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My house is messy


One of the not-so-great byproducts of working on your house is the neglect of your house!  While I’m busy sewing and putting up trim and working on projects, the house is getting out of control.  Especially with the boys being home most of the day on summer break.  And…dude…my house is messy.  The floors are fuzzy and crumby…

DSC_1159 (640x424)

Didn’t I make a no-eating rule in the family room?  Between lax summer days and movie nights, I’ve let that slip a little.

DSC_1160 (424x640)

DSC_1161 (424x640)

Staring at stuff like this every day just stresses me out.  The boys went to the pool for the afternoon, so I had a quiet empty house.  I got a freelance project done and then cleaned my family room.  It took me over an hour to clean one room.  I cleaned the windows, vacuumed the curtains, got into every little corner with the vacuum wand…the works.  It looks so much better and I feel more relaxed in the space.

DSC_1167 (424x640)

I got the toys picked up down to the last Lego.  I still need to do a thorough organizing of the cabinets and drawers, but that will have to wait until fall.

DSC_1178 (424x640)

Cleaning always gets me inspired to move things around, so I traded out some rugs to try some new looks.

DSC_1183 (424x640)

It was very therapeutic for me.  And I had just enough time to get my workout in before the boys got home from the pool.

When they walked in, I made sure to point out the work I had done.  “Mommy spent a lot of time and worked really hard on cleaning the family room, so I need you to – “

“Mess it all up for you?”  My 6 year old finished with a wild look in his eye.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Well, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

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  1. MaryS says:

    That’s so funny! No kids here but a little white dog and the foo-foo puffs all over the place drive me nuts! I’ve hurt my back so it’s pretty hard to get on the floor, and these floors need to be cleaned so badly. Waiting for a cool crisp fall day to wash windows… actually looking forward to that. :)

  2. Marian, I can relate to that therapeutic feeling though of having a quiet house, you can get soo much done! It’s sometimes much faster and easier than asking, listening to the drama of “that’s not mine” or “I didn’t play with that”.I guess it depends alot on how much time and patience we have at the time the clean up is needed!

  3. Carol says:

    I adore your home crumbs and all. It is so refreshing. Can you tell me if your white chairs are slipcovered and if you bought them or sewed them yourself? I would love to slipcover several wing back chairs and bought an instruction book but it seems overwhelming. I would love to buy some. PS/ I love your blue and brown under the table.

  4. Sherry says:

    Marion, you are so awesome to share your home. It is beautiful, crumbs and all! I so enjoy your posts and can’t wait to open your emails! Thank you for all the inspiration everyday. I too would like to know about the white chairs. I hope you tell me you bought slipcovers, because I can’t sew a stitch.

    • Oh, Sherry. I did make them! Those were chairs that were given to me for free (leftover from a yard sale) and I slipcovered them in drop cloths about 6 years ago. Have you checked out my six part video series on making slipcovers. I’ve heard from a lot of people who have never sewn before that they were able to follow it…

  5. Oh my, even with crumbs your house looks perfect to me. :-) I can’t get my 16 yo son and 40 yo, ahem, husband to clean up after themselves. *sigh* Love the rug under the dining table. I dream of the day I can rip out the cheap carpet the previous owners put in and put down some type of dark wood product and a pretty rug. :-)

  6. I’m with ya sister! Still looks gorgeous, though!

  7. I love that they offered to mess it up again for you. Instead of leaving bowls in our family room, my children leave cups. But, when I ask who the cups belong to. Well, they belong to “not mine”. Funny that I ended up with this invisible kid named ” not mine”. He sure does leave a mess some days. :)

  8. Paula O says:

    How perfectly refreshing to have you share the messy side of life! We see your beautiful home and wonder how you manage to keep it that way with children and your business. I just got married and combined our families with seven children total. I moved into his bachelor home and have been very busy cleaning, decorating, unpacking, and, oh yeah, adjusting to being the stepmother of five children along with my two (LOL). Your blog has been like a breath of fresh air. It has inspired me and brought a smile to my face. May the Lord bless you in your giving of your time and commitment to serving others!

  9. Lorretta from NH says:

    Sounds like the child has a bit of whimsy in him! Your home is astounding. Could you please tell me what type of hangers/brackets do you use to hang the heavier platters on your walls? I am holding off adding them to my bedroom as I fear they will fall off!

  10. Your house is lovely and full of so much goodness that I’m sure no one can even see the crumbs! Mine gets the same way though and it is indeed therapeutic to have a good cleaning day. Blessings to you dear Marion, [email protected]

  11. Beautiful family room Marian – can you please tell me where you got that gorgeous blue and white rug?

    • Lucy Dennis says:

      Hi Marian!
      I just found your website and I absolutely love your style! If possible I too would love to know where you got your family room rug…it is heaven. The fabric you use in your master bath is beautiful will you be giving out that info?
      Thanks so much I love your site

  12. I love the hutch in the background of your family room. Can you tell me where you got it? I’m looking for two just like that to flank a window in my kitchen. I love free standing hutches! Thanks!

  13. Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing “real life pics”…..although I think your house is beautiful crumbs and all! I have to say that my husband would think I am nuts for having cream-colored furniture with 3 children and 2 dogs (2 of which are boys…and I didn’t include my husband)! I LOATH the cream and cripsness!! How do you keep it that way?? I would likely be following the boys around saying “Don’t wipe your hands (or face) on that!! Do you keep Tide pens on hand (LOL)??

  14. …so funny – love your curtains, I don’t think I noticed them before :)

  15. Stephanie Halliday says:

    Marian, I feel the exact same way. I painted a huge built-in for 4 days straight last week and man, was my house a deeesaaaaster!!!! I love that your little guy has such great humor! : ) It looks lovely even if it’s only for a day or week or whatever! Take care!

  16. Susan says:

    Darling, your before picture looks like my “after cleaning” picture. I too have a 6 year old with a wild look in his eye, but it’s the new puppy that’s doing me in. Still, a couple of friends are coming over Saturday afternoon to do some painting, drink some wine and the housework can wait. I love love the new navy color. Cheers!

  17. I just love your style. I can totally relate to your feelings about a mess. It stresses me out, too. Everything is just lovely!

  18. Kristina says:

    I love the blue and white rugs in your living room! Where did you find those?

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