I actually have my act together tonight and was able to look through the links from last week’s FFF and picked some favorites.  Since there are so many I liked, I shared some on my FFF and MMSMP pinboards.  Click the links if you want to follow along!  So, without delay, here are my favorites…
The festive nature of this piece by Lily Field Furniture immediately caught my eye.  The color is so rich and pretty and I love the little surprise of the white inside the desk.  Beautiful piece!
I love creativity when it comes to repurposing forlorn pieces of furniture.  Kammy from Kammy’s Corner turned some orphaned drawers into under-the-bed storage by adding castors.  Very clever!
As I was picking favorites, I could hardly ignore this gorgeous buffet (and the ironstone!)  This oak buffet was given a fresh coat of paint by Quandie from Q is for Quandie and I think it’s just perfect.  Well done.
the oak buffet.

Here are the rules for our furniture get-together…
1.) Your post has to be about furniture. Please, please, please…just furniture. If you find your link has been deleted, it’s not because I’m mean, it’s because your post was not about furniture. You can share makeovers, awesome finds, favorite pieces, furniture arrangements, or even pieces on your wish list! Built-in furniture like kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities qualify as furniture.
2.) Post a permalink (the link to the post), not the link to your blog.
3.) This party will close Friday at midnight PST and I will choose my favorite(s) and feature their piece(s) on next week’s FFF. Enjoy the party!

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  1. I am absolutely thrilled that you chose my buffet as a fav!! Part of the credit for the gorgeous result goes to you for your fab “Kitchen Scale” paint. The color is quickly becoming one of my favs. Thanks so much!

  2. What a gorgeous red color! All the features are just beautiful!

    Thanks so much for hosting!

  3. Hey Marian. Just linked up my barn door bi-fold transformation. I know it’s not strictly a furniture makeover though it’s furniture-esque. Hope it’s okay :-)

  4. I added my French toile bed to your FFF, but when I tried to upload the same photo for the link, the site seemed to “freeze up” so instead, I chose a Greek Door with antique hand knocker for the link. I hope everyone will know to click on the Greek door w/knocker to enter, so you can see the French toile bed that I’m so passionate about. Merci Beaucoup! from FrenchAntiques4u <3

  5. Thanks for hosting! Love all of the features and happy to link up my amazing dining room hutch transformation this week.

  6. Love them all! But that desk! GAH! LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for hosting :)

  7. Heidi @ Lily Field Furniture says:

    Thank you SO much for the feature! What great company to be in!

  8. I love the red & white desk, but what a great idea for leftover drawers! I have one or two lying around, I think this is just what we need around here.
    Thank you for hosting the party, I’ve linked up. Now off to visit some amazing looking furniture projects!
    Debbie :)

  9. Wow just love that stunning red and white desk, looks so festive. Enjoyed going through and looking at all the new projects linked up this week.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  10. Thank you for the feature, Marian! Funny thing is, I hesitated linking it up because I wasn’t totally sure it qualified as a furniture makeover… but then I guess the drawers were from furniture and yeah. I’m glad I did. :) Look forward to your party every week!

  11. Lots of fabulous makeovers here to visit when I get some time tomorrow. I just wish we had your paint in NZ to try out.

    Lee :)

  12. Thank you so much for hosting my French blog ! It’s always a pleasure for me when I re paint something in my home to participate, and to learn always something here.

    xoxo from PARIS


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