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More Finds & Dried Magnolia Wreath


I had grander plans for my post today, but you know how plans can change.  I was called around lunch to pick up one of my boys from school, because he had a swollen eye.  I figured he had poked it or rubbed it or something like that.  Well, when I got to school, I saw that his actually eye ball was swollen!  That turned my plans on end.  That mommy thing that drops you heart into your gut kicked in and I took him straight to the ER.  His eye got even bigger as we drove to the hospital, to the point where he couldn’t close it.  They took us straight to a doctor to check it out (even the nurse hadn’t seen anything like it.)  He was having an allergic reaction to something, so they treated the acute symptoms and we’ll have to get him tested to see what caused the trouble.  Poor guy.  He was a real trooper and his eye went back to its normal size after the medicine did its job.  So, we needed some time building Legos and watching Dumbo.

My parents came over this evening to help with some pricing and things, so we did get some work done for Lucketts.  I also have picked up some more pieces to sell…

DSC_9330 (640x424)

DSC_9335 (640x424)

…these two dressers, plus another beautiful one with a white marble top.  It’s an oldie, too.

I hit an auction last night and “won” almost everything I had my eye on.

DSC_9332 (427x640)

I’ll show off some more things when I have the chance to take some more pictures.  As I said, today sort of got away from me.

I am still getting my P90x workouts in, though, even through the Lucketts craziness.  It was a little challenging today, but I was doing “Jump Squats” and “Military Marches” in the kitchen on the way to making a bowl of Rice Crispies.  My boys actually joined me in the “Circle Runs” and “Run Stance Switch Squats” and they were cracking up.  Whatever it takes.

Lastly, I’ll just give an update on the fresh magnolia wreath I made for a freelance article last week…

DSC_9138 (424x640)

…it is drying out and looks so pretty…

DSC_9334 (424x640)

I love having things in my home that get even better with time.

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  1. Your poor little man, what a scary thing to happen. Glad to hear he was ok. Lego and Dumbo are happening in our house right now too with sick children. Everything else takes a back seat :)

  2. Diane says:

    Glad to hear your little guy will be ok, I hope he’s feeling better.
    Unknown allergies are not fun!
    You’re all in my thoughts & prayers

  3. Your poor little guy! Glad you got it somewhat figured out. And your recipt has me antsy to get to an auction!

  4. Oh how scary for you AND for your boy.
    Nothing gets our adrenaline pumping like something happening with one of our kids – and that awful pit-of-the-stomach feeling. I bet you were exhausted after that fright, and welcomed the chance to sit and watch Dumbo as much as he did.
    And like the previous poster, now I’m jonesing for an auction.
    It’s been months!
    I’m having withdrawal.
    Love the wreath!

  5. How scary! (The best laid plans o’ mice and men!) I never seem to have that much luck at auctions…am I shocked to see the ironstone? 😉

  6. Now seems to be such a good time for auctions. I got about 120 pieces of 100+ year old Ironstone and about 80 pieces of red transferware. Now that I have seen your picture I wish I could keep them, but that is not the name of the game.
    Do you have trouble selling tureens? I have about 6 in my stand, and another 2 now at home. I have never sold one, and I don’t get it since they make a china cabinet (in my opinion).

    • I would love to own some tureens. Auctions with old things don’t exist much here in the desert, in a city that was mostly built in the last 20-30 years. The oldest things I see here at auctions are couches from the 70’s. Most people sell their old things before they move to retire in Las Vegas.

    • I have one ironstone tureen (my only piece!) that I absolutely love, but it was only $12, a good price for this area. I would have more if I could afford them.

      Maybe it won’t help, but I heard once that if you’re trying to sell something and your primary target is female, then cover it in roses. Real, fake, made of paper, it doesn’t matter…put a flower in/on it, and watch it sell. Can’t hurt, right?

    • Thanks Brandy and Heidi…I will try the flower. Wish you all lived in Central PA and needed a tureen. I think they are fabulous, but then again my mom collected them at one point. I guess tureens can be in the gene pool.
      It would be awesome if more thrifters weighed in. I would love to know what people look for when shopping and what they consider a fair price. It is easy to forget when you become a dealer. I seem to sell a lot of items under $20 and below, but they don’t seem like keepers. When I shop I want a good deal but also a good investment.

    • Stephenie Tebo Klingler says:

      I absolutely cannot sell a tureen no matter how low I mark it. They simply aren’t “in” now I guess – though I think some are quite beautiful and add visual interest to a display.

  7. Irene G. says:

    What a scary situation with your son… I have never heard of the actual eyeball swelling. But I guess, It makes sense. Here in the midwest, we are having one of the worst years ever for allergys…

    Looks like you did well at the auction. Unfortunately, other bidders may recognize you and will bid higher than normal.. Because if MMS wants it, it must be worth it… Might want to consider a proxy bidder…

    Enjoy and have a blessed day….

