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Talking about color…


I get a lot of questions about the milk paint colors in my line.  There are only 18 of them, but it can still be hard to tell online if a color is the color that’s perfect for your project.

Colors Collage

Is Typewriter black or charcoal or blue?

Typewriter Collage

Is Shutter Gray more blue or more gray?

shutter gray Collage


Is Mustard Seed Yellow too mustardy?  Or not enough?

Mustard Seed Yellow Collage

So, I’ve added some new collages (for most colors) and descriptions to the MMSMP website.  And Jeff and I just made this video of me describing the colors in the line to help clear things up even further…


 (Man, I really needed a haircut before that video.  I got one last week, but I’m a little shaggy in this one.  Oh well!)

Do you notice my grain sack apron?  Ann of On Sutton Place made it for me to wear in my photos and videos.

missmustardseed-6 (427x640)

I wanted one to match the aprons Maria used in her photo shoots, so there was a bit of a connection between her photos and mine.



I love little branding details like that.

So,after another big snow storm, I can’t wait for some regular weeks where I can really dig into creating and projects and new ideas.  It’s just been a work-as-you-can kind of winter, so I have to work within the time that’s been given to me.  It always works out, but I’m ready for that creative groove.  We are hoping to get the trim work in the family room started tomorrow and then we have to build a snow fort, of course, and I really need to fit in a grocery store trip at some point.  Shaunna ate all of my bananas.  (Just kidding!)  We had an amazing few days together and I can’t wait to share all about it.  She’s welcome to be a guest at my house any time.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out, yet, there is lots of great information and inspiration on the MMSMP blog.  We’ve been adding new content every day, so if you’re a milk paint lover, have been curious about it or you just want some good painting tips and pretty furniture to look at click on over.

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  1. Very descriptive video on color! Well done!

  2. Paige Davis says:

    Love your blog! You are very inspiring , on several levels! Are those MMSMP sample chips? How can I get them?

  3. Great video. Very descriptive and gives a good understanding of the colours available. We need a retailer in Montreal, Canada!!!!!!

  4. Jeanine C. says:

    Pinned it! 😉

    Isn’t a kindred spirit so sweet? Glad you had some girly time of snowed in inspiration :)

  5. Just watched the whole video and I don’t even paint furniture! I just love the colors in your line.

  6. Great video! My daughter adds “ish” to many words so it didn’t sound weird to me!
    And I like your hair! It looks cute a little shaggier!

  7. Marian and Jeff, kudos for another great video! Love the overlay of examples on the video…you guys are going pro!

  8. Great post and video!

  9. Now if those aren’t “Girlfriend Grins”, I don’t know what is!

  10. Love those pictures! I knew it was Shaunna!!! You girlies had a great connection in Haven. Seems like you will be friends for life! Embrace the memories and thanks for sharing :)

  11. Very helpful! Thanks!

  12. Gilda says:

    well done, Marian!!!!!!
    I’m so impressed with the video

  13. Great video, Marian. I LOVE all your colors. x

  14. That apron looks great, Marian! You are right: it ties your pictures with the ones Maria did for you. I also love your new MMSP collages.

    Off to watch the video now…

  15. What a wicked winter we’ve had here in Michigan, too! I adore your paint colors and the accompanying images. I have learned so much from your blog about painting and photography……many thanks!

  16. maggie says:

    Great video Marian! My profound thanks for adding caption to your video!! For a majorly deaf person instructional videos are a real disappointment sometimes. Captioning is a godsend! So I thank you, my audiologist thanks you, and my hearing aid thanks you! 😉

    <3 Maggie

  17. Marian,

    Thanks for the great video tutorial. It was great. I still have my bedroom furniture from when I was two and it’s just waiting to be painted. I’m super excited to pick up a couple of fun colors and get busy. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Be blessed,

  18. Barbara says:

    Wonderful! Now if the snow ever melts I can get to painting in my garage.

  19. Jenn A says:

    This video comparing and explaining your colors is really helpful. However, I have an additional request. Is there any way that you could show samples of each color finished with each type of wax? I know that the white wax and the antique wax will change the appearance of the color. I don’t have any retailers near enough that I could visit and purchasing this paint and wax will be an investment for me. I love blues and I’m especially interested in French Enamel and Flow Blue and a comparison of them finished in the different types of wax. Can you help?

  20. Just now seeing this. Those are all great colors! Even the reds, and i don’t usually like red, but these are yummy… You look great in the video and it is is so well done and professional looking with you in your apron and your makeup on, and the backdrop of your adorable living room behind you.


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