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Mustard Seed Yellow Kitchen & Updates


One of the amazing things about having a line of paint is seeing what people do with it.  Sometimes people send me pictures of their work and it just knocks my socks off.  When I received pictures of this kitchen by Atelier Du Vieux Pin (I can’t tell you how much I would butcher their name if I had to say it and not write it…) done in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint…well, let’s just say that I was barefooted after looking through the pictures.

DSC01146 DSC01149 DSC01153 DSC01160 DSC01161 DSC01163 DSC01164 DSC01173 DSC01175 DSC01179 DSC01182 DSC01208 DSC01222 DSC01228 DSC01223



Pretty amazing, right?  I was blown away.  Not only is the space, custom cabinetry and flooring amazing, but the milk paint finish is perfection.   The Atelier Du Vieux Pin makes and designs French Canadian antique furniture reproductions and kitchen cabinets and they are true masters.

Anyway, I thought it was amazing and worth sharing.


Speaking of MMS Milk Paint, I do have some updates to share.  First of all, three of our new colors are available for our retailers to order, so they’ll be showing up in our retail locations very soon!  The first three that we’re releasing are Eulalie’s Sky

DSC_9327 (424x640)

Dried Lavender

DSC_9517 (424x640)

…and Artissimo, which I haven’t formally introduced, yet.  It actually looks a lot darker than this picture.  It’s a deep navy blue, but I need to paint another piece and take some more pictures that are truer to the color.

DSC_9560 (424x640)

Also, we’ve started to carry larger sizes of the Antiquing Wax, Furniture Wax, Bonding Agent and Hemp Oil.  This is really nice for people who paint a lot of pieces (or something large like a floor or cabinetry.  Ask your local retailer to order any of these products for you or order them directly through the Homestead House website.

Lastly, we are still accepting new retailers for the paint line.  We’re looking specifically for retailers who love and use milk paint and want to teach workshops and those who can sell out of a shop they own or one where they have a strong presence.  If you’re interested, just fill out an application HERE.


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  1. Cyndi says:

    Marian, I am in love with the kitchen, but am confused after visiting the linked website. Is The Atelier Du Vieux Pin company now carrying your line of milk paints? They are located in Canada and their website states they sell Homestead House milk paint line and it would appear that the yellow kitchen shown on their site is done with Homestead House milk paint. Is that your paint marketed under a different name there in Canada? Their list of colors differs from yours. Regardless, your MMS mustard would be similarly gorgeous. Like many have requested above, I would love to know if technique would be different on cabinets to get such a smooth, minimal chippy but lovely patina.

  2. i like it

  3. Gemika says:

    Yay! thank you for this. We are looking at buying a unit with gorgeous dark wood bench tops and unfortunate mismatched teak cabinetry. I have been considering using your milk paint. I have two ideas. One is to get copper door knobs on them and leave as is and just go with a mixed wood/mixed metal look in the apartment, which has exposed brick. The other idea is to paint maybe gold over the teak and then use the primer for the milk paint and do white over the top and shabby it up. I really don’t want to have to sand the whole thing as there are just too many nooks and crannies throughout the wood surface.

  4. Oh my heavens! speechless!

  5. EllaY says:

    This might be the most gorgeous kitchen ever. That color is just divine.

  6. What color stain did they use under mustard seed?

  7. mikah says:

    Hi, love your site. I am trying to find the herringbone backsplash that was posted on pintrest.. where is it from??? Im in the middle of my kitchen project and I cannot find a backsplash I love. please help, love yours. just need info.

  8. Stephanie Vorstermans says:

    Hi Marian – my son is building my kitchen cabinets – unfinished – and I’m planning to paint the bottom ones in Grain Sack milk paint. Can I just paint 2 coats directly on the wood? My son uses an oil/wax product called Osmo (I think it’s called Top Oil) and thinks it will work as it penetrates the wood. Any suggestions? Cabinets are silver maple (plywood boxes). Thanks! Stephanie

  9. Vicki King says:

    I would put oil after the paint cures! Unless you want a LOT of chippy! Stephanie Vorstermans.

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