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Some of my finds | Light in the Basement


I went out yesterday to do some shopping for my online shop and the Chapel Market coming up soon in Pike Road, Alabama.  October 19, to be exact.  Anyway, here are some things I found…

…some 1950’s horse ribbons…

missmustardseed-72 (534x800)

…a glass water bottle in a wooden crate (I’ve seen these made into killer lamps)…

missmustardseed-73 (800x534)

missmustardseed-75 (534x800)

…a pretty piece of wood trim…

missmustardseed-76 (800x534)

…lots and lots of ironstone…

missmustardseed-78 (534x800)

…some flow blue plates and a “cow bowl”, which is exactly what it said on the tag…

missmustardseed-79 (534x800)

missmustardseed-80 (800x534)

missmustardseed-81 (534x800)

…a beautiful French chair (of course, I’m going to reupholster it)…

missmustardseed-82 (534x800)

(That’s just a tapestry-like fabric, by the way, not needle point, so don’t freak out.)

missmustardseed-83 (534x800)

The frame is very sturdy, though, and the wood is gorgeous…

missmustardseed-84 (534x800)

…this cane French chair…

missmustardseed-85 (534x800)

…oh, she’s a beauty.  Her seat is a little saggy, but we won’t hold that against her, will we?  (After all, we’ll all have saggy seats one day…)

missmustardseed-86 (534x800)

missmustardseed-87 (534x800)

…this adorable mini wagon…

missmustardseed-88 (534x800)

missmustardseed-89 (534x800)

missmustardseed-90 (800x534)

I also found some homespun fabric, linen towels and a few other things.  It was a productive trip!  I don’t know when I’ll get more things listed in the online shop.  It’s tedious to photograph, measure and write about everything in order to post it and then I have to process, pack and ship the orders.  So, I’ll likely put things in here and there and it won’t ever be this huge shop, but a little thing on the side.  That’s the plan, anyway.


And today, my husband had a couple of guys over to help him with wiring florescent lights in the old part of the basement.  This space was dank and smelly, dark and dirty when we first moved in and it’s come a looooong way.  Most recently, we painted the walls and floor and then I’ve been purging and organizing the heck out of it.  It was looking better, but it was still really dark down there; lit by just a few single bulbs.  A few people suggested painted the ceiling, which would be awesome, but totally impractical with all of the cross beams and wire nests and pipes.  It would take days and days to get it all done and, honestly, I just don’t think it’s worth it. There are more fun things to paint in the world than my basement ceiling.  This is never going to be a pretty basement.  I just need it to be a functional one.

missmustardseed-26 (800x534)

So, they hung 12 florescent shop lights and it is amazing how bright that space is now.  I had to vacuum right away, because I could actually SEE how dirty everything still was, even after all of our cleaning and organizing.

We are going to make a screen for the boiler & water heater, so those aren’t visible, but otherwise we’re all set.  Once the stash of stuff for the Chapel Market is moved out, I’ll have space to paint, upholstery and create down there.

missmustardseed-91 (800x534)

missmustardseed-92 (800x534)

missmustardseed-93 (534x800)

Laundry even seems a little less like something I want to avoid at all cost. Well, maybe I won’t go that far, but it is nicer.

missmustardseed-94 (800x534)

missmustardseed-95 (800x534)

missmustardseed-96 (800x534)

missmustardseed-97 (534x800)

missmustardseed-98 (534x800)

I never thought I would walk down to the basement, lean against a pole and just linger there…soaking in the space.  But I have been this evening.

It is a far cry from the studio space of my dreams, but for now, I am thrilled to have it.

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  1. Your laundry area reminds me of a laundry area I had seen made over. In case you get the hankering to attack that area, this might give you some inspiration:

  2. I have a question that is not really about your post. It seems that whenever I use polycrylic over white painted furniture, and I just use the lightest coat, it still seems to yellow in spots. Why is that? I am so frustrated. Thank you in advance.

  3. Paula J says:

    um, WOW!!!

    I LoveLoveLove the bank of wire racks! I think you just solved my never ending space issue for our walk-in attic. Two or three should do the trick for me.

    You rock!

  4. LoveLoveLove your website, your style…came across it when at the Hobnob Market site, and will be back very soon! (I’m at work…)
    : )

  5. Oh yeah… it’s like a gabillion times better! and the space looks so totally functional now. Cute seeing your folded laundry in the pink chair too. I can’t believe you found that cow bowl – and those chairs are insanely wonderful… oh my gosh!


  6. I just showed my husband your space. So jealous. We desperately need to organize all the junk. I only have our garage (which is small for a 2 car garage anyway) and a tiny studio. So tough to store everything efficiently before a show!! Someday…..

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