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Guest Bedroom Progress…


I spent some time in the guest room today, getting the space cleaned up, hanging up the lights and curtain rods, moving the furniture and hanging a few things on the wall.  Here’s how it’s coming along…


I’m going to make a cover for the bolster pillow, but just wrapped it in fabric for the visual.


I found a pair of pretty antique original German oil paintings on Ebay and knew they would be perfect for the space.



I was a little nervous that the sconces from Pottery Barn would stick out too far, but they really look fine.  My only complaint about them is that the on/off switch is almost on the floor, so it’s going to be a pain to use them.


They are so pretty, though.



I cut the fabric for the curtains, folded the excess for hemming over and clipped them up…again, as a visual until I have the time to sew them properly.  I’ll also pleat the top, so the folds are nice and neat.


I’m going to use more of the checkered fabric on this chair I purchased a few weeks ago.  It really is perfect in the space.


And I swapped out the chalkboard for a mirror.  It was about $20 to have one cut to size.  I love how it reflects the light and opens the space visually a bit more.

Someone asked about it in another post, so I’ll put minds to rest.  No, I’m not painting that dresser.  I love it just as it is.


Up next…painting the ceiling a pale blue and replacing the blah light fixture with a vintage chandelier.


…and I need to finish the dormer, which I couldn’t paint because of all of the junk in it.


I did take down the old curtains and one of my readers has already bought them and the matching pillow.  So, they are all ready to box up and send to her with my other shipments this week.


After spending most of last week sick in bed, I was ready to go!

The sunshine and warm weather definitely helped me along.

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  1. Oh my gosh i love what you’re doing with this room! The gingham curtains are so darn cute with it all too I’m such a freak over that size check gingham… love it…


  2. vicky says:

    I have been searching for a large gingham print in a neutral color. Where did you find your beautiful color fabric?

  3. Ginger Marshall says:

    All I can say to the lamp switch being on the floor it is “clap on/clap off”!

  4. Hello miss Mustard !
    I love that you make ! you ‘re my inspiration !

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