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Updates, a Preview & Lip Stain


My boys have a four day weekend, so that means we get to sleep in, the house is a little messier and I don’t get quite as much done in a day.  We need days like that every once in a while.  It’s funny, though, I’ve been dragging all week and now I am ready to reupholster and paint and work on projects, but I really won’t get the chance until probably Tuesday or Wednesday next week.  I may do some of that work at night, but we’ll see.  So, I’m just sharing a few updates tonight.

First off, I have an amazing girl working for me, Heidi, and she has been sprucing up some of the pages on my blog that were woefully outdated or difficult to navigate.  I’m most excited about the article page.  She has listed and linked to all of the tutorials I have written for them over the past few years.  (Would you believe I’ve written over 100 tutorials?!)

They are all categorized by holiday or topic, so it will be easy to find what you’re looking for.  It’s all updated, but I’m still waiting for some of the bedroom articles I wrote to go live on the site, then those will be listed when they are.

And she’s worked on making tutorials and posts on some of my favorite topics easier to find with these pulldown menus at the bottom of the home page and under each post.



It’s been so great having some of this stuff updated and we’ll keep working to make it better.


A few days ago, I mentioned the Pottery Barn decorating challenge I am involved in and thought I would give you another preview…  You’ll get to see the full shoot in a few days.


Lastly, a lot of you wanted to know the kind of lip stain Ella-the-stylist recommended to me.  It’s Covergirl Outlast Lipstain.  All lipstick turns pink on me, so I picked a couple of different colors.  The darker of the two is definitely va-va-voom on me, so it’ll be nice for dinners out or dressy events.  The other one is more natural and just adds a bit of color.

The application tip is like a marker, which I really like, so it is easy to put on in a nice, clean line.

…and I only have to touch it up here and there, but even as it fades, it looks nice.

(Ha…do you see my vacuum back there?)  Now, I’m not a makeup guru, so take it or leave it.

That’s about all I have to share this evening, but there is a lot of stuff to come…

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  1. Kathy says:

    Gosh darn, you’re just getting prettier and prettier!

    • Sarah says:

      I was thinking the same thing Kathy! You look amazing Marian!! I can’t wait to look at all of those tutorials. You’ve been really busy! Lucky us!

  2. You are a great Mom to know your projects will have to wait until the kids go back to school. That was always a challenge for me with my kids, they are know 32 & 29. Love your new lip color very pretty. Have a fun weekend & enjoy those special moments!!

  3. Janel says:

    Wow! You look fantastic! Love the instagram pic!

  4. Great selfie. Lookin’ good! Love your scarf! Oh and have those PB salt and pepper shakers! Ha!

  5. Sharon in Chicago says:

    Enjoy your family-centric weekend!

    Also, what shades are your CG Outlasts? I’ve got similar coloring as you, so would love to know how to up my game like you!

    • The lighter shade is 427 and the darker is 450. I really love the light shade and since it’s more of a terracotta, it doesn’t go too pink on me and it looks natural, but adds some color.

  6. YES!!! I’m so glad you’re liking them! I have one stashed in many, MANY places!

  7. Katie says:

    Yay for lipstain! (and Ella)

    And while pages on the website are being updated, will you be adding the post on the master bath under My House? I’ve been going on and on about your shower curtain and generally beautiful bathroom to a friend and now need to back it up with a link :)

  8. Karen says:

    Marian, some of the pictures are not showing up on several of your recent posts. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?

    I love your blog and don’t want to miss a single shot! :-)

  9. Carrie says:

    I am a fifth grade teacher who dreams of more time to do the things you do!!! I love to paint furniture, but don’t have tons of time to do it. I have to tell you that you style posts even inspire me….love, love, love your blog. Thanks so much!!!

  10. Yes! Please share the lip stain colors! I love that the brand is Cover Girl, something we all can afford to try.

  11. MimiG says:

    All lipsticks turn pink on me too – I’ll be trying out the neutral shade for sure. I would love a great mocha color that does not have pink undertones.. Maybe she’ll come up with one of those!
    Loved seeing the vac behind you, shows you live in the real world!

  12. I don’t like pink tones on me myself, mostly mauves or purple toned shades. I’ve never given the stains a try but I really should!

    Those cutting boards look amazing. I was thinking about trying my hand at making some as Christmas gifts this year!

  13. You look fantastic. I’m loving “Ella” and wished I lived close to her. You are such an inspiration to so many, I don’t even think you can comprehend how much you touch our lives in so many, many different ways. We are the lucky ones to be able to follow YOU!.

    ~ Lisa ~

  14. Colleen says:

    Wow Marian you are looking so fit .enjoy your family those years go so fast and no do overs.

  15. John Wagner says:

    Next up, Miss Mustard Seed Lip Paint.

