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New Product Photos


I have a confession to make.  When I announced last spring that I was coming out with a milk paint line, I thought it would be a fun little side thing.  I was wrong.  It’s become a huge, overwhelming, awesome thing.  The line that carries my brand and color designs is now carried in over 200 locations in the US, Canada and Europe (and hopefully Australia soon!)  So, after a year of me pretending like it’s this little thing, I have finally realized that it’s a big thing and I need to treat it like that.  Welcome to the party, Marian, right?

Taking my line and brand more seriously meant not doing everything myself in a “this is just a small thing” fashion.  This included getting photos of the products captured from a different perspective.  I didn’t want anything that looked the slightest bit corporate.  I wanted the customers (or potential customers) to get a sense of what the product is and the heart behind it.  It’s powdered and has to be mixed with water.  It’s 100% natural.  It’s a paint that gives pieces a nostalgic, old feel, even when it’s not chipping.  It’s a paint that’s been around for hundreds of years.  The colors are vintage-inspired.

As I thought through the things I wanted to convey through pictures, I knew immediately the photographer I wanted to ask –

One of the most talented stylists and budding photographers I know…

Maria of the blog Dreamy Whites.

Dreamy Whites

So, I put my feelers out to see if she would even be interested in the job.  Everything came together…she was excited about it, I was excited about it and we got to work putting together a shot list, sending her the products and props for the shots.  She captured exactly what I wanted to convey.

In the shot list, we included pictures of the paint as it looks on the shelf, so customers know to look for a bag, not a can.





Shots showing that the paint comes in powdered form…








Pictures of the paint being mixed with water…










…of the pieces being painted with the milk paint…





…and, as a bonus, she included pictures of pieces painted in my colors…

The door is Grain Sack, the pitcher is French Enamel and the chair is Lucketts Green.


Maria used six colors in this picture…can you find them all?  (I think she became a milk paint fan in the process!)



The door is Ironstone and the bench is Boxwood…






So beautiful, right?  I’m so glad I stepped out of the DIY-everything zone and asked Maria to help me show off my products through her pictures.  She blew me away.

And she’s inspired me to take more time on photographs of the products that I do myself (because I still will, of course!)…

missmustardseed-7 (800x535)

Wax Pucks (534x800) (534x800)

Hemp Oil (534x800) (534x800)

If you’d like to know more about Maria (and drool over more of her photography), you can follow her blog, Dreamy Whites.  She also has an amazing online shop where you can buy many props she uses in her home and photo shoots, like the grain sack apron her daughters were wearing.

French Farmhouse Styled Red Striped Grain Sack Apron Special Order

If you’d like to find an MMS Milk Paint retailer near you, here is a full list of our retailers.  If you want to shop online, check out our Online Retailers page.  If you just want more information, visit our website.

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  1. Oh my goodness, of course I still LOVE Lucketts. It is one of my favorite places in the world. I just couldn’t keep up with the demand of selling in such a fast place retail location, so I had to resign. You can read about it here… We still have retailers in that area, though, and you can find a full listing here…

  2. Darlene Duncan says:

    I love your product but find it hard to get in my area the one person that has it only has limited amounts. I was wondering how to be come a distributor for your product?

    Hope your day was beautiful

  3. I am drooling over these. I’m so glad to hear of your success with your product line. Having just launched a craft myself, I’m really conscious of how my images portray what my product is and how to use it. These shots are truly inspiring. Thank you! And best of luck with it all!

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