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tagging, keeping & selling


I had a living room full of stuff that needed to be sorted out today.  Boxes of ironstone, boxwood wreaths and butcher twine, furniture and other things that have been delivered or bought over the past few days.  I had a little bit of time this afternoon, so I picked away at it, selecting what needed to go to the basement to be worked on, what needed to be photographed to be listed in the shop and what I wanted to keep (well, keep and exchange for other things to sell.)

I tagged things for Lucketts that had a tighter margin and I felt they might be too expensive with shipping included.


I also thought about what would be better to take to an antique fair as opposed to packing to ship and what would be good display pieces.  Also, I want to make sure I have great stuff, which is why I’m starting the stash already.  I know people wait in line, some travel a long way, everyone braves the weather (which has been hot enough to burn a hole in a postcard one year and wet enough to collapse tents another), so I want to make sure I have stuff that’s worth it!


What to keep is easy…  This ironstone milk paint pitcher?  Keeper.


Some people don’t like crazing and discolorations, but those pieces are the most endearing to me.  The piece was “ruined”, but someone still saw it as valuable enough to keep and pass on.  I love that.


I’m also keeping this casserole.


I’ve never seen one like this with the delicate basket weave pattern, decorative “ribbon” and beautiful handles.  I can’t pass it along…not yet, anyway.


I’m selling things in the online shop that I think my readers will love and I just don’t want to wait until May to sell.  In the next day or two, I’ll be listing this antique French metal plaque…


…an amazing four piece ironstone tureen set unlike any I’ve seen…


…and some of the chunky 12 ply butcher twine I use for my tags and other things…




I have it in four colors – blue, red, gray and pale blue.  And, as I mentioned on Friday, I got in a shipment of preserved boxwood as well.

So, I was really ready for spring and wanted to plug my ears and sing LA-LA-LA really loud, so I could ignore the forecast.  We were forecasted to get 6-12″ of snow, but the totals have been downgraded and it looks like I might end up having a normal workday tomorrow…or at least a 2 hour delay instead of a cancellation.  We’ll see, though.

With the way this winter has been, I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Yesterday it was 71 degrees here in central VA and today its like a whole different season. What started out as sleet this morning has now turned to snow with predictions of 3-7 inches. May cant get here soon enough for me and as long as it isn’t snowing, I will take the rain or heat this year at Luckett’s. Cant wait to see all the ‘goodies” you bring.

  2. Aimee says:

    I love all your stash! I really like your name tags. Are they printed that way on your computer or is it a stamp? I have a space in orange, ca called The Owl’s Nest, and right now I hand stamp my tags with an owl stamp, but would like to go for a cleaner look with just my name.


    • Hey Aimee- she uses Bliss & Tell, search her blog to get contact info. I checked into it a while back but decided I couldn’t justify the cost at this point. I searched Etsy and found someone that was more affordable. Got the design and computer graphics from her so I can print my own and then sent the logo to a girl who made me a custom stamp so I could use it on fun paper or whatever that wouldn’t go through the printer.

      Sorry Marion to butt in but thought it might be ok to steer her to the info she asked you about. BTW if I EVER get to the point that I can afford it, Reni is my gal!

  3. Such beautiful new items, Marian!
    Do stay safe and warm. I hope you don’t get as much snow as forecast. We got about 5 inches over the weekend, but that wouldn’t have been so bad if the temperatures had been higher. Unfortunately, we had to deal with below 0 stuff again. :-(

  4. Will you be listing your butcher string on the mustard seed pages?

  5. Denise says:

    Hi! You somehow manage to make a photo of Twine look amazing!
    I’ve been wondering, can the ironstone be used for serving food and such? I like the look of it but I don’t collect anything that I can’t also put to good use (not enough space).

  6. Marilyn says:

    When I saw the photo of the French plaque, I immediately saw the phrase “de Mamers” and wanted to see more. I grew up very near and went to church in a small rural community in NC that oral history says was named by French employees of the railroad. They named it Mamers. There is a small town named Mamers in northwest France so maybe that was the inspiration – a memory of a place the French held dear from home. Regardless, it hasn’t changed much since my childhood and is still a great community full of loving, caring people and dear to my heart. I can’t wait to see a photo that shows the whole plaque and gives dimensions and if it is affordable, I think it may need to find its home in my home. If you know anything about it, I’d love to know more. :-)

  7. 5″ of snow in Rockville, MD means no school today! I can’t believe you are tagging already! You are SO on the ball! I paint big pieces outside and, well, that hasn’t been happening much this winter. Lets cross our fingers for a perfect spring (one where it rains only at night!) and a beautiful Lucketts market! :)
    Hope your little guys are enjoying the snow!
    Take care, — Pauline

  8. Lin Shultz says:

    Hello Marian,

    I love the French plaque and would love a chance to buy it…1946 is the year I was born so I guess I am an antique too! I love all your “stuff” and have learned so much. I would also like to know where in the Northern Virginia area I can buy your milk paints as I have a couple of new pieces that need paining and I’ve never used milk paints before. I’m ready for a new adventure!


  9. A great preview Marian….love the French plaque…I bought one of those in France and just love it…

  10. Oh Marian, my favorite of all my ironstone pieces are also the stained, and the Very Stained! Love how the crazing is so variegated on the older pieces! Great idea to start preparing now for Lucketts – I loved the recap of your time there last year! We dodged the bullet on this storm today to in NJ, we were preparing for over a foot ! Funny, though, my son at college in Raleigh NC had his classes canceled today due to this storm!! Hope you all weathered it o.k.!!

  11. Howdy, wow, cool things, are you selling this items?

  12. Marian: Another interesting post from you!
    How can I get a spool of the red and white twine??? Have been looking a long time!
    Joy Schumann

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