be totally at peace with taking it home with me.

Well, I didn’t.  It sold Saturday afternoon to a very sweet couple who live in a 1700’s home and were looking for aged pieces that would look at home there.  I think this piece fits the bill pretty well.


Here’s how the table started…


The pine top was old and had an amazing patina to it, but the based was obviously newer.  It looked like it was custom made for the top and was really well-built, but the difference in the patina of the wood wasn’t working for me, so I bought it with the intention of painting the base.


Gorgeous top, right?

I knew I wanted to do a layered technique on the base to add an imaginary history…a story that it was painted and repainted over the years.  Actually, this was the paint finish I was asked about most at Lucketts.  People kept asking me about the colors and how I finished it.  When that happens, it means I hit the nail on the head.


I started out by painting the table in a mix of all of the greens I had left on my workbench from other projects.  I couldn’t begin to tell you what the ratio or mix was, but it was part MMS Milk Paint Lucketts Green, part Boxwood and part Kitchen Scale.  I took my chances and didn’t add the Bonding Agent and didn’t prep the surface by sanding.


I then added Vaseline to the edges and a few other places where paint might naturally wear away over time.  (You can see a tutorial on the technique HERE.)


I applied a coat of MMSMP Shutter Gray and then lightly distressed by hand with fine and heavy grit sand paper.  I took some of the paint back to the wood and some to the green layer.  The piece was finished in Antiquing Wax, which was applied with a brush and wiped away.


Now the top and the painted base have a more cohesive feel to my design eye.


Several people were hoping to buy the scale at Lucketts that I used in styling this shot, but I yanked it from my kitchen counter for the picture and then it went back.  I can’t see letting that scale go anytime soon!


I did take the painted splint basket to the market, but just as a display piece for the lavender.  The chippy paint on it is perfection and I bought it for myself.


It did get a lot of attention at the market.  Someone asked me about buying it, but I quoted a ridiculous price and thankfully they passed it up!


For the first time ever, I totally sold out of lavender!  I’m almost always left with lavender at the end of the market, but it was sold out by Saturday afternoon.  I’ll make sure to bring more next year!

The pine table and Eulalie’s Sky cabinet were my two “focal pieces”, meaning I put them front and center as a first-impression representation of my style.  I think it’s important to have those defining pieces at a market, booth, antique mall or shop to get people to come into your space.  Sort of an appetizer…if you like this, you have to see what else I have.


A few of you pointed out that I’m not doing a very good job resting if I’m also posting, but I can do that while in my jammies watching Netflix!  That’s the key!  Jeff let me sleep in two mornings this week, has been content with leftovers and salads for dinner AND has been rubbing my tight neck and shoulders.  All of that to say, I’ve been well pampered and am getting rest…although, there is an antique hutch in the basement calling my name…

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  1. something about antique pine always makes my heart skip a beat! love this finish paired with the wood top. it reminds me of loi (tone on tone) and his fine antiques.

  2. That old table top is beautiful. I love that someone saw beauty in it to make a table to go under it. Your finish is just perfect! I’m still waiting for you to announce your magical milk paint top coat/chippy stopper/primer that you mentioned recently. Soon, I hope! :)

    I just finished watching your “where I started” video on the Creatively Made Business 2.0 course. I think I’ve been following your blog since the beginning, but I hadn’t realized how fast things had moved for you. What a blessing!

    Could you share how much you sell your lavender bundles for? I’ve sold some in the past, and I’ve had some people tell me it was way too cheap, and others say it was too expensive.

  3. Such a beautiful make-over! I have a splint basket very similar to yours. I got mine at a second hand store for $10. I’ve been thinking about painting it…now that I’ve seen yours, I just might attempt it!

  4. The table is beautiful! Is the scale on top up for sale? I am interested. Thanks.

  5. Devon Cretella says:

    Hi Marion: I talked to you briefly at Luckett’s and showed you a photo of my dining room table that is flaking. I can send you another photo if need be if you can a give me your email address. You mentioned that you had a new product in development that you would like me to try. I’d love the opportunity to be your guinea pig! If you email me I can give you my address. Thanks so much…Devon Cretella

  6. What a beautiful piece – and I may have just grabbed it up myself even at a ridiculously high price !!!

  7. Glad all your lavender sold. I had twelve years of beautiful lavender growing well in the sun. Last year I dried enough to fill two vases and a stoneware pitcher. Thank goodness. Our long, cold Ohio winter killed my lavender. I was so unhappy to say the least. My husband bought new plants and I am encouraged to grow lavender again.

  8. This was my favorite furniture piece you showed you were bringing to Luckett’s. Love it! Just something about the color you mixed and that top. The aged look is perfect!

  9. That table is so beautiful! I love that you left the top – there is something about furniture with a wood top and a painted base that make my heart skip a beat. One of my favorite “looks”!

