Painting Trim, Sewing Pillows & More

 Between a sick boy and snow days, we’ve basically had a four day weekend, which is fun (aside from the sick kid), but it ‘s tough when I work from home and have things I need to do.  We snuggled, though, and went to see Frozen and built a snowman.  Today they were back in school and I was back to work.  My husband installed new trim in the family room yesterday, so I primed and painted it today…

missmustardseed-62 (854x1280)

It’s just simple pine boards, but it ties into the 1940′s part of the house and looks a little beefier.  I like beefy molding.  Just putting that out there.

missmustardseed-67 (854x1280)

We still need to add some shoe molding and 3/4 height wainscoting to finish things off.  This room is pretty big with a cathedral ceiling, so it would greatly benefit from some architectural detail.  I would love to add some wood beams to the ceiling as well, but that would be a massive project and I just don’t think it’s worth it for this house.

missmustardseed-69 (854x1280)

In addition to the painting and priming, I made two pillows out of the Richloom fabric I shared in my plan for the family room yesterday.  I love how the brown ties in with the floor and how it looks like vintage crewel work. And, it’s only a few pillows, so I can change them out when I want something different.

missmustardseed-68 (854x1280)

Tonight the boys were at Awana, so my mom came over, as usual, and we ate dinner together and worked on projects.  We finished making the cushion cover for my living room sofa (I’ll show that soon), made a custom-sized feather insert for a grain sack and made the piping for the French cane daybed that’s going back in the family room once we take the Christmas tree down.  I’m tired, but it was a very productive day!

On another note, I shared a few weeks ago that I bought a new (old) bed frame for my guest room.  I knew in my mind how I wanted to paint it – like a bed I saw in a magazine years ago, but I couldn’t find the magazine.  Today, as I was working, I suddenly remember the magazine it was in!  It was rattling around in my brain somewhere and it floated to the top somehow.

missmustardseed-110 (534x800)

It was in BHG Beautiful Bedrooms from 2002 and I flipped right to the page.  There it is…

missmustardseed-70 (854x1280)

Now, obviously the shape of the beds are different, but I think they are close enough that I can make it work.  And isn’t it so perfect that it’s in my milk paint colors?  Apron Strings, French Enamel, Linen and Mustard Seed Yellow.  I really hope I can pull it off.  And, if it’s a total disaster, I can just upholster it!


Lastly, I’m already looking towards May…

missmustardseed-71 (854x1280)


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  1. Your pillow is really cute. And you’re right, it does look vintage. A long time ago in a different lifetime, I think I had a headboard like that one, or at least similar. I wanted to paint it, but that wasn’t to be. Back then, painting old furniture wasn’t the “in” thing to do.

    Hope you’re boy feels better.


  2. Looking forward to May already!
    Hey – what are the dates for the Spring Market? I don’t see them on the Lucketts site. Wondering if it’s on my birthday, AGAIN.

  3. I love beefy moulding too Marian. I recently beefed-up the trim around one of our bedroom built-in wardrobes, and added some barn door style cladding in the process! Love the instant character.

  4. I remember seeing faux beams in a model home made of a plastic type material. They looked like the real deal and were super lightweight. Sorry I don’t have more info but I’ll bet you could find them or something similar with a google search!

  5. Tracey says:

    I also saw faux beams (made of styrofoam I think) on a blog post once. Of course I didn’t bookmark it, but they looked fantastic and were very reasonably priced and seemed fairly easy to install.

  6. Can’t wait to see the guest room bed, it’ll be gorgeous!

  7. Julie Jenkins says:

    That is a beautiful bed and I’m sure you will do it justice! I noticed that the inscription on the inspiration bed is the symbol for the Holy Name of Jesus. Can’t wait to see your finished product:)

  8. Everything you do turns magical!
    Luckett’s in May – hooray! What are the dates, do tell!
    Rita C.

  9. Debbie Byrd says:

    I find myself so addicted to your site!!! Gotta have my coffee in the morning, and my MMS!!!!! And it always, always puts a smile on my face. The new pillow is very pretty….isn’t it amazing how something like a pillow can bring new life into a space?! Takes on a whole new ‘look’….even though I adore ALL your looks! Oh, if I were younger. I so live vicariously through you!!!!!! :)

  10. Jeanine C says:

    Love all the decor work you did yesterday. I also LOVE beefy moulding. :)

    Do you happen to know the dates of the Lucketts spring market? I got to go there for my first time ( in October), when visiting my daughter, who goes to college nearby. We had so much fun, but sad your space was not there anymore. I’d love to go back, although it is a little hard to carry a sideboard on an airplane!

