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My first Mustard Seed Pages purchase


When I first launched the Mustard Seed Pages, I joked that all ironstone listings need to go through me first.  I have restrained myself from snatching up every nice piece I saw at a good price, but I couldn’t resist this one.  Fluted compotes like these are listed for as high as $90-200 elsewhere online, so when I got this one for $34.16 including shipping, I knew it was a great price for a really nice piece.


You know how I feel about ironstone.  This one got me a little fluttery as I unwrapped it.   Thanks so much, Christine, for selling it to me and packing it so carefully.




I tucked it away in one of the corner cabinets in my dining room.



When I shared yesterday’s post, someone on Facebook mentioned never seeing any toys in my photo shoots.  Well, I figure you ladies with kids have seen enough toys laying around a house, so I kick them out of the way, but here’s a shot of the Kai jet that was just outside of my photo shoot of the ironstone footed bowl.  So, Joy, this is for you…


I must admit I’ve been a little sluggish the past couple of days.  I have really wanted to take a nap, watch movies and soak in a hot bath for a while, but I have a lot to do, so I’ve made myself get up and at it.  (I’m not sick or anything, I’ve just felt a little lazy.)  I don’t feel like I’m quite at my usual speed.  When I feel that way, I’ve learned that it’s best for me to plow into a project, so I worked on painting a raw wood Ikea stool for the MMSMP look book…


I haven’t used Curio on an entire piece, yet, because…well, it’s brown, but I thought it was fitting for this stool.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.  The full tutorial will be in the look book coming soon.

Kelly, the college intern who worked for me last year, is coming over to help me with the online shop tomorrow, so look for some new listings…ironstone, French milled soap and an amazing beaded dress from the 1920’s to name a few things in the queue…

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  1. I love the way the stool turned out. It looks like a stained piece with a rustic industrial feel to it. The fluted compote is so lovely.

  2. How simple but has a lot of character…..the stool. lol The Jet well it’s well built. :) Oh and yes I do love that ironstone piece…the shape is to die for.
    Leelee @

  3. I love the colour of the stool.

  4. I need me some curio

  5. He, he. As someone with limited storage and toys EVERYWHERE (seemingly) I appreciate you kicking them out of the way so I can swoon when I look at your lovely photos :-)
    Love the stool. And also, I absolutely ADORED the foyer space you posted about earlier. The table and painting were so perfect.

  6. Audrey says:

    How do people know what to price things? I found an almost pristine chamber pot with a crocheted cover for the lid in my mother’s attic. I have no idea what it is worth. Any ideas or sources I can reference? Thank you. I don’t comment on your website much but I come here every day (or twice a day) to see what you are up to. You have an amazing amount of energy!

    Keep up the inspiration for all of us!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      I usually check eBay or Etsy to see if I can find something similar, but pricing is so relative. It depends on the location, the deal, what they paid for it, condition, age of the piece, desirability, etc.

  7. lucylocket says:

    My mom has collected antiques for 30 years, and I looked through her things Sunday and found two pieces of ironstone. One was a platter that belonged to her grandmother. Mom remembered her serving meat on it. The other piece is a beautiful pitcher that she bought at an estate sale. I love the simplicity and warmth of your decor! Your blog is my favorite!

  8. I love the color of the stool with the toy on it…I posted on your Friday Link Party this little stool of my dad’s….
    I am soooo tempted to give it a paint treatment, but my heart is not following my head right now…did you paint your stool…if so, can you point me to the post about it? I like that the character of the wood still shows through on your piece. Thanks!!!!

  9. I have that exact ironstone fluted bowl!! I LOVE it! I got it at Goodwill or somewhere for only a few dollars! I didn’t even know what Ironstone was at the time! Who knew it was worth so much! I use it in a lot of my photos! It’s a great serving dish for dips too! :)

  10. Marlene says:

    Just the post I needed – Have to make myself dive in-

  11. Love the tones of your pieces. My fist visit . Will be visiting daily, I know it. Thank you

  12. Jeanine C. says:

    I can just see your fluted ironstone bowl filled with wonderful spring strawberries :)
    It is such a pretty find.