  8. Love the dressers. Love the wreath. Love that you do P90X. Heck, I just want to be you when I grow up!

  9. Kristen says:

    Hope your son is feeling better…my son has been dealing with the worst allergies ever this spring here in New England, as the pollen counts are extreme…

  10. Priscilla says:

    I hope your son is feeling better, :( poor thing. I once had an allergic reaction that made my eyeball swell too. I never did know what the cause of it was, It is very strange. it’s so hard to pinpoint allergic reactions sometimes. Our eyes do heal fast, which is good. Allergies are very bad this yr. Just yesterday, I heard that they’re worse because of Hurricane Sandy.

    My kids and I are all allergy sufferers and now is the worst time for us. I know exactly how you feel. My daughter (whose 12), especially has a hard time with her eyes during spring. In fact this is her second yr. of seeing double vision and blurred vision. Her symptoms come and go, some days worse than others. Last yr. this went on from Feb. until Spring ended. We have been to many Doctors, including: Optamologists, a Neurologist and for an MRI. The Neurologist is out of CHOP and the Optamologist is Wills eye. So far the eyes look great and all of the bad things that it could be, it isn’t. So, they are treating her for allergies and migrane headaches. I learned that some people can get auras and visual symptoms, like flashes of lights, blurriness, double vision and other symptoms without having the headache part. We go back in a month.

    I can’t help but still worry, I’m a Mom, and it’s what we do. I pray for her every single day. Children are so resilient and I’m amazed by their spirit. They are so strong you know. She never complains and is still a very happy and vibrant girl. I wish you happier spring days!

    Good luck with Lucketts!

    Many blessings to you and your son!


  11. Talitha says:

    Wow, can identify! We had a different kind of emergency with our 4 year old son just last weekend. He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance because of a severe croup attack. He is fine now, but we too were told that many kids have severe allergic reactions because of the pollen this year. We live in Georgia, it seems to be all over the States! I agree with Priscilla that it is so important to lift up our kids in prayer – and get the medical help available. Makes me aware of what parents with seriously ill kids are going through every day… They need our prayers!
    On a different note, it is wonderfully distracting and relaxing to read a great blog like yours, especially in stressful times! You help us to dream and be inspired, and that is a true gift! Thank you Marian.

  12. Wow Marian, seeing your son’s eye like that must have been terrifying.My daughter has really bad allergies and we found out she had a deadly nut allergy when she was about three. She ate nuts at her grandmas and ended up in the emergency room, it was the scariest thing ever! I hope they pinpoint the allergy so your son can avoid what ever caused that reaction. I ‘m glad he’s doing better now. It looks like you got a lot of great stuff at auction and more beautiful dressers. I wish I could shop where you do. Love that wreath too, I have a thing for magnolias the leaves and flowers. I’m still hoping to make it to Lucketts one day.

  13. Oh NO! Hope your son is all better now & you figure out what the issue was quickly. “Getting better with time” I hope we are all doing that!

  14. So weird. I got a call from school for my son from the exact same thing! Eye ball swollen so bad that it wouldn’t even shut. ER checked it out and it is just really bad allergies due to the season. Who knew that the amazing NorCal weather was so bad for my son. Good luck!

  15. Harriett says:

    So glad your son is on the mend! Allergies ARE bad this year. No swollen eyeball, but my lids and areas nearby have been swollen on and off for two weeks, very tender to the touch. Doc says no infection.

    Hope you’ll post the info about magnolia free-lance article. Love that wreath and the dressers ~ eager to see what you do with them. I have a bowed birdseye maple that is very similar, I want to see what i can do with it. Will not be at Lucketts this May; hope to stop in the summer. Save some stuff!!!!

  16. Sending hugs to your little guy! So scary when our babies are sick or hurt! Hope all will be fine soon and you will know what the culprit is.

  17. Hi Marian … you got some good stuff at the auction. Will look forward to the pictures and how you “dress” up the old dressers. Looks like you will end up with a fabulous display for the sale. I know you are excited.

    Sorry about your son … I have never heard an allergy doing that. Hope he is all well now.
    Blessings and good luck at Lucketts, Love how pretty the wreath is getting.
    Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures

  18. JulieD says:

    Funny story- I was at a flea market last weekend and was so excited to score a great deal on a mint condition Johnson Bros ironstone tureen- only to take it home, look it up and discover that my “tureen” was actually a chamber pot!

    Now what on earth am I going to do with an ironstone chamber pot? LOL

    • Talitha says:

      That is so hilarious!!! Makes me wonder what fancy lady had it made, haha. Thanks for the laugh!

  19. debbie says:

    The poor little guy – I have never heard of that either. I pray for everything to go well.

