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Milk Paint Inspiration


I am up way too late tonight trying to get my inbox cleaned out and I came across some pictures of pieces done in MMS Milk Paint that people have sent to me ages ago.  I thought they were so lovely that it would be a shame to let them remain in inbox purgatory.

These two were done by Meg of Oliver & Rust





And all of the pieces below were by Melanie of All Things New Designs

50-50 lucketts and boxwood

(Lucketts Green)


mustard seed yellow (2)

(Mustard Seed Yellow)

mustard seed yellow







Really gorgeous finishes, right?  These ladies are so talented.  Thanks Meg and Melanie for sharing your work with us.

Don’t worry.  My blog isn’t going to be all-milk-pain-all-the-time.  I’ve just had a busy week with VBS and projects that I can’t share yet and phone calls about exciting things and cleaning and swimming at the pool with my boys and riding bikes and trying to squeeze my workouts in and I’m a little fizzled out.  I need to make a big, huge push to get a bunch of things done before Haven and then I can breathe a bit easier.


You know how it is.

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  1. Wow, these pieces blow me away. Talented is right…they are beautiful!!

  2. What a gorgeous example of Tricycle! Summers are always busy btw. It’s difficult to combine work with having the kids at home, isn’t it?

  3. I love milk paint inspiration and all these pieces are so inspiring!!

  4. One of these days I’m going to be bold enough to try painting something. These are big inspiration! Have they got the tutorial for the pillow shams on HGTV yet?? I sure don’t want to miss that. And BTW – your bedroom is stunning. Well, actually, your whole house is, but there’s just something about that bedroom that I really love.

  5. So many beautiful examples, Marian. I really need to try this paint.

  6. Amy Jacob says:

    What would you suggest color wise for someone that can’t make a decision on a color? Dumb question i know but I’m stumped and also a newbie.

    • To Amy Jacob….I’m sure Marion will answer better. But I also felt this dilemma. I started with linen, which is a cream color. It’s great, not scary at all! Then got brave and have used the yellow and green AND just bought tricycle! Good luck and go fr it. Mimi

  7. Peggy huff says:

    I love the milk paint pieces. You are like the energizer bunny, non
    ending energy. I especially love the newest paint colors plus the
    Tricycle red! I am ENAMORED with whites, yellows, blues , purples
    and all shades of bluish-reds, (not the orange-reds!).
    I love you, your talents, & the amazing generosity with which you
    share all that you have learned. But even more… The generosity
    of your heart to introduce to your (ever-growing) following those
    you meet in your path, PROMOTING THEIR BUSINESSES, too!
    You are precious!!

  8. Linda Clark says:

    Hello Marion, Love the colors of your milk paint.

    Question,,,,,,,,, can this paint be used on a chandelier fixture to highlight a little color. Would I need a bonding agent first on the metal finish?

    Keep showing these beautiful pieces…

  9. Jennifer says:

    I love the names of your paint color line.
    It describes the color exactly

  10. Love every piece but I am really in love with the Tricycle one. I bought the paint but just haven’t used it yet. Inspired now!!!

  11. I always like to see how people use your paint. Love those chippy dressers! I just ordered my a paint sample kit with all the goodies I can’t wait to play around with the colors on some old frames! Then I can decide on my big piece, so exciting.

  12. Kathryn says:

    I think I need some of that Tricycle. Swim on !

  13. It’s so cool to see what other people are doing with milk paint! Such gorgeous inspiration pieces. I think I’ll pin a few right now.

  14. I love the touch of black with the lamps and shades in the first image! how fun to see what others are doing with your product! i’m sure you’ve had many pinch me moments during this whole journey. enjoy them. :)

  15. [email protected] of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer says:

    Gorgeous!! I just love the look that your milk paint gives furniture. I really need to try it! It must make you so proud that you are the reason so many people are inspired to make things beautiful again!

  16. Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful examples of painted furniture readers have completed. I have several pieces in my garage waiting to be painted. Now that the weather has cooled off, I can finally get going!

  17. What gorgeous pieces!!! It makes me feel like I need to get my tush in gear and start painting. First I have to hunt down a MMS Milk Paint vendor in the area. I’m sure there are a few. Thanks for sharing!

  18. really gorgeous pieces! thanks for sharing them!

  19. Hi Marian,
    I’ve been using your MMS milk paint, and while I adore the colours, I’m having problems with the mixtures. I have added bonding agent the two times I’ve used it, and while the typewriter was an okay texture, it had smooth white speckles in it (like salt) in the finished surface. Today I mixed up Ironstone (again with bonding agent) and this time it was so gritty and extremely lumpy, even tho I mixed for quite a long time, and let it rest for an hour before adding the bonding agent. I’ve watched your tutorials, but any suggestions???

    thanks :)

  20. marleen says:

    All pieces and finishes are delightful by far!! I have achieved the look of Meg’s painting on many pieces. I am curious what techinique Melanie used on her pcs……I would LOVE to achieve that look on a couple pcs. i have just waiting for paint!!! Thank You Marion for sharing with us!

  21. Karen says:

    Love, Love your webpage and cannot wait to get started on my first milk paint project!
    I have a question about layering different colors of milk paint. I recently acquired a vintage Ethan Allen Library hutch that I want to put in our home office, and the finish is a light almost maple looking wood. I wondered about how I can achieve a look that would have the piece looking a bit chippy and antique, but with a darker under color paint (typewriter?) with maybe the mustard seed yellow over the top. Is this possible? Could I apply the darker color if it had the bonding agent in it, then let it dry and apply the lighter milk paint color over the top and distress it a bit so only the light color chipped and would show through the darker color? Help!

  22. My paint appears bubbly a short while after applied to my pieces (2 antique chairs). It even dries that way. What am I doing wrong?

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