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Showing off the wainscoting…


I showed off my new family room wainscoting a few days ago, but the hutch in the corner was bugging me a little.  Even as we were moving the furniture back, I said to Jeff, “I think this hutch looks too squished into that corner and it hides all of the wainscoting.”

“Oh no.  I think it looks fine.”  I think that was code for I don’t really want to move furniture right now.

A few days later, I was ready to move the hutch and other things around, so he helped me.


We moved the hutch by the front door in the living room and brought in the small MMSMP Grain Sack dresser that was under the living room window.  I topped it off with the small antique hutch.  I like how it opens things up more and allows the wainscoting to be seen and appreciated.


I tried a few different things on the wall above, but haven’t settled on anything.  Right now a framed crocheted piece is up there.  We’ll see how long it stays.


And I was able to fit in one of my favorite pieces…my Oma’s rocker.  We have a picture of her sitting in it as a little girl.  It was painted white at the time, but my Opa refinished it somewhere along the way.


Things are always on the move in the Mustard Seed household!

I spent most of today packing orders from the online shop and pricing more things for Lucketts.  One tag at a time and we’ll get there!

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  1. Lorraine says:

    I think that it would be nice to put the picture of Oma in the rocker as a little girl where the framed crochet piece is.

    • Excellent suggestion! I was thinking that Oma’s rocker was super sweet. The crocheted piece is wonderful texturally but the frame is too heavy. A picture of Oma near her rocker would be just right!

  2. Irene says:

    I think Lorraine has a great idea – the pic of your Oma. I’m amazed your Opa was able to get the paint off that rocker. As antiques dealers for 29 years, my husband and I have stripped at least a hundred pieces of furniture. Those painted ones are a bugger. Love those bentwood arm rockers with that quarter sewn oak. Truly a family treasure.

  3. First, the wainscot looks amazing!! Love how serene your home is. And, I agree with the ladies, a photo of Oma would be such a great story.

  4. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says:

    I like your changes. Opens the corner right up. I also like that your Opa refinished the rocker to it’s natural wood. It looks great next to your white dresser. I agree, you should put the picture of Oma by the rocker.

  5. LOVE how you stacked the hutch on top of the dresser! So different…and it’s a chance to show off more of your awesome furniture! :)

  6. Awesome! I love how the wainscoting stands out now! Can you show the hutch in it’s new home? Pretty please.

  7. Jeanine C says:

    This does open the corner up a lot! How about putting a picture of your Oma in that rocker in the frame over the crocheted piece.

    You could use a creamy, acid free paper and then place the picture on top of that so as to preserve the photo in the years to come.

    Since the frame is oblong it might not balance well with your pic, so how about placing the pic to one side and her favorite quote or story in text on the other?

    Just ideas. Seems like my mind is always spinning with ideas!

    Enjoy the day!
    PS: Sliders are a furniture mover’s friend :)

  8. sandi says:

    The hutch really looked good In that corner – the height is a nice balance to the curtain rods.
    That being said and you really wanted to move it, my only suggestion with the new two pieces is to again angle them like you had he hutch – it allows your eye to continue moving around the corner vs coming to a compete stop in the current position.
    You then can ‘finish’ that corner with some lovely artwork on each side of the corner ledge.
    The rocker would still look lovely as you have it.
    BTW, love the wainscoting.

  9. I agree with the others that a picture of Oma would be great above her rocker. One thing you might want to consider using a mat with some color. That corner needs color! Maybe use some of the fabric from your bedroom, or a fabric from a pillow. I am sure you will find something that will be perfect but I do think somehow you should utilize a picture of Oma!

  10. It looks good! But I really love the Hutch in the corner.

  11. Robin Leach says:

    I agree with angling the dresser, and am looking forward to seeing the picture of Oma! The waunscotting is AMAZING!

  12. That corner is now “as cute as a bug’s ear.”

  13. Oh I like it much better without the hutch in the corner… definitely opens up the space and shows the wonderful wainscoting. Love your sweet rocker too, it would be fun to see the picture of your Oma sitting in it… what a treasure…


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