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Photo Shoot Pics


Thanks so much for all of the prayers and well wishes.  I am feeling sooooo much better today.  I was back in bed yesterday, but felt like myself today.  I still have to stop speaking when my eye twitches and a sneeze is building up and I’m going through tissues at a pretty impressive rate, but I feel better.  My mom and I spent the day shopping for supplies for some upcoming freelance projects and antiques for the Lucketts Spring Market (May 17-18, 2014.)  We also each got a hot stone massage.  That was pretty amazing.  So, it was a part-work, part-play kinda day.  I have all sorts of fun finds to share, but I need to unpack them first.

With no other pictures to show today, I thought I would share some pictures of the photo shoot I did in my house on Wednesday.  (There was a wall of boxes just to the right of this picture.  Just a little fun fact!)




For the table setting, I mixed my clearance Anthropologie dishes with antique ironstone and my Pottery Barn flatware with the petite antique gold forks I bought a few weeks ago.  I loved how the forks looked on the small, uniquely-shaped ironstone plates.  I’m not sure what those were meant for.  They are larger than butter pats, which I have in that pattern as well, but too small to be a dessert plate.  They’re also not quite deep enough to be a bowl.  I love the size, though.




When I first started my blog, one of my favorite aspects was getting to “play magazine.”  Now I get to do it for real.  Who would’ve thought…

PS – I restocked the Baker’s Twine and boxwood wreaths in the online shop.

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  1. Robin Leach says:

    Maybe bread plates?

  2. Mandah says:

    Just lovely, and I hope you’re back on your feet soon!

  3. Oh, I had that about a month ago! My nose itched so bad I thought I was going to republic it off, it tickled so bad too and I sneezed so much and so hard! I feel your pain, hope you are feeling100% real soon.

  4. I think those might be berry bowls…I have a set of vintage Wedgwood and the dealer told me that’s what my similarly sized/shaped ‘bowls’ were.

  5. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Your dining room is beautiful. I love the blue and white!
    You’re design style is so inspiring.
    Have a beautiful weekend, Marian,

  6. Marian, that’s so funny that you phrased it as “play magazine” because when I post to my blog, I constantly ask myself, “how can I make this look more Magazine’ee”..LOL.

    Your dining room and settings are absolutely gorgeous! x

  7. Katherine B says:

    My immediate thought for those tiny plates is a bread bowl.
    If you have a small bread roll or bisciut, you wouldn’t want it touching the wet food on your regular plate, or it would become soggy. I would think that because of the size and shape, it is meant for a small bread roll :)

  8. Elliy says:

    Love the photos!!! You have such a gorgeous home :) Quick question, I am terrible with plant names, what is that cute little plant you have to the right of your boxwood on your dining room table? I love it!!

  9. I am dating myself but I had a “play house ” growing up with a table chairs and kitchen appliances. I also had an ironing board. I always placed fresh flowers and tablecloths on the table. I liked your idea of play too. Love your decorating style. And love selling your paints. Have fun with your mom. She sounds like a fun gal. Carolyn.

  10. Oh I love your table setting! Your little bowls/plate are reminiscent of the ones we used at virtually every restaurant/cafe/bistro we ate at in France. It was interesting because we saw such an assortment of sizes of shapes used to hold bread. Simply adorable!!

  11. Melissa says:

    I would love to see a picture of your mom. I love to visualize in my mind but the real thing is always better.

  12. Dixie says:


  13. Love how those blue dishes combine with ironstone!
    Glad you are feeling better, Marian.

  14. Marion says:

    I wonder if those small plates were originally finger washing bowls.

  15. Teresa says:

    Glad you’re feeling better.
    Take care of yourself!

  16. Glad you feeling better. The images are gorgeous, I have been pinning away. Love the blue and white, I have a lot myself.

    Lee :)

  17. Lisa R says:

    Love the display! Any chance you would post a full pick of just the tabletop? I am debating about trying to create something like that:)

  18. Glad you are feeling better Marian…the dining room is gorgeous as always and the table setting is so very, very beautiful…

  19. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! p.s. How’s your little man been doing?

  20. Susan says:

    I thought they were finger bowls too. I love the foxes.

  21. I have similarly sized bowls in my inherited china set that my grandmother always referred to as fruit nappies.

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