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Say Hello to “Trophy”


The dresser with attitude is finally finished and photographed!

As a recap – this is what it looked like before…

missmustardseed-8 (534x800)

…this is what it looked like during (aka – the ugly stage)…

missmustardseed-2 (534x800)

…and here she is all finished!

MMSMP Trophy Dresser

You can read about how I dealt with the bleed through HERE and the striping technique HERE.  And if you’re the sort who is still aghast at me painting a piece of wood furniture, you can read my thoughts on the subject HERE.

This piece is a great example of how you never know what to expect when you work on a piece of furniture.  Sometimes everything goes as planned and sometimes it doesn’t.  This piece gave me lots of attitude and pushed me into the design she ended up with.  I love all of her imperfections and quirks…a declaration to the world that she was painted by hand, not a machine and that she is one of a kind.

MMSMP Trophy Dresser 6

MMSMP Trophy Dresser 3

I gave this piece a very light distressing on the edges, because there was already so much texture and variation going on that it just didn’t need much.  I also didn’t want to expose too much of the orangey-red wood.

MMSMP Trophy Dresser Distressing

The stripes were my way to camouflage the trim pieces that didn’t make a lot of design sense to me.

MMSMP Trophy Dresser 5

The “tortoise shell” knobs are from Hobby Lobby.

MMSMP Trophy Dresser 4

I originally thought this dresser was masculine, given the fact that it’s a highboy and has linear designs on the drawers and sides, but then I looked at the legs.  Yep.  This is a girl.  She may not be frilly, fussy or froo-froo, but she’s got curvy legs.

MMSMP Trophy Dresser Leg

I’ve enjoyed using my boots lately as a prop in some photos.  My husband bought them for me for Christmas last year and they are from LL Bean.

Miss Mustard Seed - LL Bean Boots

All of the trophies and silver on top are from antique stores.

Miss Mustard Seed  - Trophies & Alarm Clock

Miss Mustard Seed - Trophy

I was smitten with these cash register numbers when I found them.

Miss Mustard Seed - Register Numbers

The dresser was painted in MMSMP Trophy, which will be available to customers in November.  You can find the retailer closest to you HERE or an online retailer HERE.   I finished it off with two coats of Hemp Oil, which is also available with my milk paint line.

MMSMP Trophy Dresser 2

Now I need to work on her sisters.  I hope they are a bit more compliant!


By the way, MMSMP has arrived in Northern Ireland at Homeart!  So exciting!

I just got my passport a couple of weeks ago, so I can plan some international trips.   I also can’t wait to see a pin on the map in Australia.  We have a distributor there, but it’s going to take a bit of time to get the paint from Canada to Australia and then to the retailers in Australia and New Zealand.  If you’re in that neck of the woods and would like to sell the paint, just send me an e-mail and I’ll put you in touch with our distributor.


Lastly, congrats to Teri (teribroberg) and Dana, winners of the $50 Antique Farmhouse Giveaway!

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  1. As a store owner I’ve seen so many hand-painted pieces of furniture . . . this is one I’d like to have at my shop — or maybe my boy’s room : ) I thought it was cool in the earlier stages, and more so now. Love your ideas!

  2. Wanda Collins says:

    I love her! She should be named since she was so complainant maybe she should be called Ana…..LOL.. seriously though I love her and your work…I am a new fan of yours. I met MMS at Georgia’s Lakewood 400 Antique and Flea Market!

  3. Wanda Collins says:

    I love her! \Since she was so non -complainant, maybe she should be called Ana…..LOL.. seriously though I love her and your work…I am a new fan of yours. I met MMS at Georgia’s Lakewood 400 Antique and Flea Market!

    • Wanda Collins says:

      sorry I couldn’t edit my comment to make sense ,,,but it was supposed to be a humorous reference to Fifty Shades of Gray because well, it’s Gray and Ana because Ana’s character in the book was ..never mind it’s not as funny in print as it is in my head.

  4. I’m sorry, but I really thought the piece had a beautiful wood grain and should have been refinished as opposed to painted. This gray paint reminds me of a battleship, drab, boring, and ugly. It is a shame to cover up such beauty created from something natural. Again, I am sorry, but when I saw the before pictures I just could not believe how pretty this piece was and how it looks now.

  5. Shirley D says:

    I just don’t get it. It’s very busy looking, unsettled. Did you intend to make the stripes crooked toward the bottom? Or are we blaming the non compliant dresser. Crooked anything just unsettles me.

  6. Well, it’s all hand-done, so I like the imperfections that show that. It’s a personal preference thing and this look is definitely not going to appeal to everyone. :)

  7. Stephanie says:

    EEEK, you’re in Northern Ireland!!!
    I’ve been following your blog for over a year now but am having a massive catch up session this week whilst I’m on holiday (have caught up on your posts from May to now!) but I’m super excited to have read that you’ve just launched in my home country :) Have been toying with the idea of painting a wenge coloured chest of drawers in my guest room and this is definitely a sign I should!

  8. I love the perfect imperfections! Chippy weathered goodness! Thanks for all the inspiration!

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