  16. Darlene says:

    Your blog is so interesting and amusing and makes me feel good! You write like a good friend just sitting with me and talking, not a teacher or instructor. Also, I have to commend you on your blog site and your helper – your blog is the easiest site to move around – no sitting and waiting for things to load, no lock-ups, no restarting! I LOVE your site! I have quit following a few other bloggers that I really like, all because their site is just too irritating to move around and follow. You’re so special – keep doing what your doing and moving onward!!! and also again, thank you for sharing the lipstain!

  17. Debbie says:

    Love your blog, products and your tutorials, ideas, etc.!
    Your hair is adorable! I would love to know if your hair is straight (like it appears in pics) or if it is curly/wavy and you straighten it as you dry ?

  18. Celeste says:

    Color stain has been my best friend for years…I use Revlon Color Stay Overtime in Bare Maximum. Excellent coverage.
    BTW loved Toronto Wkshop and am looking forward to my first mmsp order!

    • I want to try this color stain as I tried the Covergirl Outlast this weekend. The first application was great. But now, 2 days later, the applicator tip is dry and nothing will come out. I spent $9 on it and am very dissapointed. :)

    • Bernice says:

      So do I!! Revlon colorlast …..Best thing in makeup in my humble opinion. I never have to worry I have lost my lip color when eating etc. I also use Endless Spice! And it is endless!

  19. Mary Noyes says:

    I recognize the vintage salt and pepper shakers where you mentioned Pottery Barn. I look forward to what you are doing with them. I worked for them for several years and enjoyed it very much. I was a design studio specialist and had the best time working with clients and exploring my own creative talents with their amazing selection of products.

  20. Hey Marian – I wish I had a Heidi. What a great idea having thus drop down at tge end of the post. Fantastic idea. I am having someone look at my blog as well to increase functionality.

    Love lip stain. I remember that my daughter introduced me to them about 12 years ago, I love them. I am much better at putting color on my lips with them than a clunky stick! You are looking good girl.

    So funny – your brother’s comment! My husband does goofy comments on mine – anonymously – every now and again.


  21. susan allen says:

    GAAH LAAAAY, your eyebrows are perfect!!!!

  22. Ha, thanks! My brows usually disappear in pictures, so I bought a brow liner and it made a bit difference. You can see them, but they don’t look harsh.

  23. Patty connelly says:

    I just bought the cover girl lip stain and was amazed how well it stayed all day. I was planning on picking up a couple more. Don’t you love the way cover girl make up smells like noxema? I just finished painting my two nightstands in your typewriter…i love them! My hand is so tired though, i don’t know how you do it!

  24. Kristen says:

    You look great ! Thanks for the tip on the lip stain.

  25. Carol Haddock says:

    I’m working on a web site. If I want to employee someone like your Heidi, what would she be called? Computer specialist or web designer? Not sure how to post what I’m looking for.

    Love your products!


  26. Laura Strack says:

    Hi Marion, You and the Blog are looking fab, Girl!! This is a very random message but, I don’t know how you have time to read all your emails/msgs! You’re so efficient! Lol… In reference to your vacuum picture comment, I love my Dyson so much. Don’t you? I would probably want to include it in my photos! I also use the same Lipstain. Love love that stuff. Thanks for all your wonderful tips! hugs, Laura

  27. OH my word……. I just picked up the same lip satin on Friday. I had one for a very long time and despite my efforts to continue using it by dipping in water (don’t ask) I gave in. It is so old I had no IDEa who the manufacturer was let alone the color. I plucked several colors, went to the bed and bath section (needed a mirror) and held each, one by one next to my lips. I received quite a few strange looks but finally settled on one.

    I’ve never cared much for lipstick per say but lip stain stays on my lips a long time and I don’t leave lips on my coffee cups, bonus.

  28. COVERGIRL LIPSTAIN – So I purchased the Colorlast lip stain on Saturday and it is already dried out. I’m so disappointed. Does anyone else have any brands they can suggest that work for you?

    I loved it the first day and now, even after shaking it and leaving it upside down, nothing will come out of the applicator. {tears}

    Thanks, ~ Lisa ~

    • That’s a bummer! Mine’s been fine so far, but it’s my first time buying it. Maybe contact Covergirl. There may have been an issue with the tube or something…

    • Bernice says:

      Try taking it back..that is very unusual , and should not happen. I probably have bought 30 or more of these over the years and have NEVER had this problem. It is a fluke!

  29. Thanks for finally writing about >Updates, a Preview
    & Lip Stain – Miss Mustard Seed <Liked it!

  30. I just found out about lip stain and really like it although I’m not sure what kind I’m using…think it’s Cover Girl though. My sister gave me some Avon lipstick that’s really great…nice matte slightly darker than skin tone that’s lovely.
    I’m envious about Heidi; is she taking on new clients? I’m just about desperate.

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