“If you give Marian a morning…”

Kerry from Home Sweet Organized Home left a comment yesterday about how I work and I just loved it.  It’s based on the adorable kid’s book If you Give a Moose a Muffin

“If you give Marian a morning, she’s going to go to the attic. When she goes to the attic she’s going to find a rug.  Finding the rug will remind her that she needs one in her bedroom.  When the rug goes in the bedroom, she is reminded that the room needed a little something . . . “

And that’s exactly how I work.

So, if you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been rearranging the furniture in my family room to give myself a bit of a fresh start.  Since I moved the table out of the kitchen, that brought the kitchen into the shuffling.  I also removed the shutter that’s been leaning against the side of the pantry.  So, I moved the antique high chair from the dining room and hung a breadboard I bought from Shaunna when I was in Alabama.  I also moved the smallest of the blue & white wool rugs from the living room to the space where the table was.  It adds a bit of color and softness to the white tile floor.

missmustardseed-86 (427x640)

I like how the dark high chair ties into the counters and chalkboard wall.

missmustardseed-101 (427x640)

Since the kitchen is mostly white and there aren’t other fabrics, the rug works in here in a way it didn’t in the family room.

missmustardseed-87 (427x640)

Now that we’ve lived with the new arrangement for about 24 hours and we all still like it, I’ve started working on the accessories.

missmustardseed-97 (427x640)

The table is pretty small, so I can’t put a lot on it.  I added an antique bowl full of crayons as a simple and playful “centerpiece.”

missmustardseed-88 (427x640)

I worked a bit on the side-table-turned-game-table.  I sanded off the flaking paint from the top and refinished it with some dark walnut stain and MMSMP Furniture Wax.  I left the paint a little in the recesses of the edge…just because.  (I was trying to think of a reason and there really wasn’t one!  I just liked it.)

missmustardseed-104 (427x640)

I left the chess board out and filled two ironstone cups with the pieces.  A stack of antique books sits between them.  Books are a nice accessory for a family room with kids, because it doesn’t matter if they get knocked over or bumped.  I picked them up at thrift stores and yard sales, so it’s not a big deal if they get ripped or scribbled in, although my boys are past that sort of thing.  On most days.

missmustardseed-106 (427x640)

missmustardseed-105 (427x640)

Next to the sofa, our remotes are kept in an antique wood tool tote.  I came up with this a few years ago and it works really well.  Of course, I would love to hide them in a drawer or something, but it’s nice to not have to hunt for them.  And this is a real house.

missmustardseed-100 (427x640)

I’ve decided to hang the pair of antique chippy gray shutters I’ve had for a while on either side of the small window in the room.  The taller furniture is on the other side of the room, so these will add nice visual height.  This area looks a little wonky with the missing panel, but that’s coming soon.

With the blue and white rugs gone, I decided to try the buffalo check on the settee again and it’s perfect!  We’re going to be installing 3/4 height bright white wainscoting, so the blue and white check will pop off that even more.

missmustardseed-89 (427x640)

I put some boxwood, books and ironstone on the left side table.  I think it’s about time to paint those bad boys.  They just disappear into the floor and caning of the settee.

missmustardseed-90 (427x640)

I love the little child’s chair tucked in between the dresser and the settee.  It’s a little unexpected and relates the two pieces of furniture.

missmustardseed-93 (427x640)

On the right side table is a stack of books and an ironstone tureen with some nuts and a nutcracker.  It’s an antique English one I found on Etsy.  I loved the shape and it was only about $12.

missmustardseed-92 (427x640)

A funny thing about those nuts.  I bought them last year during Christmas.  My Oma always had a bowl of nuts and a cracker out during the fall and winter, so I liked the idea of carrying on that tradition.  Well, I liked the way they looked, so I just left them out all year.  After about June, I would wince when a guest cracked one open to eat.  I was certain someone would find a rancid nut.  Don’t they understand they are decorative?!  My dad ate one last week and he’s still alive, so I guess it’s okay.  I’ll get a fresh bag this week just in case, so you can feel free to partake if you visit my house.

missmustardseed-91 (427x640)

I put the mini buffet on top of the dresser again.  It’s offset a little, so it’s centered on the window.  Yes, it’s in front of a window. I’m okay with that.  It looks sort of pretty backlit.

missmustardseed-96 (427x640)

missmustardseed-94 (427x640)

As I was moving furniture around, I pushed my desk chair up against the back wall.  Once I was done with everything, the chair was still there and it sort of worked.  I never had furniture on that wall before, because of the baseboard heater and the side door.  The shape of the chair works around the heater, though, and it pulls that wall into the room more, if that makes sense.  It always felt like this awkward wall and now it feels more like a part of the room.

missmustardseed-99 (427x640)

I might swap it out for the wood cane chair to stand out from the wall color more and I’ll rework the artwork.  It’s fun to explore the possibilities.

missmustardseed-98 (427x640)

And I’ve moved around the pillows a bit, but I’m planning to make some more colorful ones as well.  And by colorful, I mean blue and white.  I’ll probably try some with more color than that, too.  They are just pillows after all.

missmustardseed-103 (427x640)

After my very full day yesterday, I thought my back might give me some trouble today, but it’s been fine, so I allowed the momentum to help me finish other projects.  I painted a custom table, painted the frame of the sofa for my living room (the one that’s been waiting in my basement in her “unmentionables” for a few months), made the slipcover for the fourth dining chair, mopped the kitchen floor…  you get the idea.

If you give Marian a morning…

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  1. lol…”my dad ate one the other day and is still alive”… so funny

  2. I love love love you style, your such an inspiration. I followed your slip cover instruction video and I’m very proud of how it turned out, thank you :)

  3. I´ve had such a great time following you, redecoration your room! Your blue rug is so right in the kitchen and when I saw your game-table I got ideas for a table like that in my attic. It comes from Mam and I´m Always been afraid to touch it(=paint it) thinking of her reaction. But leaving the surface unpainted(mahogany) could work……..
    I also just adooore your mini buffet!

  4. MaryS says:

    As always, it’s another work of art!! I could use some “encouragement” for my house. Thanks for what you do.

    Wishing you and your family a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Kathryn says:

    Whew…..yes….if you give Marian a morning. But WOW…looks what happens when you give her a day! Blessing to you

  6. The white tile in your kitchen compliments the counters and I think it looks absolutely wonderful. You have really nice style. So far so good.

  7. Your house is absolutely stunning. Please keep doing what you do- you’re amazing at it.

  8. So funny….I’ve been reading those books to my grandson and the whole time I am thinking about how piddling can get me into trouble….one thing leading to another…but so fun! i wonder sometimes how the wash gets done. ;)

  9. I forgot to mention that I love the mini-buffet in front of the window!

  10. I love rearranging rooms. It gives the house a fresh, new feel. Very soon my partner and I are moving south to a new state and a new rental property. I have made the decision that I am going to try to place as many pieces of furniture in a different room from where they were in the last house. It will be fn for the removal it’s when I keep saying that I don’t yet know what room I want something in!

  11. That’s one of my favorite children’s books! I do things kind of the same way.

    I like the idea of a bowl with crayons as a centerpiece. I’m not sure why, since I don’t have any children, but it seems like fun. I think I’d put a stack of drawing notebooks. I bet even adults would play if you did that.

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