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Here comes Lucketts…


I know it’s just the first day of March, but my sights are already set on the Lucketts Antique Market.  It’s historically been my biggest event of the year.  And every year I try to top the previous year…in the pieces I bring, the way things are set up, the planning and prep that goes into two days.

Last year, I felt a little off.  It was still an amazing sale, but it rained and I didn’t have enough time to set up the booth the way I wanted to.  I remember shoppers running towards my booth when they opened the gates early and I was still frantically unpacking boxes, crying out, “I’m not ready, yet!”  Well, I just had to relax and let it be…rain, big blue tarp, frizzy hair, damp shoes, unfinished booth and all.

DSC_9749 (424x640)

DSC_9824 (424x640)

DSC_9820 (510x640)

DSC_9804 (424x640)

If you didn’t see the photos from last year, Jeff photobombed about 85% of them.  I was laughing so hard when I looked through the photos for the first time.

DSC_9770 (425x640)

While I can’t control the weather, I am going to try to plan things out better.  This year I will be in the same spot, but I will have three booths, so we have some extra space in case of rain and some nice shade if we don’t.  I’m also being very particular about what I buy for the sale.  That means I need to start sooner, so I’m not scrambling two weeks before the show to pull it all together.  I need to start hunting for those show-stopping pieces as well as things that are “signature” for me like ironstone, alarm clocks, typewriters, fans, French chairs, etc.

So, I’ve already started the stash.  I have a few pieces in my basement that are priced, like some wood totes, an old tobacco basket and dried lavender stems, and a few furniture pieces that need a mustardized makeover.  I went out shopping yesterday and, while I didn’t have a huge haul, I did come home with some nice things.



I also got 3 more boxes of ironstone, including a couple of very unique white ironstone tureens in patterns I’ve never seen before.  And I just got a large shipment of preserved boxwoods wreaths, which I’ll probably list in the online shop and then order some more for Lucketts…

missmustardseed-139 (427x640)

…and I got a big box of colored butcher twine and paper straws.  I also have an order of hemp sheets on their way from Europe.  I started stringing tags today to get ready to price and pack items.


I’ve been thinking through the kind of anchor pieces I want for the show and have been scouring auction listings and Craig’s List until I find just the right thing.  I’m excited about going into this year with a more focused plan and, hopefully, that will show in the space and it will be the best fair ever.

The Spring Market is May 17-18, 2014 on the grounds of The Lucketts Store in Leesburg, VA.  You can get more information HERE.

And yes.  It’s worth the drive.

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  1. I came last year…rain or not, it was great fun seeing everyone…and all the goodies (plus the ones I went home with!)! I plan to go again this year. :)


  2. Marian, yes the photobomb in the pic made me laugh, but what really struck me is how much healthier you’re looking in more recent pics relative to last May!

  3. Carolyn says:

    I’ve been to the Spring Market twice and had lots of fun! Going this year and I hope I can find your booth before you run out of stuff. BTW: I stumbled upon a United Kingdom website a few weeks back. The girls specialize in vintage linens. Beautiful stuff!

  4. Carolyn says:

    Will you be offering your MMSMP ?

  5. Becky Neal says:

    Oh how I wish I lived closer!!!! I would love to come see all the treasures and to be able to meet you! Maybe someday…..

  6. Barbara Woods says:

    I would love to have a piece of furniture that you had given a “mustardized makeover”! I did snag the grain sack that has BARBARA W on it and I love it!

  7. so excited to be able to make it this year. trevor and i are really looking forward to it. the photos of the old luckett’s store itself just don’t do it justice to what a wonderful place it is and in such scenic countryside. my show is 2 weeks after the luckett’s show and i have been squirrelling away since december. spring shows are harder without the plethora of garage sales/flea markets throughout the winter. love those scales

  8. Rosanna Fischer says:

    How much are the Boxwood wreaths selling for?