    We will be out again during her graduation mid May. Any chance this is when it will happen?

    Treasure those times with your Mom <3

  11. Hi Marian…love the pillow. Re your moldings, I like nice chunky ones too. My husband is a fantastic carpenter – although an electrical engineer by trade – and I can only get him to install simple moldings. He hates to install crown moldings. In my dining room, I got him to put up very simple moldings (I think they are cove moldings) – they just have a little detail at the top and they are flush with the ceiling…and they were not real wood. But – I felt they were better than no moldings at all. When I was doing my decorative ceiling for this room – these little moldings became an eyesore! So, while I was doing the ceiling, I had one of my helpers install a small crown molding on the top and a decorative molding on the bottom. Then I painted and antiqued them (ditto for the baseboards as well). Then everything looked beautiful. Here’s a link, in case anyone wants to see the before and after moldings…and my very decorative ceiling design. It’s a tutorial too!



  12. Stephanie R. says:

    Hi Marian,

    We used faux beams in our new house when we built it 2 years ago. We got them from this place It was not that expensive. We had the beams put in 2 rooms and they look great. Love reading your blog.

  13. Wowzers you got a LOT done!! That bed is pretty fabulous! Hope it turns out just as you plan!

  14. Linda Jarraf says:

    Can’t wait to see the bed when you complete it. I love the square table in front of the window. Would love to know how you painted it.

  15. Winnie says:

    My daughter and I have craft/sewing days from time to time, and we both really treasure them! It’s really good “together” time while also being productive!

  16. Janny D says:

    I love your projects! I love to make pillows. I don’t know about your house but my guys are not thrilled with pillows but they do adjust a bit.

    Just got my first bit of MMS paint and as soon as the ice melts I have a fun project to pain!

    I am wondering when Lucketts Spring Market will be, would love for the DH and I to take a little road trip. I need to start campaigning now.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. I can’t wait to see how the bed turns out. And it makes me feel a little bit more sane that some one else keeps a magazine for over 10 years for inspiration!

  18. Get out of town , You can totally pull off that look. What a great headboard! Make sure we see the end product!
    p.s. loving all of my boxwood wreaths!!!

  19. beverlee lyons says:

    I am laughing….only you would install and paint trim at this time of year. The rest of us are frantic with Christmas, etc….
    and I think it is absolutely wonderful. A true sign that you have it all together. Very admirable.
    Merry Christmas……

  20. I love your new pillow!
    Also, I’ll be waiting to see what you do with the headboard. The shape is quite different from the one in the magazine (not as much height), but I am sure you’ll make it work one way or another. :-)

  21. Hi, I must say – all the changes look great! I am taking inspiration from your pale blue walls and a lovely striped rug I just acquired to paint my living room in a similar color. It is a horrid yellow now which looked great in the cold dark family room but not so wonderful in the living room.

    Your crewel-style pillow is neat!

  22. Debbie says:

    What date is the spring market in Lucketts?

    Thank you…

  23. Laurie McLaughlin says:

    Are you going to build up the edges of the headboard with cut out pieces of wood or ceiling medallion stuff? Can’t wait to see it!

  24. donna says:

    Hi Marion, I live in Australia & Luv your blog, you don’t know how excited I was when I saw the Sydney Opera House deco on your tree & the link to Verionica @ Refinished, great we can now buy this in OZ, ordering samples now. Your inspiration now has endless possibilites in my humble abode. Donnax

  25. Oh, I can’t wait to see the finished headboard, it will look fabulous. I love your sash windows, not sure what you call them in the USA, the sliding up and down ones. I think windows are an important feature of a houses architecture and if something is missing then you need to add it back, and by putting in that extra wide molding they look more balanced.

    Lee :)

  26. Marianne Davies says:

    The bed will be beautiful when you have finished. Cannot wait to see it. Your pillow looks perfect and adds just that pop with those colors on your chair.

  27. Sherry says:

    I love reading your posts! Today my take away was AWANA! I had to reread it twice to make sure I read it right, its been a looooong time since I have heard it, I am happy to know it is still alive in other areas of the country. Our church stopped it several years ago. I was an AWANA Pioneer and Guard, my girls came all the way through with Cubbies, Sparks and then AWANA. Thank you for taking me back there for a minute!

    postscript…..I loved the trim too! LOL

  28. stacey says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea for your guest room bed! The headboard is perfect. I can see it in my minds eye now. Can’t wait to see the completed piece!

  29. Oh cool! you found the magazine with the bed you had in mind! I love it when that happens… and it’s gonna be perfect in your paint. You’ve been so busy, i can hardly keep up with all your projects! Everything looks amazing… Your house just gets better and better!


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