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MMS Milk Paint is in Australia & New Zealand!


Those of you who have followed my blog for a couple of years know what an amazing journey my Milk Paint line has been.  There was a time when I whispered a desire to have a product line, making sure I highlighted the absurdity of the idea lest people think I’m serious and laugh at me.  Well, I was serious and when the opportunity came to put a paint I love under my own brand, I jumped at it…really having no idea what it entailed.  My idea to pack the paint in my basement became silly when retailers wanting to carry my paint sent me e-mails in droves.  Since those early days, we’ve grown to over 230 retailers around the world.  The world!  It still blows my mind.

My dad made a joke a couple of weeks ago about Mustard Seed Interiors going international.  I smiled at him.  “It is international, Dad.”

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint is sold in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland.  Wow.

missmustardseed-16 (534x800)

We have t-shirts…


…and magazine features

missmustardseed-210 (534x800)

…18 beautiful colors and several companion products…

missmustardseed-103 (534x800)

missmustardseed-102 (534x800)

…and now, Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint is available in Australia and New Zealand!!!  I know I’ve said “amazing” a lot, but it’s amazing, right?!

Meet Veronica Barr of Refinished pty LTD in Queensland, Australia.  I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with her at the retailer training in Maryland last September.  She and her husband flew out just for the occasion and they were such a delight.  They even came to my house and Veronica bought some ironstone from my stash!

missmustardseed-16 (534x800)

Veronica is now the distributor for MMSMP in Australia and New Zealand.  She’s waded through all of the paperwork and logistics to bring MMSMP to her part of the world.  (I did give her several big hugs and got all teary eyed at the realization of all she’s doing for my brand.  In this case, it was appropriate to kick professionalism to the backseat.)

So, for those living in Australia and New Zealand, Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint is now available to you!  Here are the retailers in place so far…

Sharon Hankins from I Restore Stuff in Brisbane, Queensland.

Veronica and I no logo

(Veronica and Sharon)

Monique ten Hove from Dandelion Wood in Daylesford, Victoria.

Sada Vee from For The Love Creations, Adelaide, South Australia.

Noeline King from The Barn on Giles, Kaiapoi, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Veronica Barr from Refinished Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Queensland – Online orders and Australian and New Zealand MMSMP Distributor

Here’s some of the work being done with MMSMP down under…

Welcome Blackboard

Fridge finished 3

MMSMP Boxwood 17

M3 Media  10

I know they are stocked and ready for customers and are organizing workshops and all sorts of fun stuff.  Contact the retailer nearest you for more information.  If you’re interested in becoming a retailer in New Zealand or Australia, send an email to Veronica Barr [email protected] .

I can’t wait until I have to take a business trip there!!  It’ll be tough, but I’ll manage.


PS – Speaking of milk paint, have you been following Abbe’s home makeover on the MMSMP blog?  She used milk paint in so many ways and she’ll be posting an entire series on her dining room & kitchen makeover.  Also, if you like Furniture Feature Friday, you should check out Milk Paint Masterpiece Monday!  It’s a link party for any projects or posts done with MMSMP.

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  1. Yay!! That’s us! Greetings from Down Under everyone. We hope MMSMP does really well over here. We LOVE it!

  2. Stéphanie says:

    Hello Miss Marian,

    I’m from Belgium and have been reading your blog for a while now but didn’t know that you sell in Belgium. Imagine my pleasant surprise while reading this post over breakfast. Could you tell me where they sell MMSMP ?

    Thank you very much

  3. Fabulous news! I was looking forward to trying it in some New Zealand pieces. Thanks for bringing it down under!xx

  4. Courtney D says:

    I am so happy for you! I have seen some of these pieces while googling your milk paint line. I love that you are experiencing success! Will you be selling milk paint products at Lucketts? Or another vendor?

  5. Way to go! I am so happy for you.
    You are such a deserving person.

  6. Cheryl Anne says:

    I have a question…..I have a standard new front door, unpainted…..and was wondering…could it be milkpainted? How would you finish it? I was just thinking it would look so cool. Thinking about one of the blues. Appreciate your input. Thanks.

