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Painted Guest Room Bed |


The weather has been amazing over the weekend!  Just a couple of sunny days in the 40’s and 50’s and I’m ready to throw open the windows and go out for a hike.  There’s still a lot of snow on the ground, though, so I had to settle for a walk instead of a hike.  It’s given me the shot of energy I need to finish home and work projects.  I was moving furniture around and cleaning out closets.  That’s what warmer temperatures and sunshine does for me, so I’m ready for Spring.  Bring it.

So, here’s where we left the bed yesterday.  It’s fully painted, but the paint looks pretty bright and a little flat…definitely not like it was painted a couple hundred years ago like the inspiration bed.


It’s the distressing and antiquing that’s going to bring this piece to life.  For distressing, I didn’t want to take off most of the paint or have it super chippy, so I, number one – used the bonding agent, and number two – only sanded the edges lightly with a fine sanding sponge. I also ran the sanding sponge lightly over the entire surface just to knock the “newness” off of the paint and reveal any imperfections in the wood.  It’s a subtle technique, but effective.  I then added the Antiquing Wax directly to the painted finish.  Since I wanted the paint to absorb the pigment in the wax, I didn’t apply a layer of Furniture Wax between the two.  You can see how it changes the color…


…and settles into the texture of the crackled and aged polyurethane finish underneath (that’s why I didn’t want to sand.)  Can you see that wonderful texture?


To apply the Antiquing Wax, I brush it on pretty liberally in a swirling motion, working it into the finish with our Large Wax Brush.



I make sure to work it into the recesses and crevices of the bed frame to simulate the “grunge” that sits in corners of antique pieces.  Those are the areas that are usually untouched when pieces are dusted.


I only apply the wax to a small section at a time and then wipe it away with a soft, cotton cloth.  (This is why I wear gloves!  The wax isn’t harmful if it touches your skin, but the pigment can get under your fingernails and make a mess of your hands.)


As I wipe the wax away, it stays in the “low points” of the finish, showing off the amazing texture and adding depth to the color.


It also shows off the dings, dents and imperfections,which I love when I’m trying to get an authentic looking aged finish.  If your piece doesn’t have that, you can hit it with a hammer in a few random spots.


I’ve only done the headboard at this point, so I can make a video of the process on the footboard.  You can see what a difference the Antique Wax makes below…


I can’t wait to get it all finished and in the room…hopefully next week.

While I’m putting a new bed in the guest room, I’m refreshing it a bit, too.  It’s not a total overhaul, but I’ve moved the furniture around a bit, bought a chandelier to hang over the bed and am looking for a few other strategic pieces.

More on the guest room and the rest of the shuffled furniture soon…

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  1. Deborah says:

    Marion, that is amazing and beautiful! I just love it.

  2. Sharon H says:

    yum….looking good! Looking really good!

  3. Eileen says:

    Wish I would have kept an old wooden bed……….our son picked up while picking up junk from trailer homes. Too late now but I do have the vanity. LOVE your work!

  4. I am curious Marian, I have painted a lot of furniture in my day but I have never used chalk to draw the design on first, when you paint over the chalk does the paint chip off in those areas? What a genius idea!! Why didn’t I think of that:( Your bed is looking great, can’t wait to see it finished and dressed!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      No the chalk doesn’t affect the paint at all. I’ve used it with all types of paint as well and have been doing this since my decorative/mural painting days.

  5. just gorgeous! whereas your colors may be a bit brighter with more red in the overall design (instead of the tarnished gold), i admire your sense of design and lovely painting. it looks very antique!

  6. Wow you are so brave. I would have never daered to do something so bold, but keep it up it looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see the end results.Thanks for the inperation!

  7. Gorgeous! Looks amazing :)

  8. Really looking forward to to seeing the finished bed; the whole room. You work is very inspiring-I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

  9. *your work :)

  10. Do you have plans for the bedding yet?

  11. Mary Hagstrom says:

    Beautiful! I look forward to your posting every day. You are such an inspiration!

  12. Colette Johnston says:

    I was a bit worried until you applied the antique wax. It makes a huge difference! I should know by now never to doubt you, lol, everything you do is just wonderful.

  13. I think this is my favorite of all of your projects. You did an amazing job!! I love it!

  14. Momere says:

    Do you know of the Swedish Artist Carl Larsson and his wife Karin? They painted their home (Lilla Hyttas) in Sundborg Sweden and the style of your bed reminds me of their work. I have been a fan since I discover his work over 30 years ago and have done some things for my home but would love to do more. There are a few good books on his work. One I love is “Carl and Karin Larsson: Creators of the Swedish Style”. They had eight children and a lot of his art is portraits of his children. Karin painted all over the house border, furniture, did weaving and much more. I am sure you probably know of him but if not you would love their work One web site that has a lot of his work is Take a look at the indoor catalog to see inside Lilla Hyattas. Thank you for all you do, you inspire me.

  15. Merri Jo says:

    Wow, the effect of the antiquing wax is phenomenal! You are an artist in every sense of the word!!

  16. The waxing makes it look so authentic! I love how it tones down the colors. Dang Marian, that bed is a work of art!


  17. I think this is my favorite of all your projects. I wish I knew if you are doing the strokes with your finger or with a brush in the rose-maling method.
    It’s fabulous with the wax over the crackled finish and I will use chalk, too!

  18. Reminds me of the wonderful Baverian guesthouse with traditional furniture we would stay at years ago. It was so beautiful! You have done a wonderful job of recreating that extraordinary look.

  19. Melissa says:

    Where can I find the great paint brushes you use? Your work is beautiful….even if I zoom in on my iPad (LOL) it looks beautiful…..because I’m a perfectionist – even when trying to create a distressed or antiqued look! I drive myself nutty sometimes. You are truly blessed with amazing talent. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Carole says:

    I am madly in love with your Bohemien Bed! After your gorgeous art work embellishments, that bed looks like a rare and super expensive antique. I am sure you could sell it for big bucks if you ever wanted to!
    I also love that dresser you did in lavender. I have been trying to find it on your website, but can’t seem to locate it! Do you have the link handy? I wouldn’t ask, but I have spent 2days trying to find it.
    You are so talented and encouraging! I just took my first class in Chalk Painting a couple of days ago and I found myself feeling very dumb uncoordinated and spacey. I was feeling pretty dense and very depressed. I won’t give up, but I was not happy with my lack of ability, even though the instructor told me I did a good job, but all teachers want to encourage their students! Anyway, I also watched your video on painting your kitchen cabinets and you said something about being “blonde” and taking awhile to figure thins out sometime. You chuckled happily and I laughed along with you. It made me feel better about myself then. Thanks. I had been tearfully depressed for days. You helped me get over it!
    BTW, I took the chalk paint class because we have no milk paint stores in Ohio.
    Also, when I was at the class, they showed us a powder that can be used to put “dust” into cfevices like you do with antiquing wax. Just an fui, in case you’d want to know. I tooktheclass at Methany Weir in Shaker Heights. I was trying to talk them into adding your Milk Paint to their store!

  21. Carole says:

    That was supposed to be fyi in my last post, not fui! I also forgot to tell you that when I saw your kitchen about a week ago for the first time, I thought you had the cabinets professionally done! Now, I see you did them yourself! Wow, fantastic job! Did you paint the insides of the cubbords, too?

  22. Paty Pawless says:

    Your Guest Room bed you repainted is beautiful! You have real talet, please make more & show us! I have just started using Chalk Paint. I too think I am in love! Thanks Again Paty…

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