Boxwood & My Christmas Tree

I just did a photo shoot today for the MMSMP color of the month, Boxwood, so I thought I would share.  I think this may be my favorite non-blue/gray color in the line.  It’s so rich and pretty.  I’ve sold all of the pieces I’ve painted in Boxwood, but I have a dresser in my son’s room that is just begging for it.  I was hoping to get to that this month, since it is the color of the month, but with slipcovers and upholstering and decorating for Christmas and the family room trim and all of that, I think it’ll have to wait.  Anyway, here are some pictures to give you a good sense of the color…

missmustardseed-203 (427x640)

missmustardseed-204 (427x640)

missmustardseed-214 (427x640)

missmustardseed-215 (427x640)

Can you tell I enjoy these shoots?  I really do.  I think the photography/styling aspect of my job has become one of my favorite things to work on.  If you want to get your hands on some Boxwood (or any other color), you can find a retailer here.


I gave you a peek at my Christmas tree a couple of days ago, but here it is all decked out…

missmustardseed-45 (427x640)

When the tree was naked, I thought it was a “bum pick”, but now that it’s decorated, I really like it!  The holes give space for the ornaments and garland and I don’t mind that it’s not a perfect shape.

missmustardseed-46 (427x640)

Most of the ornaments are ones I made by applying German glass glitter to cheap, plastic ornaments or chipboard letters or made out of sheet music.  The star was a simple metal star tree topper that I coated in sparkly German glass glitter.  I had my paper tree topper up there, but my boys insisted it “wasn’t a star” and my five year old said it looked like a “hornet’s nest.”  I was too impressed that he knew what a hornet’s nest looked like to be offended.  He found the star and insisted we use that instead.

missmustardseed-55 (427x640)

The ornaments are a little haphazardly placed this year, because I had “helpers”, but I set aside the frustration that comes with wanting everything to be magazine perfect and embraced it.  So what if every ornament isn’t placed just right?  This is our house and our Christmas tree.  (As an aside, I’ve recently had some moments of clarity and maybe even conviction when it comes to my home.  I’ll share more on that if and when I’m ready.)

missmustardseed-47 (427x640)

missmustardseed-54 (427x640)

The space around the tree was feeling a little bare, so I added a small table, a vintage wine crate with lights in the bottle and the trimmings of the tree tucked all around.  A vintage linen stocking, crate with pinecones and greenery and my Oma’s rocker fill in that space.

missmustardseed-48 (427x640)

I also hung up some ornaments given to me by sweet blog friends like Jami of Freckled Laundry

missmustardseed-50 (427x640)

…an ornament all the way from my Australian MMSMP distributor, Veronica of Refinished

missmustardseed-51 (427x640)

…some grain sack and vintage linen hearts, stars and stockings from Ann of On Sutton Place

missmustardseed-58 (427x640)

(Notice the embroidered “MS”? You can get a similar one HERE.)

And, of course, I’m using the famous ruffled linen tree skirt I made for HGTV a few years ago.

missmustardseed-53 (427x640)

I still haven’t done a ton of decorating beyond the tree, but I did pick up some glittered deer from Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, so I put those out with some Epsom salt snow, fresh pine branches and pinecones.

missmustardseed-49 (427x640)

Gwendolyn got a little pine branch garland on her frame…

missmustardseed-56 (427x640)

And I added some branches, lights and pinecones on the farmhouse hutch.

missmustardseed-43 (427x640)

missmustardseed-57 (427x640)

Speaking of this part of the family room, I swapped out the X-back chairs for the antique farm chairs that belonged to my husband’s grandparents.  I love these chairs, but they are over 100 years old and I’ve been a little nervous about using them every day.  The truth is, though, they are scaled much better for the antique table.  In general, vintage and antique stuff is smaller in scale than their modern counterparts.  And, these pretty chairs were just sitting in my basement.  For what purpose?  To protect them for a life in the basement?  What a waste.  So, I’ll just use them and, if one breaks down the road, at least it broke being used.  (I actually got up from writing this post and dusted those chairs!  I forgot to do that when I brought them up from the basement and I noticed it in the pictures!)

missmustardseed-44 (427x640)

I also received the pretty brown fabric for the family room pillows and the sofa fund is growing…

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  1. Your tree is wonderful. Best memories come from imperfections. Oh enjoy each one of them while the little guys still want to help. Love your home!

  2. I love it, every detail. I would love to see some shots of your tree at night, all lit up. Here in Australia it is hard to find real Christmas trees – well, in Queensland where I live. The pine trees here have about five branches! So the smell of plastic ‘melting’ in the summer heat is Christmas to me, but I recently found out you can get gorgeous Victorian Christmas trees from a distributor up here, and I saw them last week while on holiday visiting my dad down there on the southern side of the country. So beautiful! Next year I will get one. This year I made a driftwood Christmas tree but I still havent decorated it or drilled on the last two branches! Haha. Anyway, enough about me. I love your tree!

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