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Say Hello to Artissimo


It’s time to say hello to one of my new MMS Milk Paint colors – Artissimo…


It’s a deep, rich, yummy navy blue inspired by the P Kaufmann fabric used in my bedroom…





I just love it and can’t wait until I have the time and a piece to paint in it!  (Actually, I did paint one, but the color was looking washed out in the photos.)  So, to be more accurate, I can’t wait to paint another piece!  Since I’m a bit strapped for time this summer, I turned to the amazingly talented Abbe Doll of All Dolled Up to introduce this color for me.  I love the way the warmth of the wood shows through Artissimo.



…and there’s a little Shutter Gray surprise when you open it up.  Don’t you love the little wood drawer?  Clever little design touch, I think.

 Thanks so much, Abbe.  You are truly an artist.

Artissimo, along with two of our other new colors – Dried Lavender and Eulalie’s Sky, are in production right now and should be in the hands of our retailers any day now.  You can order from a retailer ONLINE or ask your LOCAL RETAILER to order the color(s) you’d like to try.


Now, a little bit of business.  I must apologize, because I’m terrible at picking and announcing winners for my giveaways.  I need to stay on top of that.  So sorry!  I do always announce winners in a post AND send an e-mail, so if you every win, you will receive an e-mail from me.

The winners of the Decor Steals $50 giveaway are…

Suzanne (ssblack58) and Tasia (idofaces56)!

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  1. Such a beautiful color for all us blue lovers, great job. Want to use soon. tx

  2. Ivena Dehl says:

    it’s the perfect dark wash blue jean color! Need for my some of my son’s bedroom furniture pieces!! Love it, all dolled up did a wonderful job!

  3. I die, where was this color 2 months ago when I painted my dining table? (I love the flow blue I used, but what I really wanted was navy!) Maybe I should paint navy over the flow blue so it flakes back to both wood and the flow blue, would those colors work together?

  4. peggy huff says:

    LOVE this luscious navy. The Artissimo is preciouels with the softness of the Shutter Grey. I mostly LOVE the depth of the paint on this desk. I wish I could think of a word to describe more accurately, but the blue DEEP! Does that make sense?
    Anyway it is wondrous. Eager to ‘meet’ the other new colors.

  5. Another beautiful secretary desk. Love it!

    -Brittany Ruth

  6. This is the perfect shade of blue for teaming with warm (dare I even say, amber-ish) timber tones which is why it looks so great distressed with some of the wood poking through!

  7. I love it Marian and great work by All Dolled Up!!

  8. Love it! Great for the fall! Can’t wait to get it for my next project. Need the red first : )

  9. Such a lovely shade! x

  10. Alice says:

    I am not a blue person but I may be now. So pretty!

  11. I was wondering where you found plate hangers that would hold large platters?? I can’t find them large enough.

    • Stephanie says:

      I was just at Hobby Lobby last night and found all different sizes of plate hangers. I bought the ones that stick to the back of the plate vs the kind that actually attach around the plate. I know they had a size large enough to hold a platter in the sticky back type.

  12. Janette says:

    I love the new blue. I’m hoping you will come out with a dark brown. You just can’t find good dark colors. Mel’s in Spokane, WA is closing, do you know if anyone else is going to sell your paint here?

  13. I am IN LOVE with this color. Navy is my favorite. It was one of the reasons I was drawn to your blog – since you have a lovely way of incorporating pretty blues, navies and whites into your home!

  14. That is such a rich and lovely color! I look forward to seeing it on something you paint!

  15. Marcie says:


    Are you aware that your Allstate advertisement is in Japanese?

    PS – Love the new color!

  16. Carrie - Curate | by Carrie Corson says:

    Artissimo is absolutely lovely! It’s even more rich & deep dark blue than I expected! Just perfect. It’s EXACTLY the color I have searching for to paint an old apothecary cabinet that I have been waiting to add to our kitchen/dining area. I can’t wait to be able to purchase it! Don’t suppose I can get it by the weekend;). I’m ready for a painting party.
    I just adore the pop of grey inside this little hutch too.

  17. Nancy says:

    Gorgeous color.

  18. Gorgeous, classic color!

  19. Marti says:

    I can’t decide which I’m more excited about, Artissimo or Lavendar!! WOW!!!

  20. Yvette Gray says:

    This color is glorious! Very statement making.

  21. That is a gorgeous, yummy, rich, blue! Wow! I’m in love with this new color!


  22. this color is so beautiful!! Abbe really made it come to life in her piece.

  23. Phyllis says:

    R-I-C-H……only way to describe it. I love it.

