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Furniture Feature Friday – Link Party & Favorites

I’m sneaking away a few minutes with my laptop while on vacation to introduce you to my guest-picker tonight.  I met Breida of Breida with a B a couple of years ago when she came to the Lucketts Fair.  She sent me an e-mail letting me know she was attending the fair and would be sharing about it on social media.  Breida asked, very politely, if I would like to share that with my readers, so they can follow along.  I’ll be totally honest here and say that I was skeptical about linking up to a blogger I didn’t know.  I take the links I put in my posts seriously and I don’t want to send my readers somewhere I wouldn’t want to go myself.  So, I checked out her blog and I was sucked in.  That happens with a good blog.  Breida has such a way with words and I enjoyed her writing, photography and decorating style.
At Lucketts, the plan to share the event on social media was foiled by technical difficulties, so Breida shopped the first day and hung out with me the second.  We literally sat in lawn chairs together most of the day, since my tent was almost empty.  We’ve been blog buds ever since and I’m so happy to have her here tonight as a guest picker. Here she is…
(By the way, if you have trouble spelling her name, I’ve come to think of her as “I before E except in Breida.)

So. Marian is away on vacation. If you’ve been following her blog for any length of time you are undoubtedly saying to yourself, “Phew! Thank goodness she’s finally taking some time off!” And the truth of the matter is that I’m away on vacation, too. But, you know, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to step into the shoes of The Mustard Seed, even if only for a few minutes. I promise that I cleaned the beach sand off my feet before I put them on.

Let me tell you, leafing through the entries at Furniture Feature Friday (as a casual observer) is quite a bit different than being the one in charge. . . but here goes!

I chose this desk from Angie at Postcards from the Ridge because it’s beautiful, but also because it might make peace between the wood purists and the wood painters. Definitely go over to Angie’s blog to see the before and after of the not-painted wood top of this desk. I might have said that it was beyond rescue – but I would have been wrong. Amazing results and an outstanding paint finish accented with hand applied metallic accents.



This is, no doubt, not the first Union Jack treatment that you’ve seen. This little dresser from Refunk My Junk, was a garbage rescue (those are sometimes the most rewarding, right?) I like it because it’s a bit different than most of the others. Do you see a trend developing? I am a big fan of neutral colors. I also like this because of the relative simplicity of the design. This is doable. You can do this!



For my third choice, I’m popping right out of my neutral shell to give you a splash of color. Danielle, from antique recreation, tried out Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint for the first time on this little washstand! How do you feel about Kitchen Scale? I love the combination of the colors in the staging of the photo. Blue is not top of my list of favorite colors but make it turquoise and throw in a topless, rusty, red tool box? I’m yours!

It truly was a daunting task to choose just three pieces to feature. So many different styles and so much talent! If you’ll stop by my Facebook page and do a little scrolling – you’ll see that I’ve featured a whole bunch more of the eye candy you all submitted. Feel free to hit the “like” button while you’re there! Delving deeply into Furniture Feature Friday has really given me the itch to break out my own paint. I’ve been sitting on a bag of MMS Typewriter for a while now. . . waiting for just the right piece.

I’m sending out a big THANK YOU to all of you that submitted and to Marian as well for letting me wear her shoes for just a little while. I hope I didn’t get them too sandy!

(I didn’t know I was asking a vacationer to fill in on my vacation!  Too funny.  Bloggers and their computers…)
Anyway, If you like Breida’s picks and would like to learn more about her, you can follow her on her blog, Breida with  B.  She has some great stuff going on like this farmhouse bathroom reveal and some other cool upcoming projects.
Here are the rules for our furniture get-together…
1.) Your post has to be about furniture. Please, please, please…just furniture. If you find your link has been deleted, it’s not because I’m mean, it’s because your post was not about furniture. You can share makeovers, awesome finds, favorite pieces, furniture arrangements, or even pieces on your wish list! Built-in furniture like kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities qualify as furniture.
2.) Post a permalink (the link to the post), not the link to your blog.
3.) This party will close Friday at midnight PST and I will choose my favorite(s) and feature their piece(s) on next week’s FFF. Enjoy the party!

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  1. Holy cow! Thanks for the feature Breida and Marian! I’m so honored and glad you liked the desk redo! And hopefully the wood lovers and furntiure painters can call a truce on this one! Thanks again! ~ Angie

  2. Thanks for hosting, Marian and Breida! Cool features, great to meet another blogger. :)

  3. Thanks for hosting! This is my favorite blog, the one that got me started on all things DIY and I finally got the first spot! Nerding out a little bit over here! :)

    • Hi Erika – I actually featured your piece from last week on my FB page tonight – but I couldn’t find a FB page for you. Do you have one? I was trying to tag you and let you know – but I could’t find you. :)

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my Union Jack dresser! I absolutely love this piece and LOVE being featured on Miss Mustard Seed! Thank you!!!!!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting! I’m not a furniture painter. Truly I am just trying. And trying. And linked up my trying attempt …

    But you, my amazing virtual inspirational friend, have empowered me to reach beyond my comfort zone! You are an inspiration!

    :) Linda

  6. Thanks for hosting Marian! I love looking at all the unique things people post each week, as well as sharing some of my treasures!

  7. Wow, some really nice features. That must be quite a chore to choose just 3. Thanks for the party.

  8. WOW! I am surprised and honored to be featured! Thank you Breida and Marian! There were SO many wonderful projects, I’m sure it was a difficult choice! Thanks again, and I hope you’re both having wonderful vacations!

  9. Wow! Such pretty features! I’ve have nothing to share today, but I wanted to pop in to take a look. Wishing all a pretty weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  10. Thanx for hosting! Hope you have a great weekend. Been enjoying your vacation updates on FB.

  11. Thank you indeed for hosting!

  12. Thanks for the party! I hope you had a great vacation!

  13. Thanks for hosting! Enjoy the weekend!

  14. I have had so much fun blog hopping. Thanks for hosting.

  15. Thank you so much for hosting, great opportunity to find some new and fun blogs to follow not to mention an amazing way to help grow my own blog!

  16. Hey Breida and Marian!

    Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  17. Simply beautiful little desk. As a wood purist myself I have to admit the wood painters certainly have an eye for detail and finish.Will certainly keep an eye on future projects.

  18. Some cool looking stuff. Would love to know what you guys think about our outdoor furniture Cosh Living

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