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the fabric & Lucketts furniture


Do you remember when I wrote about my guest room a few weeks ago?  I showed a scrap of fabric that I’ve been holding in my stash for about 12 years.  I love this fabric and it was, unfortunately, discontinued.  I held onto my one yard remnant, feeling it was too precious to even use.

I laid it out on the guest bed as I was playing with fabric options for pillows and the duvet cover.  The fabric looked so beautiful with the hand painted bed, but I didn’t have enough to make much…maybe a pillow.  And I couldn’t find the fabric anywhere.

Well, my blog readers came through.  Suzanne came through, to be more specific.  She had a few yards of the fabric in her stash and, more than that, was willing to sell all of it to me.  It came last week and I will admit to hugging it…


…and taking a lot of pictures of it.


Now that we have our house on the market and will, hopefully, be moving at some point, I’m not ready to cut into the fabric just yet.


But it’s there when I’m ready to!


Now that I have some big things behind me (the SNAP trip, Christmas freelance articles, etc.), I am all about getting ready for Lucketts.  The past couple of days, I’ve been lost in painting, sanding, distressing, oiling and waxing.  It really is therapeutic for me.  I just put music on, crawl around on the floor, get paint all over my elbows and have a wonderful time.  Some furniture does get finished in the process.


I’ve finished three dressers, several wooden totes…


…and I’ve been working on this beast…


I bought it off Craig’s List.  I knew it would make a great cabinet to fill with ironstone, boxwood wreaths and other goodies at the market.  The texture on the door panels is amazing.



I’m using Maria’s blue cabinet as inspiration…

Maria's Cabinet


…and painted the piece in MMSMP Eulalie’s Sky.  It just seems perfect for it.



It’s still in the “ugly stage” right now, but I painted the panels and bead board backing in Ironstone today and it’s already looking better.  It just needs a bit more paint and some finishing.


I also started on this dresser…


It’s still in the ugly stage, too, but I have big plans for this little piece and can’t wait to get to work on it tomorrow.



It’s been raining day in and day out for the past few days, but I’ll haul some of these pieces upstairs for a photo shoot as soon as the sun is shining.  Get ready for some furniture makeovers!

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  1. Kimberly Lane says:

    Marian, you find the greatest stuff on Craigslist! Am looking forward to seeing the Eulalie’s Sky cabinet!

  2. What great luck finding a reader who had THE fabric. Blogging is a wonderful thing. I’m sighing and drooling looking at your pieces, especially loving that cabinet in Eulalies Sky. I would love to incorporate that shade of blue in my house somehow. Good luck selling your house. I’m so happy for you and your husband and kinda happy for myself too because I get to see you work your magic on another house!!

  3. Marian, I love playing with fabrics and oh the fun options for decorating is just the best! I love what you have chosen, your pillows and the duvet cover will be just gorgeous. I am crazy about your hand painted bed, it’s just lovely! Oh my, we have our home on the market too! We are moving to the Houston area. How about you?
    Great post!

  4. Hi, if I wanted to purchase two items I saw, how and who do I contact.? I love the two arched mirrors and would love to buy them. Any direction would very much be apprectated.
    Thank you, Hope

  5. I always get jealous when I see everyone painting all the amazing furniture pieces. Wish I had more room. For now I’ll stick with my smalls and frames. Now that I think of it, not sure I have the patience for large furniture. Thank you for always being inspiring.

  6. So excited for Lucketts! Any chance you’ll have two matching items? I’m desperate for some of your chic pieces in our bedroom… but need two small dresser types as night stands :) Just a thought… :) Still loving our MMS yellow and white dresser in our guest room, ever guest tries to buy it from me (ha). Such a treasure! :)

  7. Congrats on the fabric. I just love how the guest room turned out. The curtains really made that headboard stand out. Gorgeous!

    Love the Eulalie Sky color on that cabinet. One thing that would be helpful is to list the color on the name of the photo; I like to save the photo and then when I want to paint something, the color would be listed in the photo name.

    Wish I was going to Luckett’s. Look like you are going to have a lot of drool worthy pieces there.