  20. Carol says:

    Isn’t it true that when something goes wrong with our kiddies, everything else takes a back seat. Hope everything works out fine for your little one.

  21. Awe, your poor little guy, I hope you get to the bottom of it and soon. I love your wreath and dressers! I have considered going to a local auction or buying a storage locker, I’d love it if you did a post about your experience with the auctions you’ve participated in. I buy all my furniture from Craigslist and garage sales, now. Is it your opinion that you get better deals at an auction?

    Thank you,

    Char @

  22. Oh Marion, I know exactly what you are going through with the allergies! We had a similar reaction with our middle son as well as the day we got the phone call that he had lost the vision in his left eye… and the nearest emergency room was an hour away. Called up doctors etc to let them know we were on our way up…. after MRI’s, etc it was revealed that he has cluster migraines due to allergies which manifested in loss of vision. Allergy meds in place and all has been good since! We will keep your son in prayer as well as the doctors as they determine the allergies!

    And wow, what a score at the auction! Can hardly wait to see what all you picked up!! Same goes for your magnolia wreath. I have to admit we have a number of friends around here who have magnolia trees that I am thinking about asking for some leaves in order to make a wreath. I had one a few years ago but it didn’t survive the move. Thank you so very much for the reminder!!

  23. Sandra says:

    Hope things are better with your little one today!! Love your dressers, especially the 2nd picture… have been searching for something like this for my foyer and this one would be perfect in every way!! I guess it would be asking too much if you could deliver it to Mississippi ? LOL…..and of course, being from the South, the magnolia is one of my most favorites!! Your wreath is awesome…..will you be sharing how to make this? It would make my front door dazzle!! I enjoy your many projects and wish I could make the trip to Luckett’s to meet you in person… Take care and God Bless!!

  24. I am new to your site…how could I have missed you for so long? I found you through your beautiful new book. I do a post each week on how to gift books. Today I am gifting yours. Your blog is a treasure. I’m thinking I’ll be over here for quite a while catching up!

  25. My youngest daughter had that happen when we were at a friend’s house. She was outside playing with the friend’s dog. Never knew if it was the dog or somehting outside. Whatever, it was terrifying to me! (Not so much to her, as she couldn’t see it.) By the time she was seen in the ER, the swelling was gone. Yes, we were there that long. Loved the Army hospitals. This was 40 years ago, but as soon as I started reading about your son’s eye, my heart started that pounding thud you experienced. Some things never change, and that Mama-thing is one of them!

  26. Do you know of a way to preserve the magnolia leaves?

    • Frankie Laney says:

      I think Martha Stewart has a method to preserve magnolia leaves using glycerin and water. I know it takes quite a while and lots of patience. I also heard that if you want the leaves to be green you should use green food coloring in addition to the glycerin and water.

  27. Tammy Gilleland says:

    So glad your little boy is recovering and doing well. It’s tough when they get hurt or sick, etc. Your heart hurts no matter what age, little or grown.

    I am really getting excited about coming to Lucketts. My mother called a few minutes ago inquiring about our trip. She’s getting really excited too!

  28. Tammy Gilleland says:

    So glad your little boy is recovering and doing well. It’s tough when they get hurt or sick, etc. Your heart hurts no matter what age, little or grown.

    My mother called a few minutes ago inquiring about our trip. We are really getting excited about Lucketts Fair.

  29. Oh, it reminds me of south Louisiana! beautiful!

  30. My friend had the swollen eyeball thing after spending time at my house growing up. She’s allergic to cats and we had one. She also said it had happened before. Sounds like the same thing where the actual layer over the eyeball blisters up.

  31. Carolyn says:

    Would like to know how you made the magnolia wreath – are you or have you done a tutorial on it?

    Thanks, Carolyn

  32. Alice R. says:

    Wow, that is a very scary parent moment. Glad the little guy is feeling better. Can’t wait to see the marble topped dresser!

  33. WOW, that was scary!!! I am glad he is feeling better. Things that make everything else seem so trivial, eh?

    On a funny note, I have been meaning to tell you this: I live in Canada for 18 years now but I am from Brazil. I came here I was almost 30, so I never lost the accent and the ESL (English as Second Language) condition… lol. So my friend was also doing P90X and all I could here when she said was: P in the AX!!! LOL!!! when I finally asked her “please, say it slowly, what I hear is P in the AX”… She laughed and said: that’s EXACTLY what it is!!!! LOL!
    Your are trooper for exercising in the middle of all this!

  34. Sorry to hear about you’re little guy! Good job on PlyoX! We’re on vacation and I have done my P90x almost everyday!! Live the wreath, I look forward to your tutorials on boxwood wreaths coming up!

  35. Barbara says:

    So glad your son is doing better. Scary moment indeed!

    Did you already do a tutorial on the beautiful magnolia wreath, if not, are you going to? I’d love to make one.

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