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A little painting project


Some days I just need to paint.  It’s therapeutic for me and it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment.  With a two hour school delay, I didn’t have a lot of time to get things done today, so I picked a small project I’ve been wanting to work on – painting this little stool.


It’s in our master bathroom, so I decided to use MMSMP Artissimo.


It’s a deep navy blue.  A yummy color, in my opinion.


Now, I painted a lot of chairs and stools before I realized that I should start with the piece upside down.  That eliminates a lot of the awkward reaching and neck strain and paint on your forearms.  Maybe you’re smarter than I am and figured that out on your first try!


I decided to apply the paint without prepping the piece at all.  I had a pretty good feeling it would adhere well, so I didn’t feel sanding or the Bonding Agent was necessary in this case.  I also didn’t mind if it chipped.


As I was painting it, I realized there was a signature and date under the stool…


I believe my Opa wrote that.  Those are his initials anyway, and if so, he would’ve been about 11 when he made this stool.  He went on to be a home builder and all around handy guy, so it wouldn’t be surprising.


One coat covered the stool nicely.


You can see the color is rich when it’s wet, but dries lighter, which is the opposite of a lot of paints that are lighter when they are liquid and dry darker.  Milk Paint is a rule breaker.


This post is about the stool, but I’m using a couple of new MMSMP products, so I thought I would show them off.  The first is the brush…


…the second is MMS Brush Soap, which will be available soon.  It comes in a cake and does an amazing job at cleaning gunky, paint-caked brushes.



You just rub the brush on the soap until it’s clean.  And it smells nice and feels good on your hands.


I have to give you a little behind-the-scenes here.  I shot the “brush soap” sequence in my half bath, which is teeny-tiny and has zero natural light.  So, I pulled in our new video lighting to see how it would do and it worked great.  Now, imagine two bigs lights, my camera on a tripod and me in this teeny space trying to get pictures of myself washing the brush.  I ended up taking the two-handed pictures with the shutter remote in my teeth.

So, you might think Mustard Seed Interiors is some fancy operation, but it’s actually a girl crammed in a little bathroom taking pictures with her teeth just before she has to go get her kids from school.

Once the stool was dry, I took it to the basement for some distressing.  I sanded the edges with a coarse, 80 grit, sand paper and then went over the entire piece with a fine 220 grit.  As you can see, the color looks even lighter now it’s been roughed up.


And I finished it off with a coat of Hemp Oil to bring out the color of the paint and richness of the exposed wood.  I brush it on and work it into the paint with the brush.  A little goes a long way, so you don’t have to slather it on.  I used just 1-2 tablespoons on this entire piece…if even that.


And I wiped off the excess with a clean cloth.

MSI_3964 MSI_3965

And that’s my therapy and sense of accomplishment for the day!

The stool is just a bonus.

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  1. Robin Leach says:

    Ive been trying to decide on a color for a china cabinet. And I think I’m sold on Artissimo!

  2. Absolutely love it… it’s just perfect. And that color… gorgeous!!!

  3. Bernice says:

    Very pretty..did you paint over opa’s name??????????? HOw special to have his name after all these years , on a little piece….of him.
    I love the color when wet, how would you get that color instead of the lighter finish?

  4. Linda Seay says:


  5. dahlene says:

    hi, I’m new to your blog, but i love everything you do. I was wondering if the milk paint can be removed? And, if so is it dificult? i havent used it before, but have lots of things i want to paint

    thanks so much,


  6. Kim Woodall says:

    I just love your humility….and the little stool looks great too!!!! What a difference hemp oil makes!! Hope to see you soon in Raleigh :)

  7. How beautiful and your right the navy is amazing. I am loving that soap too.

  8. Question. I don’t wash my brushes in my sink any longer because it causes the lines to clog. Many of my decorative painting friends have also said this. Do you have a problem with it? I see in this blog you are washing your brush in the sink with your new soap.

  9. Jenn A says:

    Love the stool and the color, but especially the story behind the stool. How special to have things like that in your home!

