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Finishing Projects…


Over a year ago, we installed wood floors in our bedroom and family room.  We ripped out broken closet doors and baseboards.  Then, we got busy.  I mean, painting a piece of furniture or installing wood counters is a lot more exciting than priming a baseboard or putting in a threshold.  A few months later, I was hired to do some freelance projects that involved work in the master bedroom and bath.  We finished everything that would be in the photos…and nothing more.  So, one half of our bedroom looked like this…


…while the other half looked something like this…


I’m learning that things are always going to be busy and having these unfinished projects hanging over my head was a bummer and a drain.  This weekend, we had beautiful weather, a clear schedule and great motivation, so we got some things done.  I mean, a lot of things.  Our closet now looks like this…


The corner with unfinished baseboards was finished…



…and we also finally installed thresholds to finish the floors, crown molding in the bathroom and bedroom, patched holes, caulked seams, touched up paint, etc.  Some of the projects took less than 10 minutes, which made us feel silly that we waited over a year to do them.

We even cleaned up the yard, which was looking pretty sad.  We had a couple seasons of leaves piled up behind the shed and Jeff cut down a bunch of bamboo after an ice storm weighed it down on our shed roof.  Things just needed to be raked, tidied and trimmed.


It looks soooo much better and will look even sharper when the first mow of the season happens.  Hauling bamboo and cutting bamboo in two and packing it on a trailer while slipping on wet leaves was not a fun job and I was filthy by the end of it, but it was so satisfying.  Before I took a shower, I actually had to walk around our house, admiring how clean it was.

We also did some general sprucing up and spring cleaning in the rest of the house.


I’m the kind of person who has a hard time resting when things aren’t done.  With all of these little things crossed off our to-do list, I feel like a weight has been lifted.  Of course, there is always going to be work I want to do in our home, but having these projects finished feels amazing.

Now, I’m ready to attack some freelance projects (I’ll be picking out a Christmas tree next week), pieces for Lucketts and my Building a Creatively Made Business videos…

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  1. I completely understand having unfinished projects! No matter how big or how little, it’s always nagging at you until you finally make the time to get them done! We have a few of those ourselves, but it feels oh so good to get them finished. I absolutely love your bedroom, it was worth the wait!

  2. It looks great!! Sometimes all the small things can make such a difference! Did the horse move into your master?? Marcy

  3. Everything looks fantastic, what a great feeling of accomplishment! Good luck on that christmas tree!!

  4. The armoire in your bedroom is stunning! Of course the rest of the room is beautiful as well, but that really caught my attention and made me stare! What a gorgeous piece of furniture.

  5. I’m on a 40 bags in 40 days mission, so I completely relate to the closet – AND the yard. It looks awesome, pat yourself on the back!

  6. We did the same, but it was because we had a photo shoot coming up! Then we turned around and listed the cottage for sale and it sold in less than a week. I love the feeling of getting the little details finished up! Your home looks lovely as always :)

  7. Wow!!! What a lot of accomplishments and definitely looks sooooo wonderful!

  8. Lisa M. says:

    I just recently read about an idea called “power hour” where you take an hour once a week to do things that need done, but aren’t crucial (I.e. Clean out the top of a closet, clean out under a bed or cupboard, etc.). What you just described reminded me if that…and the fact that I haven’t yet put that power hour into practice yet!

    Also, I may have gotten a smile on my face when you mentioned picking out a Christmas tree :) :)

  9. maggie says:

    It all looks great! So good to have those little naggy jobs finished.
    I have a question about your master bath renovation. I’ve searched around on your site for an answer to this but haven’t been able to pin it down.
    Did you remove your old tiles yourself? If so, what’s the easiest way to go about it? I’m getting ready to tackle that job and it seems so daunting. Can you give me some tips or point me in the right direction? Thanks! Maggie

  10. ivena dehl says:

    I love your bravery at posting the pictures of unfinished room! Thank you!

  11. Could someone explain to me the need to pick out a Christmas tree in April!!??


    • Carla says:

      Maybe for one of her freelance projects?

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Yes, it’s because I have freelance projects due for Christmas this season and they want them for “Christmas in July.” Welcome to my world! :)

  12. Andrea says:

    We just did the same, finished a lot of loooong overdue projects on my little down-sized HUD house: putting in a flagstone patio, arbor, and dry riverbed.
    Now I am taking on my first major painting project which is a 1920’s bedroom set: a bed, lovely, delicate but sturdy chest, and curvy mirror. It reminded me so much of your guest room bed! Your tutorials and inspiration are going to get me through…yes they are! Absolutely! Really…for sure. Actually, I am heavy on happy talk and light on confidence, just at the moment, but nothing can stop me now, I am woman, hear me roar, etc, etc….(off I go to paint!)

