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Meet Gwendolyn & Lost House Syndrome


 I have picked a winning name for the name that cow contest!  My newest, sweet little cow painting has been named…

Gwendolyn!  I kept looking at her and that’s just the name that stuck for me.  I’ve also always liked the name AND “Gwendolyn Penn” was a role I played in college and the name became my British alter ego when I was being an immature musical theatre major.  You know how they are.

missmustardseed-37 (534x800)

Anyway, I absolutely love all of the names suggested and thank everyone so much for taking the time to share your ideas with me and even some wonderful personal stories and pictures of you with your Holstein cows.  I love this one of Breida in her dairy whites with her cow, Verona.


#namethatcow at 2

Your comments will be a fun part of  Gwendolyn’s history, who, if I went with every suggested name I liked, would have a name longer than any of the British Royals.

missmustardseed-8 (534x800)

Many people suggested the name, but the first and the winner of the antique hemp sheet is…

Melinda Ann who said,  “She looks like a Gwendolyn or a Gabriella to me.”  Congratulations!

If you’re in love with Gwendolyn (maybe Gwendy or Gwen on some occasions) as much as I am, you can get a giclee print of her HERE.


I’m sure I’m not alone in this…  Me scrolling through listings for houses is as dangerous as a dog-lover going into the SPCA…just to look.  Of course, I always intend to just look, but then my heart starts to flutter and my mind starts to redecorate and next thing I know, I’m pulling up a mortgage calculator to see if it’s even possible and deciding what furniture I would sell if we moved.  It’s just silly, but it’s what happens to me when I look at houses.  Especially ones like this historic beauty…

…and stone houses with lots of property and barns…

…and old homes stunningly restored…

Sigh.  I know it’s just “lost house syndrome.”  I want to buy them all and enjoy giving them a makeover.

But then I sit back with a level head, knowing that the timing isn’t right to move and I remind myself that there will always be homes and farms and property for sale and one day, maybe, everything will be right for me and my family to call one of those “houses that makes my heart go all aflutter” home.

Tell me I’m not the only one with this syndrome…

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  1. Gwen howard says:

    I should have suggested that. It’s my name and Atlanta Zoo use to have a cow named gwen that I loved. Great name!

  2. Linda Petersen says:

    Congratulations to Melinda for winning the naming contest! Good job :0).
    Love dreaming about old houses & barns & all those good things~~~.Would love a big country kitchen with a farmhouse sink & a pantry large enough to put food & cooking supplies on one side & dishes, linens etc on the other. Floor to ceiling!
    Have a nice day~~~XO,

  3. Hopes and dreams are what keeps us going!

  4. You are not the only one. For years, I have kept pictures of houses from home decorating magazines pinned beside my desk or stuck on the side of the fridge. Now I have an album on Pinterest :) Beautiful houses make you dream and for people with a creative urge and ability to decorate, they make you imagine the grand possibilities. There is no harm in that and it always best to make sure you can take on any move. We are finally building a house that will encompass a good amount of what I want…stone, rich brown brick, a covered patio, a rich creamy vanilla kitchen all with a French country air. If I tried to put everything I like from every picture I have saved it would be impossible and soooo costly! I have to stay away from furniture stores because I want to put new things in the new house. I imagine many grand possibilities that are just not in the budget. So, I peek at Craigslist every once in awhile to see what bargains I might find and how I could remake them. When the time is right, you will know it and the perfect house will be waiting for your love and imagination.
    Best Regards,

  5. Gwendolyn is beautiful, both the painting and the name. It fits her perfectly. She has dreamy eyes and lovely lashes.

    You are not alone. I’ve been looking and houses and house plans for 30 years. We’ve lived in our current home for almost 27 years. We have made changes to this 80’s house to look like a home we dream of living in (an old farmhouse on acreage) but there is no way to create a creaky wooden floor on a slab foundation :( We still look and dream though. Who knows, it could still happen, but until it does I guess we will be content here and continue to create the vision of what we want. Dreaming is good for the soul and it ignites the creative fire within us.

    • I have creaky floors and dread the home inspection. Last house I owned, we had to fix every creak before we could sell the house, which had to pass COO inspection for the new owners.. Be careful what you wish for…..LOL
      In case you really want creaky floors, install plywood and use the wrong nails to hold them in place. The nails work loose and there you are. Piece-a-cake. (((Big grin)))))

  6. Jennifer says:

    Uh Oh, your hubby needs to watch out! It seems like whenever you start “looking” at things they somehow become a reality — sooner rather than later!!!! :o) Beautiful homes in your area though – I can only imagine how you would transform one! Get your moving boxes ready!

  7. Wish I had those eye lashes. That’s a come-hither look if I’ve ever seen one…

  8. With you all the way! Love charming, historic homes too!!

  9. I’m with Greer- gone are the days when I used to have plentiful eyelashes!
    Say, I am beginning to reclaim my daughter’s bedroom (she was married last May) and am looking forward to transforming it into a lady’s sitting room, or ‘boudoir’. I have a lovely old waterfall vanity with huge round mirror, and a metal daybed. Our house is 100 years old, built in the craftsman style, with natural woodwork. The ceilings are slanted and there is one window, overlooking our woods. Any suggestions or inspirations out there?
    My daughter painted the walls a wonderful combination of scrunched and swirled colors that give it the illusion of rose petals and dark chocolate :) it darkens the room, but I would like to use some of it as an accent.

  10. Oh, my GOODNESS!!! When I read your blog on house-loving, I had to do a blog of my own on how long this has been going on with me. I’m glad to know you melt when you see a house that needs love. Me, too. Love your blog – thank you!

  11. Gwendolyn…how cute!

    Le sigh, I do the lost home search almost daily. I even do it with all of those great stone houses and barns in York when I visit my in-laws. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone, however, I really need to adopt your sensibility and wait for the future and be more productive with my present time! :-)

  12. P.S. You COULD buy and renovate different kinds of homes for your business, a la Sarah Richardson…..just saying……:-)

  13. Dawn Bradfield says:

    I also used to have the same syndrome of looking at other homes. We were having a family dinner at our new house 9 yrs ago and before the blessing I remarked how this house was not my dream house but it would do for a while. My youngest son, who was 7 at the time, said “Of course it’s not your dream home, Mama, your dream home is in heaven.” Wow! He put it into perspective for me and helped me realize that whatever house we were in should be the house I make into our home as a refuge and a haven for my family. I love our home and will continue to transform it into my “dream home” here on earth.

    If I ever feel that feeling coming back, I help friends find their home and decorate them. So much more fun when it’s someone else’s money. My husband likes that strategy also.

  14. melanie says:

    After so many months searching the internet, which is how we found the place we are living in now, it is almost a habit to look. That ‘s why I watch HGTV, to see what others go through in their search. Also, as electrical contractors, I have a different point of view. My husband can’t understand why I like to watch remodeling shows.

  15. Marian, boy I knew we were kindred souls, but I had no idea that we shared the same sickness;) I too want to rescue old houses and give them the love they deserve….and I too imagine what furniture(mine, yours, some one else’s, etc) would really make the house come to life. I love old things, they have soul and character…and I am a fixer(nuturer) by nature. If you ever do get a farmhouse, I will donate to that cause because it would give us all lots of joy too!! Love those houses!

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