  8. Marlene says:

    Great! Anyone have a red and white (vintage) quilt?

  9. Krista says:

    Exciting stuff! Hauling furniture upstairs sounds like a lot of work. Maybe your next house will have some sort of an elevator:-).

  10. CarolAnne says:

    Eager to see the finished dresser. Have one that looks to be a twin with glass drawer handles/knobs.

    Love all the inspiration

  11. Doris Clark says:

    I don’t blame you for holding that fabric so dear. I had a discontinued piece of one a while back and then, lo and behold, JoAnne Fabric had a boly of it and it quickly got marked down! I bought enough to make a coverlet, shams. windo treatment. it is a gorgeous country French floral. Love it!

  12. Cute fabric. I hope your next house has an out building or workshop on the first floor!

  13. Cristina says:

    Hi Marian!! Congrats on putting your house on the market! very exciting. I feel sad after you move I won’t see your beautiful house any more, but very excited to see the new one and to see how you will decorate it!!
    All the pieces you are working on are so amazing!!!

  14. Rachel says:

    I love the accent fabric that you have with the blue floral. Do you remember who the manufacture is? It would go beautifully with my guest room duvet.

  15. Missy S says:

    I’m sure you are VERY thankful for a dry basement during the last few days’ monsoon! We’re in MD and just finished our basement…8 months of work…so my husband almost spent the night down there to stand guard. Thankfully we didn’t flood!
    Everything looks lovely! I am sorry to miss out on Luckett’s, but beach with the family takes precedence. Enjoy your last few weeks of prep!

  16. I look forward to seeing what you will do with the chest of drawers, it has good bones :)


  17. Yay for furniture makeovers! Excited to see how they come out!

  18. How fun to find your fabric! That big cabinet is awesome. Always love seeing what you’re working on.


  19. i know that you will put your special touch on that dresser. i love the way you envision a design on a piece!

  20. Sarah says:

    The fabric is so gorgeous with the painted bed!

  21. Sandra says:

    You COULD move to North Carolina when you sell your house….we have old houses for you to redo and places to shop. I know you love Suzanna’s and the Raleigh Flea Market…..We would love to have you around and you have family here.

  22. This comment/question has nothing to do with your post but one of the photos! The 2nd to last pic has a chop or miter saw with a “tent” type thing behind it…could you please tell me what that is and where to find one…assuming it “catches” the sawdust when in use. I really love your organized workshop!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      That is a dust hood for the mitre saw. The hood collects the dust and connects to our dust collection system.

  23. Ginger Marshall says:

    I would love to see the wooden totes you worked on! They’re my favs. I like to build them from old apple crates. It’s fun to see the designs whether fancy or plain. Please do share!

  24. Rose White says:

    That fabric really is special, thank goodness you were able to get more of it.
    It’s funny that you used ‘Maria’s Blue Cabinet’ as inspiration. I loved that piece too when I saw it on Pintrest and used it as inspiration for a country hutch that I painted.
    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful projects. I was going to ask about the ‘dust tent’ too but now I want to know more about your dust collection system (saw the hoses in one of the pics and wondered if that’s what it was). Could you share any tips on that? I need to set up something like that and could use some pointers.

  25. I do wish I lived close enough to come to Luckett’s. Maybe one day. :)
    I think it just hit me in this post that you are actually going to leaving your house. I’m a bit sad as I’ve loved living the process with you. I feel like I’ve “walked” through your home. I just want to yell out…”build a huge building out back for all of your over crowded issues.” I’m going to miss your home but I know I can look forward to “living” through another new home process with you. It’ll be great!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Yeah, we would, but there really isn’t room to build a building the size we need without it totally taking over our yard!

  26. Hi Marian – I also love that fabric! I have the dark pink version and have a wing chair slip covered in it. I wish it was still available.
    Loved your book – only decorating book I have ever read cover to cover!

  27. Oh wow… you’re gettin stuff done! I can’t wait to see “the beast” finished. It already looks better painted in Eulalie’s Sky. I’m sure it’s going to be an awesome piece for display when you’re finished with it… Cool about the fabric too. It looks like it was custom made to coordinate with the bed and the whole room!


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