  7. Ruth in NZ says:

    Yay! Great to hear! My parents live in Kaiapoi so maybe I can grab some next time I am down there…instead of just drooling over blog posts from afar :-)

  8. Huge Congratulations!!! That’s so exciting for you and your Australian/New Zealand fans!

  9. Di freeman says:

    Hello MMS….what happened to the comments regarding the price disparity between Australian and US distributors?

  10. Congratulations Marian. That’s amazing!

  11. Congrats …you brought tears to my eyes because I have seen you grow from a stay at home mom wanting to make some extra income to a Brand Name known around the world!!!! It’s been a pleasure “being part of it” and along for your ride. I have followed you for a long time and loved you the first time I came across you blog and I am proud of your accomplishments. You have stayed so true to who you are, so genuine , never to proud to admit your stumbles along the way. That is such a refreshing trait to have these days, it makes us all realize that we can reach a little out of our normal space and achieve good things also. Your faith, and your family come first and you are the first to admit without Him and them nothing would be possible. I kinda think I’m a very much older version of you. My husband and I raised 5 daughters, all married now with husbands we love, and 12 grands that we love and enjoy very much. I created my crafts and always sold out at local fairs for many years. I loved doing it and the money helped with extras. I went big in wholesale to stores but I cut way back when the weddings and the grands started to arrive. I’m still creating, will always do that as long as I’m able. I make Santa’s and love doing it. God Bless you

  12. karen says:

    Dear Marian,
    With so much negativity in the world you are a refreshing breath of fresh air ! You inspire and continue to amaze me with your grounded approach to business and life.

    Thanks for removing posts that have no place in the MMS comments!

  13. Congratulations! That’s thrilling!!!

  14. Congratulations to YOU! That is awesome! What accomplishments you have made and are to come!

  15. Congratulations, Marian! I’m happy for you!

  16. Janet Purcell says:

    So glad that your products will now be so close to me!

  17. Maryse d'Argence says:

    Il est dommage de ne pas avoir les messages en français, (je ne comprends pas l’anglais)
    Cette peinture si j’ai bien compris couleur lait, m’aurait intéressée.

    Si vos messages sont toujours en anglais merci de me désabonner car vous perdez votre temps et moi aussi puisque je ne comprends RIEN.

    Je vous souhaite une bonne journée.

  18. Julie says:

    MMS Milk Paint is coming to my city- Adelaide, South Australia!!!
    I’ll be there as soon as the stock arrives to get some and try it out!
    😀 this has enthused me to try milk paint, actually to do some painting again- so excited!!!

  19. Kathy says:

    Marian, wow…..just amazing what you have done…BRAVO, an inspiration you are, and a very sweet one at that!

    I am coming back to see my Grands tomorrow in Fredericksburg for a birthday weekend, Charlie will be 4 and my daughter will be 34….I wish I could come up to Lucketts for the day but with your weather I think I’ll have to pass until my next visit……

    Cheers to you girl….

  20. So excited for Australia!! I’m a new Los Angeles Stockist and Australia will love this product!!! Way to go!

  21. So very exciting Marian, I cannot wait to try out your products and blog about them. Chalk paint is just about to hit Auckland and I feel its good for people to be able to try out and experiment with different products.

    You have done extremely well with your brand, you should be very proud of yourself, a motivated and lovely woman that inspires us all.

    Can’t wait to see it in the shops in Auckland.


  22. I’ve already received my first order from Refinished!!!! 😀
    The only way I could be any happier right now, is if it was Monday and the hubby was at work and kids at school so I could PLAY with it!! haha
    Excitement is an understatement! Thanks for sending it Down Under mate! xo

  23. Congratulations on creating your dream! You inspire! Have you done a tutorial on adding decoupage with milk paint? I have a table that is staring at me. LOL! I want to try this! The ‘lucketts green’ table above with the peach fruit table made me giddy!

  24. Oh, wow, so excited to see that your beautiful paint is available so close to home in Daylesford!! I have an old baby change table/dresser that’s just begging to be painted – and always happy for an excuse to visit Daylesford!

  25. Steph says:

    Hi! So excited to see this is available in nz!! I’m looking to paint children’s toys, can you suggest a good non toxic way to finish them? I assumed I would need a polyurethane equivalent over the top to protect the paint finish but need it to be non toxic, thankyou!

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