  10. baha. You crack me up with the remote in the teeth action. The things we do for a good shot! I have an almost identical little stool to that it looks great in Artissimo. I’ll have to decide what color mine will get after I decide where to put it once we move. I’m going stir crazy not being able to work on projects while we’re in the moving process. Can’t wait to get back at it! That brush soap looks amazing. I guess I need to invest in a wax brush first though. 😉

  11. Love the stool makeover. It looks so perfect in your bathroom! Just love it!

  12. Carol says:


  13. I need to try that brush soap. Great invention! I love all your stuff!

  14. Although I love how the stool turned out…. the part about the remote in the teeth is the best part of this post!!!! :-)

  15. Joan M. Raines says:

    Absolutely love this color and how it turned out. The sanding is perfect. I will certainly try this brush and soap when I can get to my retailer. Weather and roads ya know. I love your product. Wish I could afford every color. I live on $1200 a month(84)so I can only squeeze in one now and then, It’s such fun! I do want to try the hemp oil too. I have your wax brush and the clear and antiquing waxes and love them all. You are amazing.

  16. How sweet to keep something from your Opa. I still have lots of pieces to make over of my mums, I am currently working on a piano stool which I hope to use as an ottoman at the end of my bed.

    I must say I love the colour you used and the fact that no bonding agent is required, it came out fabulous. I also love the cakes of soap you have now. I use a similar soap for cleaning my artist brushes without damaging the hairs on my really expensive ones. I think a great addition to your range. The brush is great too.


  17. MaryS says:

    ohhh…. that little stool is so darn cute!! Looks great in your bathroom. You have such a great eye and such a great touch!

  18. Haha! I love that you used your remote with your teeth! I’m pretty sure I’ve done something similar before! Now I just need to get some of those fancy lights for my dark house! :)

  19. I love the color and the finish. Thanks for the details.
    LOL about the shutter in your mouth….Great oic though

  20. I meant great photo….

  21. Vicki says:

    I just noticed that Pottery Barn is featuring “indigo” on the cover of their latest magazine. I bet they got their inspiration from you Marian. Beautiful. Adorable how you staged the stool and love your shower curtain fabric. If you ever decide to move, your home will sell for a fortune. Hope your son is doing well.

  22. Ummm…do you really use such cute drop cloths to paint on or was that for the pics? 😉 haha. All looks great as always!

  23. Kristin M says:

    I love the stool and what the hemp oil did to darken the color but I was most shocked that you painted on top of a grain sack!!!!!! You are a waaaaaay neater painter than I am!

    Hope your teeth didn’t cramp LOL

  24. Nancy Nanney says:

    I’ve gotta have that color!! It looks absolutely delicious!

  25. I love that certain something in the quality of your photos :)

  26. Lorretta from NH says:

    Ok so now I’m sold on trying some of your wonderful paint. I’ve always liked the things that you and others have done with it but just not sure. Lucket was my favorite but didn’t quite fit in our home but this Artissimo is perfect. Thanks for the tutorial. Wonderful!

  27. vicky says:

    Gotta get me some of that Artissimo. Love the color. Will look good in my recently transformed/transforming living room. Never finished, right.

  28. Love that color! And it sealed the deal on my next project….a Pennsylvania chest my (late) dad made will be done in grainsack this spring with artissimo to mimick the stripes. If I were really good I’d hold the brush with my teeth but that would probably take some practice. Love the way you keep it real, Miriam. 😉

  29. Jill Hilbrich says:

    Its amazing how impressed I am with this post about a stool! I finished sanding inside my kitchen today (we are painting all the wood cupboards white) and I realized that now that I’m done sanding, I can hang my new curtains I got for Christmas! Guess what I’ll be doing after dinner? It will be my therapy for the day too! Thanks for posting about the little things – it makes those of us who aren’t full time bloggers/DIYers feel like we’re not as slow as we might think, lol!

  30. Did you get a picture of you with the remote in your teeth?? Haha
    Love the little stool and the color is perfect!

  31. Jess Talkington says:

    Beautiful! One of my favorite colors in your line. I used it on a secretary desk. I love the depth of color!

  32. Love seeing this process on a fairly simple small piece. The stool turned out lovely & I especially loved to see how to use the hemp oil. I have been planning on buying MMS Milk Paint for months. I’ve never tried it, but have several pieces it will work great on & I have been thinking of adding a few painted pieces to my brothers home shop & who knows maybe starting a new journey.

  33. Dianne says:

    You always inspire me to do projects. I had a little stool very similar to yours and I had been wanting to paint it, so I got some Milk Paint (Flow Blue, I think). I love how it turned out. Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. Teresa says:

    The stool is adorable and I love that your Opa’s initials/date are on the bottom! Color is perfect for the bath. Thanks for sharing

  35. That color is gorgeous!

  36. Barbara Bussey says:

    Your project turned out beautifully, of course course! it just made me nervous, to see you painting on top of that beautiful fabric! Hopefully, it was just for presentation purposes! :-)

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