  13. Love this glimpse into your unfinished projects! Nice to know I’m not the only one. :)

  14. Everything looks great! I used to be one of those people too, I couldn’t rest when my house wasn’t perfect! Then 2 years ago I had a heart attack, it really changed my perspective. Now I let the dust sit and the projects wait to play with my daughter! The mess still bothers me, but I now know there is just so much of me to go around and I want my child to get the best of me, even if that means the dust bunnies win some times! Your home looks wonderful, just don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Enjoy some of the hard won success you have. You are an inspiration to so many woman , they are looking to you as an example!!

  15. What is it my girlfriends and I would say?
    ” Just keep in’ it real.”
    So I kind of giggled over what were we keeping real and what stage of life were we saying that??!!!
    And that it’s fun to see how it is coming together. Now I also remember someone use to say but not my Mom so who??
    Rome wasn’t built in a day you know!!!!
    I kind of like the process of it all too don’t you?!!
    Thanks for the post

  16. Beth Tebaldi says:

    Do we know the winner of the last giveaway? ( totally off subject-sorry )

  17. Well, I’ve heard of Christmas in July, but christmas in April? Looks like editors are starting to accept projects for Christmas issues earlier and earlier every year…

  18. I am in love with your bed! I want one of my own.But i just know my kids will buggers, ice cream and everything else.

  19. Congratulations on your mighty achievements at home! It really is a big deal when every minute is double-booked. Your home looks lovely.

  20. Suzanne says:

    Wait…where’s the ‘marshmallow’ rug? :)

  21. Debbie Morgan says:

    I’m tired just thinking about all that work!

  22. “…a hard time resting when things aren’t done.” come to the farm and you’ll never rest again.

  23. Jill Brewster says:

    It’s so nice to know that I am not the only person with one half of the room looking totally finished and that one corner looking like someone just moved in. When we moved in to our desperately in need of an update almost 3 years ago the list of to do’s was daunting. We have gutted the kitchen/dining room, installed custom cabinets, granite counter tops, new sink, appliances, flooring and had the walls textured. I painted and made curtains. We installed all new exterior doors, glass doors in the fireplace, glass doors for the Master shower, replaced all the light fixtures, and painted every room (but one). We are now down to the tile back splash in the kitchen and installing 5 sets of closet doors. Whew! We will have to celebrate when that last closet door goes in. We will finally be finished and can relax. Oh no, I almost forgot……then I can start on my yard with the challenge of this Texas heat. My husband says it’s time to downsize and find a new home with everything already done, and I am thinking……not happening!

  24. I noticed you quite frequently hang plates on the wall and I was wondering where you buy your plate hangers and if you have a secret to hanging them just right? I look forward to your reply:)

  25. Katie says:

    As a fellow mom, surrounded with unfinished projects, legos, dolls, and goldfish cracker crumbs; your pictures and post are a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing that, indeed, your house is not constantly picture perfect. I love reading your blog and admire your taste and ideas. Looking forward to escaping my “unfinished” projects for a trip to Lucketts!

  26. Alice Howard says:

    The most difficult task is to making a dull or unfinished job a complete and fair look. You did a great job. More power to you!

  27. I love reading your articles…except I always feel so lazy after. Please share what vitamins you take

  28. Penelope says:

    Okay, I’ve looked and I can’t find it….please the name/supplier of the wallpaper and fabric for the curtains?

  29. mommaof4&adog says:

    Okay, Love the post, the beautifully finished room and the lovely yard, but the thing that stood out to me the most was at the end of your post. Picking out a Christmas Tree??? Thant sounds perfectly delightful!! I may be the only person I know already looking forward to Christmas time again!! ENJOY!!

  30. I LOVE those rare moments when things feel all in order… The house tidy and clean, the grass cut, the car tidied up… You’re right, it totally frees you up to relax and think creative thoughts…. it’s wonderful
    and your house looks so good!


  31. Melody says:

    Absolutely love knowing that I, like yourself, and many others, have unfinished projects! Like the pile of red toile fabric to be made into curtaIns for my living and dining rooms; the desperately in need of new paint & organization sewing/craft room; the ultimately in desperate need of an overhaul ugly green master bath, yuck!! Marian, you are an inspiration and quite the motivation to so many of us! I admire your honesty, upbeat attitude and your realness!
    And I love the dresser in your bedroom!! Have been on the hunt for one like it for at least two years, and have just missed out by a hair twice on craigslist! But I have faith and perseverance, and know that someday soon, one will just fall into my lap!!
    Thanks for all the inspiration, until next time!!!! Melody :)

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