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Apron Strings Dresser Reveal


When I last showed the dresser painted in MMSMP Apron Strings, it looked like this…

missmustardseed-32 (800x534)

…and this is how it started out…

missmustardseed-15 (800x534)

…and here is how it looks now…

missmustardseed-59 (534x800)

First off the color looks a little bit more raspberry than coral on this piece, but I love how it turned out.  It’s spunky, vibrant and fun.

missmustardseed-60 (534x800)

I think most of you know, but the cherry blossom design is hand painted, not a stencil.

missmustardseed-61 (534x800)

missmustardseed-69 (534x800)

missmustardseed-68 (534x800)

See the crackling in the top right corner?  That’s just some paint stripper that wasn’t totally washed off.  I love the look and may have to do it on purpose at some point!

missmustardseed-67 (534x800)

I originally tried clear glass knobs, and those looked fine, but I tried these amber ones I picked up from Target on clearance and they brought it to a new level.  They were perfect.

missmustardseed-64 (800x534)

missmustardseed-63 (534x800)

missmustardseed-58 (534x800)

It really is amazing how much distressing a piece and applying a finish can bring a piece to life.  This piece was distressed with 80 grit sand paper by hand and finished with one coat of Hemp Oil.

missmustardseed-54 (534x800)

The MMSMP color, Apron Strings, will be available in November, but you can preorder it from several of our online retailers (and I’m sure your local retailer will do that for you as well.

Anyway, I kept the styling for the shoot colorful and “artsy”…

missmustardseed-65 (534x800)

missmustardseed-75 (534x800)

Of course, I had to use my book as a prop, along with Barb Blair’s and Ana White’s.  I can’t wait to add more books by my blog friends to the ranks.

missmustardseed-76 (534x800)

missmustardseed-62 (534x800)

The large balls of rags are from Decor Steals

missmustardseed-55 (534x800)

missmustardseed-66 (534x800)

…and I bought the prize-winning horse head by artist Mollie Greene from Barb Blair’s Etsy shop.

missmustardseed-56 (534x800)

missmustardseed-57 (534x800)

We just packed this dresser and everything else into our van and trailer.  It’s a full load, but it all fit.  Our van is old, so we could use prayers for safe travels tomorrow as we drive 800 miles to Alabama.

I look forward to meeting all of those who can make it to The Chapel Market on Saturday (October 19).  You can see a preview of some other things I am bringing HERE.

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  1. LOVE this color!

  2. Monica in Littlestown says:

    I’ve had lots of “favorites” here, but I think this one tops them all. She is beautiful :) Have a safe trip!

  3. Karen J says:

    Wish you were my nearby BFF. My house would be full of your goodies and my wallet would be empty.

  4. traci says:

    That paper mache horse head is so cute. Did you make that, too? I like the dresser with the dark wax!

  5. Deb Miller says:

    . . . and I can’t wait to see YOu at Chapel Market! Soooo excited to meet you and the other bloggers who so inspire me!

  6. The dresser is lovely in the gorgeous new colour. Safe travels and lots of fun on your trip to The Chapel Market, Marian.

  7. Kristi says:

    Gorgeous! And those balls are fabulous and a must have! I hope Decor Steals carries them again.

    Safe travels and cheers for a successful and fun market!

  8. Wow! That is an amazing transformation. Very creative. I love the colors!


  9. Emily B. says:

    Love both the new pieces! Going to do something similar with my grannie’s antique vanity.

    Praying for the best for you this weekend. We own a 98′ red dodge ram van. It’s been through about a billion things, including being stolen and left on the lake unlocked without any damage for over a month. We have prayed over that thing time and time again, and God keeps it tickin. Prayer works!

  10. Hope your trip is safe and awesome! Cant wait to read a post about it.

  11. I love the styling! Your choices were so perfect- complimented but not overwhelmed and hi-lighted the color. Great choices.

  12. Looking forward to seeing this beauty on Saturday and meeting you after four years of blogging. I will be sure to pray that y’all have a safe trip down here. See ya Saturday at the chapel!!