  9. I like the yellow chair. Unfortunately I am a day and a half drive away. have a great time at the show!

  10. I agree with Becky above, how I wished we didn’t have to make such a long trek to enjoy Lucketts. With small boys it’s not too easy. But, maybe one day… It looks like such a fabulous event to hunt about though! Marion, where do you typically score things in your area? You must have some amazing places to shop around! I’m holding my breath for the day you announce you’re headed west towards Pittsburgh! You know you want to! 😉

  11. Marion, I realize you likely have different plans for that armchair…but…it would amazing to leave the color as it looks like mustard and the frame is the color of a mustard seed! You could paint your logo on it and use it at your booth and for the cover of your next book! :) and since it is the natural pairing for blue it would show off so many of your wares.

  12. Michelle Dowd says:

    Exciting! Where do you live? I have been following your blog for about a year now, and I love your style and idea. I’m an hour from Lucketts, and when I saw your post I thought – does she mean the Lucketts that I know? And I see that you do! You must be local?! I had no idea.

  13. Jan McGuirk says:

    Would you give an opinion on to paint or not to paint a chair which sits in front of a secretary?
    I would send a picture.

  14. BeverlyS says:

    Hi Marian – I used to live in DC and so many of my friends shopped at Lucketts – I don’t know why I never went with them! I may fly back there to visit a friend in May and we will be down there to meet you in person!! I have bought a ton of wonderful items from “The Twig House” which used to have a shop in Vienna, VA – I was there every Friday which I had off from work. My husband was really getting tired of all of those Twig House things but they were amazing. They closed up shop and moved to Luckett’s and I wonder if you know the two ladies who own it? The older, very petite woman is Pat, and the younger, blonde – I can’t for the life of me remember her name. Do you know them? You are so very organized – I wish I had that talent that you have – discipline! Must have come from growing up with an Army father! xxxx Bev

  15. It’s so fun to see the things you are planning for the show! I’m already getting excited about it too!! Can’t wait to see you then~ Jennifer :-)

  16. Laura J says:

    I love and admire your no-nonsense approach to your business. Good luck at Luckett’s — I’m sure it will be fantastic!

  17. OMGosh! I *love* that chair in mustard yellow. Is it available? It would fit perfectly in my home office. Please contact me if it is available. I’m interested!

  18. With all your talk about Lucketts last year and then finding out Donna from Funky Junk was coming too, I dragged my mom (from Southeastern, VA) and we made a weekend of it! I met you briefly, but you were very busy and your mom was so sweet. My mom has already been asking when Lucketts is this year, ha. We found all kinds of treasures last year. Looking forward to seeing what treasures you have to offer this time. :)

  19. Wendy Manning says:

    I have a friend in Purcellville ……. Maybe I can plan the trip?? If not maybe she will shop for me??

  20. I hope I can make it again this year but the baby’s due the week before so it’s probably wishful thinking unless he decides to show up early and without a fuss!!

  21. Barbara Bussey says:

    I know it will be great!

  22. Mindy Jones says:


    Do you still have the child size white hutch?


  23. Frances says:

    How I wish I could visit! I am so envious, especially once I saw the yellow chair. They are hard to find even here in the south of France. I will be Charente in 3 weeks & I think I saw one there in a very dirty junk shop. I buy tea towels & linen sheets from there.

  24. Nice looking pics! Thanks for sharing those pics!

  25. I went last year, and I thought it was great! The prices seemed a bit high to me, but that’s only because I’m thrifty like you! 😉 Or perhaps it was because I wasn’t a door-buster and your awesome selection was picked over. I will say this, as a weird stalker: I observed you and your family working, and you seemed just as down-to-earth and pleasant as you do on your blog. I’m looking forward to this year!

  26. Hi Marian –
    These are my favorite posts. I love hearing about how you plan and prepare for the show.
    Best Wishes,

  27. You had so many wonderful things in your booth last year Marian…hopefully I can make it there this year!…Sounds like you have a wonderful plan of fabulous things to sell this year!

  28. Oh my gosh, i wish i could come, i bet your booth is so awesome. I already love the chair you showed in these pics. The photo bomb really IS funny… and i hope you have more time this year to get set up just the way you want and a really pretty sunny spring day to make it all that much more fun…


  29. After having to take last year off because of selling the house/moving, I’m happy that I will be able to be a vendor again this year! I have sold off most of my furniture and favorite home decor pieces so I’m starting from scratch and have got to get going finding new stuff…but that’s where all the fun is:) I can’t wait to see all your goodies…and of course, see you again!

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