  10. Love that table, the color would be perfect for my home:( I love old baskets and yours is amazing, I wouldn’t part with it either! I am saving money for next year:)

  11. I never considered pairing a wood top with a painted base on furniture before I started following your blog years ago, but you totally converted me! I am such a fan of really old, beat up wood like what is on the top of this table so the entire piece is now perfect in my eyes!

    I watched your first video on The Creatively Made Business page last night, and while I’ve read parts of your story here, it is so much more inspiring to WATCH you tell it. I would have to say that you are one of my biggest (if not THE biggest) inspirations when it comes to my own blog and you are the reason I signed up for the course. You are such a good example of what is possible for my blog and business and I can’t wait to watch what else you have to share!

  12. Amy D says:

    I also wanted to let Marian know I signed up for the Building a Creatively Made Business course (I’m still in the “dreaming” stage)! I met Marian at the Luckett’s sale on Sunday and she is incredibly kind and sweet! Her parents are very sweet, too! She sure did sell most of what she brought–so wonderful! Marian, you are truly an inspiration. I look forward to seeing how your business grows!

  13. wendy says:

    This pine table looks great! You said you didn’t use a bonding agent, but is there no risk of it chipping any more since you used the Antiquing wax on top? Thanks!

  14. stacey says:

    Marion you truly are an artist! All your pieces have such a perfectly aged patina and in no way look like they were just painted.

    Oh how I wish you could come to N.Y. and paint a few of my pieces.

    I am toying with the idea of doing it myself, (with your paints of course), but with my lack of patience, I fear it will be a disaster.

  15. The top of that piece is to die for! Looks great with the new paint job! The before pic looked a bit orangey. Did you strip and restain the top?

  16. I love these featured items! Years ago I painted a dresser for my sons that reminds me of your Eulalie’s Sky Cabinet. Though I had no idea how it should be properly done, but it turned an Dirty Ivory Antiqued finish into a light blue finish and it made me happy! I was touched to read about your sore muscles, understandable after all of your hard work. I am glad that you are giving yourself grace time to recover. I have many chronic aches and pains and wanted to share a tip with you that I have just been using today as I am busy working on the computer. Fill a tube sock with rice, the slow cook variety, and either sew the top shut, or I just tie a knot in it, then place it into the freezer. After it has had time to get cold, apply it to those sore muscles. It will mold and cushion around your neck to soothe those aching muscles. The sock can be used warm too, just place it into your microwave for 2-3 minutes, it will be hot so use care. Either hot or cold these are a frequent comfort for my pain and when something works, I just have to share.

  17. I have to say that I’m liking a lighter wood top as in this piece. I have been stuck on dark walnut tops, but this is very soft and refreshing. I love it. Congratulations on a successful Lucketts fair.

  18. That table is absolutely gorgeous! I envy that couple who got it for their house. :-)

  19. Talitha says:

    For DIY milk paint project seekers: Ikea sells baskets in a similar style… you could make your own beautiful basket ( I know, it’s not the same, but for those of us who don’t happen to find the real thing it’s an idea!).

  20. Eliza says:

    Marian, of all the gorgeous pieces that you had at Luckett’s, this is the one that I would have carried on my back the mile walk back down Route 15 if I’d had anywhere in my house to put it! It’s just beautiful, and I’m so glad that it will be gracing a historic home:)

    With all of your mad skills, I’m most in awe of your ability to see what a piece *can* be. That table base looks like the saddest of 80’s shabby chic, but you saw the potential, and I can’t believe how pretty it looks now!

  21. If you could have seen that table TOP in person – you would have known it was full of potential. It was really incredible! That kind of age can’t be created – just gorgeous!

  22. Barbara Bussey says:

    What a beauty! I’m going to have to read your post on using the Vaseline.

  23. Tosca Kuhne says:

    I just love this piece! It is beautiful. Cant wait to get my hands on some of your paint.

  24. Sheila says:

    Marian, another beautiful piece of work girl !!! Love the top being a different color. You are sooo talented. Glad that Jeff is taking care of you to slow down. He’s a good guy. Have fun :-)


  25. Oh yes… the color on this piece is perfection, especially with that aged wood top… and the basket is wonderful. I love a good basket, and that’s a good one!


  26. Michelle says:

    Hi just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for this inspiration piece! I painted a buffet for TV and equipment with this piece as a guide! It turned out great! Love your blog and style. Michelle. I would LOVE To show you a picture, but I don’t see a way to do that here…..

  27. Lucia says:

    I’m trying this effect on a table and bench set that I have. I’m curious though, when you applied one coat of shutter grey, did it go on heavy or light like a washed look? Mine is going on light and before I distress I want to be sure it’s correct.

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