  13. Beautiful work!! What is the price you are selling it for?? Prayers for safe travel and success.

  14. I absolutely LOVE it! I love looking at painted pieces, but I don’t normally go for the painted pieces… at least not for my own home… and definitely not red pieces. But this one speaks to me, and I could easily see it living in my house if I had room for it. I’m not sure why exactly, maybe it’s the painted cherry blossoms and the rich wood top… But I definitely love it.

  15. Oh my – this is very pretty – unusual & such a lovely colour!!

  16. So whimsical yet refined. Love it Marian!

  17. WoW! Well worth the turned out beautiful. Love the hand painted flowers. I am a bit intimidated by that …I always think the scale will be wrong or uneven. But I suppose it is whimsical and creative and I should just go with that!

    Safe trip to Alabama. My store if off exit 238 on 65 South…Alabaster. We are about 90 min from Montgomery…see you on Saturday!

  18. Sandy V says:

    Whimsy! Dresser is awesome, and you are brilliant and humble and so fun to follow. Have you ever tried handpainting with a diluted paint so that the art on the furniture has a more whitewashed effect? I don’t even know if that is possible…but if it is, you, out of anyone, could rock it.

  19. This color is Fab!! Your blog is very inspiring!!

  20. Susan says:

    OMgolly! This dresser is fantastic! I want to add a room onto my house just for it and build all the rest around it! You are so talented and fearless!! I LOVE your stuff!!!

  21. Have a great and safe weekend! I’m sure you’ll sell out! You have lots of amazing pieces to offer..this one included!

  22. Nice job! Beautiful color.

  23. vicki says:

    YOUR work blows my mind!!!!

  24. Colette Johnston says:

    Oh, I love how it turned out! You have inspired me to paint a piece in the red family!

  25. That is stunning!!! I absolutely love that color!

  26. Renae says:

    Stunning and Unique!

  27. Anita Ward says:

    Can’t wait to get the Apron Strings color, I love the dresser you used it on. I just received the Luckett’s Greem from one of the online retailers and am excited about using it on a little antique table. Will use some of the tips you gave when you did that gorgeous dresser! Absolutely love, love your blog and your products. Also contacted Barb Blair when I saw that she is in my area here in SC! Just waiting to hear from her!

  28. Shanda Davidson says:

    So excited about market this weekend! It’s only about an hour from my house. I already told the hubs I’m taking his big SUV so that I can pack it full. He wasn’t all that happy because I just came back from Tennessee with a load full. Oh, well, that’s how it goes!

  29. So darling i love it, it would be so cute in my entry!

  30. CindyK says:

    Ya’ll are lifted up in prayer for a safe trip.

    And I love the color. Pure fun! Thank you so much for sharing how to do the art work too, I can’t wait to try it.

    Have a wonderful time!

  31. Love how this dresser turned out!
    By the way, I am sure you will have great sales at the show in Alabama.

  32. Love this color!! Is it a coral color? That’s the color I see on my screen.

  33. Lesli Cryer says:

    My nine-year-old says, “She has the cutest eye!! I love how the trees tie it all together!”

  34. Oh how beautiful Marian!…just love the color and the design…you always stage your furniture pieces so fabulously and love how you coordinated the chalkboard art with the dresser…and the “award winning horse” is fantastic!

  35. Oh…and hit send too soon….Safe travels Marian and have a most successful market..wish I was able to go!

  36. There are PENCILS?? You never told us there were PENCILS?!?! Some of us have a very serious thing for stationery and writing utensils, you know…

    i need an MMS pencil.


  37. LOVE IT!!! It’s such a happy color!!

  38. What a cool color. The white painting does the trick.

    Who wouldn’t want to own such a beautiful piece of furniture?

  39. Carrie-Lee Hurzeler says:

    Do you think this look can be done with a dresser where the drawers aren’t flush with the main body of the dresser?

  40. This color is amazing! I love the shape of the legs. You mentioned striper, I was wondering if you sanded afterwards or if you just wash and paint?
    Keep sharing, I love your stuff.
    Miss Ellie

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