  24. A new favorite!

  25. Mouse says:

    Stunning piece! Love the color.

  26. Mallory says:

    This is my FAVORITE MMMP thus far. I am dying to be able to buy it/. I have the perfect stand waiting to be painting in it with a nautical compass on top.

  27. Simply gorgeous!

  28. Love the new color but my question is totally unrelated to this:). Are you still wearing your Up bracelet? Did you find it useful? Thanks.

    • Yep, I wear it every day and night still and I do find it very helpful. It makes me aware of how active I am, what kind of calorie deficit I have and what kind of sleep I’m getting it. It’s definitely more of a guide and not 100% accurate, but I really like it.

  29. This is GORGEMUNDO (I’m sure that’s a word right?!*) I can so see this with some pewterish ???? color that I know you must have in our military home. LOVE. Ooooohhhhh….with a red interior. OK, so I have a vivid imagination but I’m seeing an entry piece in this with a pewter rub and crimson interior. YUM! Getting to actually go to one of your events is on my summer bucket list. We are a USMC family living in Maryland with a lab and a neurotic great dane and usually our weekends involve dropping off a teen rocker at performance music school in Maryland and picking her up but she is in Alaska for the summer so please, please, PLEASE tell me there is something that I can attend this summer when I might be able to finagle it…. I desperately need two bachelor’s chests for our master bedroom and wouldn’t it be GRAND if I found them at Luckett’s!

    • I know this is old but did you end up doing anything like this with that color….pewter rub, red interior? Sounds perfect!

  30. Connie says:

    Love, love, love it!! Gorgeous!

  31. Nancy says:

    This is PERFECT for me! Do you ship to Australia????



  32. I have the perfect piece for this color!

  33. Kathryn says:

    I think we’re seeing a move from the all white trend to more color (again). Interesting how things change up and circle around. I also like the color. Very American/colonial

  34. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous color. I love several of them, but this one is LUCIOUS!

  35. Love the richness of this color. Love the piece that is showing off this color. Fabulous! again :)
    I could see kitchen cabs done is this color…in a beach cabin…a nautical theme, OH MY YES!

  36. Melissa says:

    I scored 6 dining room chairs at a moving sale this weekend, that will look gorgeous in Artissimo. I wasn’t sure what color I was going to paint them until I seen the desk from All Dolled up, what a beautiful color of blue. Thanks for the inspiration.

  37. I absolutely love it and am completely sold. I’ve been looking for the right shade of navy for our dining room and this is it. 100%! When do you think the retailers will have it?

  38. What a fantastic color….I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  39. Ashley Ez says:

    I was planning a navy and grey nursery for our soon to be son, and THIS is officially the inspiration color. Will be on a long 9 drawer dresser. Definitely statement color.


  40. This is such a gorgeous color ~ I can’t wait to try it! Thank you!

  41. Cheryl says:

    I love this blue too. Reminds me of a big sky midnight blue. Wonder if it would work over a wine color on my pie safe…hmm.

  42. I can’t get enough of blues! I love it!

  43. JulieD says:

    Anybody know of an online retailer that has this now? I’m vamping up an old dresser (turning it into a console station for our living room) and this would be perfect for it.

  44. I love, love, love Artissimo! Abbe Doll did such a beautiful debuting your newest color. Cute piece!

  45. Suzanne says:

    MMS, Thank you and DecorSteals so very much for the prize. I had to reread the e-mail several times because I could not believe that I had won. So excited! I ordered the MMS July feature , the olive bucket, today and cannot wait for it to arrive. I’ve ordered several items from DecorSteals and have been extremely happy with the quality of every item. Thanks again Marian for the prize and the inspiration your blog gives. You inspire me to do even more!
    Thanks again,
    Suzanne Black

    P.S.Come down south and we’ll take to the Canton, Tx First Monday Trade days. It’s a fantastic flea Market…huge and everything under the sun.

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  47. I am IN LOVE with this color! So beautiful on this piece!! :)))

  48. I am IN LOVE with this color! So beautiful on this piece!! :)))
    … doh, put email as website in previous comment, sleep-typing, lol!

  49. MMS,

    I am having a slight issue with this paint. I LOVE the color that came out on the dresser dont by All Dolled Up, but when I painted the artissimo on my raw wood media stand, I got a dark grey/slate color. How can I get the vibrant midnight navy color?

  50. Jennifer C. says:

    Do you know, Marian, what she used to finish this piece. I want to replicate the look on my coffee table. I have the artissimo paint already. I was wondering if it’s antiquing wax??

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