    Also, love the stool and how it complements your wood counters.

    Hang in there! A fifteen minute power nap is sometimes how I recharge :)

  13. A fluted bowl similar to yours is one of my best finds of ironstone. I found it a few years ago for $12 at an antique store in my small small town that normally doesn’t really have much!! I keep my fruit in it on my kitchen counter. :) Love the stool. Looks great with your counters. :)

  14. Oh my gosh, it’s gorgeous! What pretty curves… no wonder you grabbed it! That reminds me to go shopping on Miss Mustard Seed pages again! I’ve seen some great stuff there!


  15. Anne Boykin says:

    Dear MMS, That’s one beautiful piece of white ironstone! So glad it’s yours. Hugs, Anne Boykin

  16. Curio’s perfect for that stool! Love how rich it looks almost like it’s stained!

  17. Ooooh such a beautiful bowl! I love the color of the stool can’t wait for the how to. :)

  18. Chris says:

    I love the ironstone too, but also love the chippy bench that it is on. Have a grey bench that I would love to look like that, is that painted with your paint, and what color? Is it then waxed?

  19. Maybee's Mom says:

    Love the IKEA step stool. About 8 years ago I purchased 6 of them for 9.99 each, I painted each one a brilliant spring color, They make wonderful extra stools around the table and are the perfect height for children to climb up on….I have many pics. of my twin 8yr old grandsons on them, sitting, climbing, reaching…yikes..My most used one has been reinforced with extra wood screws here and there. Still pretty they are more than 9.99 now… Take some time for you….really.


  20. Vicki K says:

    As the Native Americans say, MMS, winter is a time for resting, for renewing energy you will expend in spring, for thinking, and communicating with the Great Spirit, getting in tune with Mother Nature as she settles down and sleeps awhile and rests. Listen to your body. From a part-Cherokee fan.

  21. Marian, a bit off topic, but I am in a desperate search for a dresser that could be used for a bath vanity – LOVE the one you have…any 48″ ones hanging out in your basement? I could come take it off your hands… :) Love, the girl you always see on her birthday in November!

  22. Stacey says:

    Hi, I love your style and don’t think I’ve commented before. I have a very similar pair of mother of pearl opera glasses as the ones you bought recently. Would you mind telling me (us) the source of your sisal looking kitchen rug? Is it soft underfoot? I admire all your energy!

  23. I love your little projects. I love all things rustic. Will you be speaking at the Haven conference this year? I have not been to one yet, but thinking about going this year.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    Dear MMS,
    It’s perfectly OK, healthy even, to take a “lazy day”! I happened upon your lovely book at my public library, and then found your website. I have linked into other great websites through yours and noted that a lot of folks don’t blog every day. (Some are only M – F, others are sporadic bloggers.) Take a well deserved break day now and then. Your devoted following (me included) won’t ever stray…OK, sure, we’ll click on the site multiple times a day and wonder where you were, but we also want you to take good care of you! Always remember, you are a human being, not a human “doing”.

  25. MaryS says:

    Brown is GOOD!! That little ironstone piece is adorable. How did I miss that one??

  26. maria says:

    I remember several posts with toys in them – I would say at least 3, and I have not been following you long! I love legos – got lots of them here!!

    I love the inspiration here! I do soooooooo love your blog!

  27. What a lucky buy, I have decided to look for some ironstone in New Zealand as I do love it. I have a couple of old pieces that were my mums so it would be nice to put them out on display.

    I love the blue in your display cabinet its gorgeous.

    Lee :)

  28. What a score and it looks amazing with your collection (that makes me drool LOL).

    Take a break busy lady! You are in my neck of the woods (I am in NJ) and this overcast, cold and winter weather just makes me want to nap, read under a blankie and watch old black and white movies. I didn’t know you had a book! eeep! off to check it out.

    Thanks for all your inspiration!


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