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The Original


I had a conversation with my husband last night that went something like this…

“Oh!  I think I forgot to tell you about the new dining set.”

“Oh no…”

“No, this is really cool.”

“Well, I heard the words dining set, so…”

In case you haven’t been reading my blog for a while, we are on dining set #5 in as many years and this story is about dining set #6.  Why so many dining sets?  Well, set #1 was given to us for free and I knew I wanted to replace it when we could afford to.  (I don’t have a picture of set #1.)  I held a yard sale and sold some things on e-bay to buy set # 2 off Craig’s List.  The table in Carlisle, PA and the matching chairs in Richmond, VA.  I only had the set for about a year and someone coming to buy a sofa from me, ending up buying the dining set as well!

I cried, but I got over it when I found set #3 a few days later.

Selling dining room #2 was a big step in preparing me for the life of a furniture refinisher/antiques dealer.  I knew that furniture coming and going was just going to be a part of it and I needed to be okay with that.  Well, over the past few years I’ve not only become okay with it, but I’ve embraced it fully.  Our house is a revolving door for off-cast furniture that gets spruced up and then sent to a new home.  It’s like furniture foster care.  So, I made the decision as I was preparing for Lucketts a few years ago that I would sell dining set #3.

This brings in dining set #4…

This one holds the record at 2 years in my possession.  While I loved all of these sets, they weren’t 100% what I wanted and I knew that.  I would slowly stroll past the dining set, lingering, looking, envisioning and I always knew what I wanted – a farm table and oval-back French caned chairs.  Kind of like this…

071 copy


092 copy


This is my Aunt Susan’s dining set that I snapped some pictures of when we visited a couple of years ago.  Since I knew set #4 wasn’t 100% what I wanted, I put it up for sale.  Guess who bought it?  My Aunt Susan!  She bought it for my cousin who’s getting married this fall.

So, I was without a dining set.  I had been hunting for oval-back French caned chairs for years and only managed to find a pair with the cane punched out.  I was resigned to the fact that I was going to have to shell out more than I usually do and buy them new from Restoration Hardware.  At $199/piece, that was really hard for me.  I had the money saved, I had the chairs in my shopping cart on their website, I had the okay from the hubby, but I just couldn’t do it.  I looked at Craig’s List one last time and found these…

DSC_9879 (424x640)

Sturdy, vintage oval back french chairs for $300 for four.  I jumped on those so fast!  They were perfect!!

DSC_0993 (398x640)

I had them professionally stripped and now they are waiting for me to finish them.  Now for a table…  the table that’s currently in there (#5) is a farm table that didn’t sell at Lucketts in May.  It’s not really what I want, but I had a big hole in my dining room and a table that didn’t sell, so I just plopped it in there for now.

So, this brings me to the really cool story about dining room set #6…

My aunt Susan mentioned to my mom that she was selling her dining set and my mom mentioned it to me.  She had two dining sets, so I wasn’t really sure which one she was referring to.  I immediately asked my mom to text her to see what set she was referring to.  You probably guessed it…it was THE set.  The farm table and six oval back cane chairs.  The one that was my inspiration all along.  I was hoping for something like it. I never dreamed I would get the original.  I WANT IT!  I WANT IT!!!  And she sold it to me at the same price I sold her my old dining set, so it ends up being an even trade.  Of course, it’s in South Carolina, so we have to figure out a way to get it here, but that’s a small detail when we’re dealing with a farm table and French chairs.

071 copy

I’m over the moon about it.  And my husband actually thought it was pretty cool, too.  I’d like to find some cool chairs for either end, but I don’t quite have enough room for full-sized wing chairs like Susan had.  I’ll figure something out.

This does bring my oval back French cane chair total to 10, though.  Well…12 when you include the two with the punched out seats in my basement.  Oh well.  A person cannot have too many oval back French cane chairs.

My husband thinks a person can.


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  1. Marian,

    You don’t know me, but we ARE kindred spirits. Thanks for the affirmation that my dining table/chair quests aren’t completely insane. :)

  2. This is the beauty of real wood furniture. If you get bored with a specific design, you can always strip the table and refinish at a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new dining room set. Or, like Marian had a lot of luck with, scouring Craigslist and second-hand stores to find pre-loved dining room sets and customizing to your needs.

  3. I am still on the dining table quest! Be thankful you did not press the button to buy the RH chairs though. I bought four of their chairs and they all came damaged. I tried an exchange and not only did it take three weeks but they came damaged also. I wanted to cry. I had hoped to buy a table from them but not any more. I returned them all. Now I am searching Craigslist :) save some money and see what I am actually purchasing. Oh, the elusive perfect dining set!

  4. I would LOVE to know the dimensions of your table… if you don’t mind.
    I’m searching for this exact table!!!! I have six chairs and I want them to have enough elbow room for their visitors when they come to visit and sit at her. Thanks!

  5. Linda Jarraf says:

    I have the exact same wing back chairs & would love to use them at the dining table. Need to have them recovered.

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