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Awkward Wall & It Never Gets Old


There’s a little piece of wall in my family room between a window and the side door.  It has a light switch in a totally rational place, but it messes me up when I try to figure out what to hang there.  For a couple of years, I’ve had a tall, skinny shutter there, but I removed it when I recently shuffled around the furniture.

See the wall I’m talking about…?

So, it’s just been naked for a while, but it looked naked.  I noticed its nakedness every time I looked that way.  Yesterday, when I was hit with inspiration, I grabbed some things from around the house.

 As I was scurrying around, gathering plates and hangers and random pictures, my husband looked up at me.  “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m just hanging some stuff on the wall real quick.”

I think that dinner was on the stove at the time or something like that, so it was a strange time to be hanging pictures, but I was ready to hang some pictures and I was going to hang some pictures.

I came up with a sort of an asymmetrical arrangement of small blue and white plates, an ironstone lid and platter and an antique European print I picked up recently at an antique market for $10.00.

DSC_0615 (424x640)

It’s nothing overly inventive or complicated, but it makes me happy when I look towards that corner.  It’s just what it needed.

DSC_0618 (424x640)

The print reminds me so much of Germany and it even has a signature in pencil in the bottom right corner.  It’s a little tired, but I even love the yellowed mat and gold frame.

DSC_0623 (640x460)

I’m going to be replacing the graphic trellis curtains with some cream linen panels, so I’m putting the pattern in other places (like toile on the French daybed.)  I have a pretty quiet rug in there right now, which I love, but I’ve been keeping an eye out for something with a bit more umph.  Most of the floors in my house are wood, so I’m always looking for pretty wool rugs.

I just found this one at Joss & Main and bought it immediately with some credits I had.  It’s classic, but it definitely brings some umph.  I’m not sure if it’s going in the family room, but I know it’ll work in several rooms in my house, which is a good thing since I play musical rugs as often as I play musical furniture.

Thrace Rug

It’s called the Thrace Rug and it’s on the “Best Sellers Rug Sale” ending June 27, if you’re interested.

(This isn’t a sponsored post, but I do get credits if you sign up and buy something from them.)


A few days ago, I received a Facebook message congratulating me on my feature in Romantic Country.  WHAT!?  Really?  What issue?!  I knew a feature was happening, but I sent the pictures in a while ago and I wasn’t sure exactly when.  So, I went on the hunt for the issue.  It took a few days and a few stores, but I finally found it…

DSC_0625 (424x640)

The article is so kind and made me a little misty.  Seeing my home on a glossy page never gets old or common or ho-hum.  It’s special and overwhelming every time and I still have to resist the urge to open it up and show the cashier.

DSC_0626 (640x424)


Lastly, today I got a little crafty for my next round of tutorials.  I wanted to do a project using vintage pennants, but all of the vintage ones I liked (with lots of layers of felt) were pretty expensive, so I decided to make my own.  I made four different patterns and they look so cute!  The full tutorial (and what I’m using the pennants for) will be available in a couple of months.

DSC_0630 (640x424)


(This banner is for you, Mike.  I made a VMI one for my dad.)

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  1. Marian, how do you hang your plates on the wall? I keep seeing this trend, and I’m digging it, but I don’t know how everyone hangs the plates flush like that! I’m also coveting your new rug – just had to add that. Thanks!

  2. Love the wall arrangement, love the rug, love the print. I LOVE that it looks a little “tired.” It shows a life well lived, doesn’t it?

  3. Congrats on the RH feature!! I had 2 projects in the July/August issue of Cottages and Bungalows (first feature ever) and it was such a surreal feeling finally seeing it in print. I can imagine that it would never get common place feeling! Do you get the same feeling every time you see your book!?

  4. Helen Rayburn says:

    Good Morning,
    I just ordered the same fabric you used in your family room for my family room; I never thought that I really liked blue but love the vintage medium blue fabric you use.
    i also used your living room/dining room material and made drapes for my dining room; Love them; still shake my head at my use of blue tho, ha.
    I am getting ready to paint my family room OC-47 Ashwood and then plan on making valances for the family room and my husband’s office; do you have a tutorial for making valances??? If not I plan on using pattern from ones up in family room now.
    I love your vintage french farm house decorating ideas and use alot of your ideas plus love site for the love of a house; I’m on the look out for a buffet dresser to use for my TV cabinet and have two wing chairs coming from soft surroundings for the family room. It is rather dark in the lower level family room so I think this will lighten it up; did paint my husbands office which connects to the room SW oyster bay and his plane pictures go very well with that color.
    I look at your site every day to see what great ideas you have come up with; thanks so much!! Have a great day!!! P.S. i found a bench from TJ Maxx just like your x back chairs only it is a two person bench, and i bought it before I had seen your chairs; just loved it and had to have it; it is so sturdy and neat design. Didn’t realize that they had same pattern in chairs until I saw yours.

  5. Love how your pennants look! Have you got a full tutorial up yet?! I am looking for a way to create some pennants for my son’s baseball team!

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