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Fans, Typewriters & Scales


As a newlywed 15 years ago, I discovered decorating books and magazines.  Well, I always knew they were out there, but now that I had my own home and was in search of my style, they applied to me and I became an addict.  I quickly gravitated to a more “country” style and homes that displayed a lot of antiques.  I noticed fans, scales and typewriters used as props in the homes that were featured and all three made it to my “list.”  The list of things I would hunt for as I was out shopping.  I bought my first antique fan, a black Emerson oscillating fan from eBay for $15.  It’s in the photo shoot below…

missmustardseed-38 (534x800)

A few years later, I found a rusty typewriter at an antique store for $5 and took it home.  The typewriter I have now is a portable Corona I found at an estate sale for $10.

missmustardseed-45 (534x800)

Now I pick up scales, typewriters and fans any time I find them at a good price to use in my home and photo shoots and to sell in my retail spaces.


missmustardseed-46 (427x640)

missmustardseed-91 (534x800)

missmustardseed-88 (534x800)

If you’re looking to add these once functional pieces to your home, I’ve started a collection of some that caught my eye on eBay


You can follow my other eBay collections including White Ironstone, European Grain Sacks and Miss Mustard Seed’s Style HERE.


Disclosure: This is a paid featured post.  My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay #followitfindit and Style Coalition.

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  1. I have about a dozen typewriters in my collection, 2 fans, and 3 scales!

  2. Jane Dawson says:

    Any idea when you might have autographed books available again? I almost bought one from your style ebay collection, but I would rather wait for an autographed one.

  3. Sitting next to me as I type this is an old Royal typewriter I picked up at an estate sale a week ago. My college aged sons cannot believe anybody actually used it! :-)

  4. Linda Koba says:

    Hi Marion!! I have a quick question…..I have a grandfather clock that is “factory” painted, meaning the finish cannot even be sanded. It’s painted blue but I would really love to have it another color….maybe typewriter?? How do I paint it with milk paint since I can’t even rough it up with sandpaper? Do I use the bonding agent, will that make the paint adhere?
    Thanks so much! LOVE your blog!!!

  5. I’m trying not to be impatient but am dying to see the guest room with that incredible bed you created from a photo and a well-worn bedstead!!

  6. Sandy Guy says:

    I sure do love that desk!!

  7. PeggyWatson says:

    Random thot: every time I see one of those cool bingo cages, I think about a wise word from an older woman…
    ” if The Lord would allow you to, by all means have more than one child! They will be like pieces tumbling in a bingo cage and they help wear off the rough edges. ” (referring to developing good character). ❤You can think of that when you see the cage and have had one of those challenging mommy days!

  8. Willow says:

    Just got my first 1940’s Made in Canada Underwood Typewriter for free!

  9. Only one scale here but I’d love to add an old typewriter to my prop stash too.

    Lovely, rustic pieces.

    Have a nice day,


  10. Ah I too love typewriters and scales… however I am down to zero scales as I sold all of my just prior to a move when we needed to seriously down size. As for the typewriters, well we do have 3 and all in working condition. They do need to be cleaned and new ribbons purchased but for now I love them the way they are. Yes, I actually do type on them… there is just something about sitting down to a typewriter that I find so soothing to my soul on weary days. especially if i am typing out scripture.. it gives me time to really absorb the words.

  11. Kerry says:

    I love your blog! You are a huge inspiration to me.
    I have a question. The black paint in the picture on the little vanity is it a mustard seed paint?

  12. Maybee's Mom says:

    In the 90’s and even until about 5 years ago people would leave old typewriter on the wagons after a sale….I would hike them to my vehicle and put them in the barn…When typewriter key necklaces and/or bracelets because popular they became popular…I have sold probably 12 of them in the last 4 years for the keys. all working… my three children each have a working one and my grandchildren both have a working one to play with….I have a huge antique cabinet in my dining room with 11 of them lined up…occasionally I will sell one…but they are a booger to ship, unless they are portable and have their own case…as a back drop at the Oscars as they announced the writers they had Underwoods and Woodstocks lined up ….cute. I also LOVE bingo cages…and antique slider bingo cards…Every holiday we play bingo for lottery tickets…Double gambling, HA. My grandkids love being the “caller” and anyone can play Bingo.. one another note I have a friend that collects the typewriter tins…much easier to display and ship HA…Love you!

  13. Gene Davis says:

    I have an old scale used by coin machine weighs and counts pennies and nickels . It also has it’s carrying case that the scale fits on one side and one side for a bag of coins. I have never found another one anywhere. I always enjoy your blog, thanks for all the ideas

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