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A guide to shopping my space at Lucketts…


If this is your first time shopping my space at the Lucketts Antique Market, this post is for you!  If you’re a regular, this will just give you some updates or maybe get you geared up for the event.  I’ve been asked a lot of questions about what to expect from the fair and my booth in particular, so I thought I would share a shopping guide to answer everyone’s questions at one time.  Here we go…



For those who have attended before, I’m in the same place I’ve been for the past two years.  If you’re new, I know an overhead view of the event might not help very much, but here it is.  My booth is located in the red circle.  So, I’m located on the gray gravel at the corner of the pea gravel.  If you’re in grass, I’m not there.  If you’re in pea gravel, you’re getting close.  The best thing to do is to ask at the entrance and most of the folks working will know where I am.

The fair is happening rain or shine (please shine, please shine!) and I’ll be there all day, both days.

Lucketts booth




If you are a die hard shopper and you know there are things you want to buy, come first thing Saturday morning.  A line starts to form about 9:00 am or so.  My space is bustling until about 2:00 and things get pretty wiped out.  If you just want to browse and hang out in a more leisurely way, come Saturday afternoon or Sunday.  They have great food vendors (the pizza is my favorite and my mom is crazy about the popcorn) and they have live music, so the atmosphere is very enjoyable.  The famous Design House will also be open and that is always a treat to walk through when the crowds have thinned.  The girls who put that place together are decorating geniuses.


Honestly, it will be like Christmas morning unpacking my boxes in my tent.  I am not quite sure of everything I have!  I’ll give you a smattering – Dressers, French cane chairs, grain sack upholstered French settee, grain sack upholstered channel-back chair, a couple of chests, lots of “vintage” hand painted signs, grain sack pillows, Hungarian and European linens, rolls of grain sack fabric, upholstery webbing, jute webbing, ribbon, twine, preserved boxwood wreaths of all sizes, lots of ironstone, two child’s hutches, two child’s chairs, two industrial stools, antique slates, dried lavender bunches, MMS t-shirts, my book (Inspired You), scales, typewriters, old books, a huge and very awesome farm table, a primitive bench, a piano bench, two vintage office chairs, drop leaf table, a huge nautical flag, floral frogs, oh my…lots more.  I even will be bringing some French milled soap I managed to find at the last minute.

Here are pictures of some of the things I’m bringing…

DSC_9549 (424x640)

Tole chandelier, MMSMP Mustard Seed Yellow dresser…

DSC_9588 (424x640)

…some “antique” signs (these are still in the “chalked” stage in Typewriter and Artissimo)…

DSC_9587 (424x640)

MMSMP Tricycle desk chair…

DSC_9586 (640x424)

….chest in Eulalie’s Sky (new MMSMP color) layered over Lucketts Green…

DSC_9585 (424x640)

…the channel-back chair (before I could figure out the channels!)…

DSC_9584 (424x640)

…my old vanity, now super distressed (the top coat is MMSMP Kitchen Scale)…

DSC_9581 (640x424)

….a MMSMP Flow Blue chest and Shutter Gray bench…

DSC_9582 (424x640)

 …a marble-topped 1800’s dresser in MMSMP Grain Sack…

DSC_9578 (424x640)

DSC_9577 (424x640)

…a large, primitive bench in a Shutter Gray wash…

DSC_9575 (640x424)

DSC_9574 (424x640)

…more signs (still not finished)…

DSC_9573 (424x640)

…a couple of mini metal storage pieces…

DSC_9571 (424x640)

DSC_9570 (424x640)

….the grain sack & tea towel pillows…

DSC_9561 (424x640)

…3 yard rolls of blue striped grain sack fabric…

DSC_9490 (424x640)

….a stately highboy in another new MMSMP color…

DSC_9560 (424x640)

I’ll show more before the sale, but that should be a nice smattering to whet your appetite!

My goal was to sell things that were “turn key” (just take them to your house and they are good to go) and then bring some things, like the webbing and grain sack rolls, that will appeal to the DIYers out there.  You can use the rolls to upholster dining chairs, make pillows, etc.  Or they can be used by the “turn key” folks as a runner.  Get the idea?  This is my first time taking that approach, so let’s see how it sells.



If you want to buy something in my space, but it’s too big to carry to the checkout table, just pull the tag and take it to the table when you’re ready.  We’ll put a sold tag on it for you and hold it until you’re ready to take it home.  We’ll also bag and label pieces that are too bulky to carry around with you as you continue shopping.

I’ll accept cash, checks (as long as you have a valid ID and look like the honest sort) and credit/debit cards via PayPal Here.  Cash is obviously easiest and best, but I know how cash can get away from you at a place like Lucketts.



There are pieces in my booth that start at $0.50 and go all the way up to $675.  I want everyone to be able to buy something if they want to, so there are $3.50 rolls of upholstery webbing and $15 t-shirts and $12 mini boxwood wreaths and small antique pieces for $8, $10 and $12.  There are some high ticket items as well – of course the furniture and some special pieces.  The trophy, for example is $95.  Sometimes the piece is priced more because I paid a lot for it myself or because I really like it, too and I’m okay if it doesn’t sell.  Bad antique’s dealer, I know.

You’ll see a good mix, though, and I hope you find some bargains you’re excited about.  I want my booth to be a place that shoppers run to, because they know I have great stuff at good prices.  (Oh, and my prices get even better on Sunday.  I don’t want to haul things home, so I always slash prices on Sunday.)

My prices are negotiable.  I love negotiating when I’m a buyer and it’s always frustrating to me when vendors won’t deal.  I don’t have wiggle room on everything, but I do on most.  I don’t do a lot of negotiating right at the beginning of the sale, though, since things sell so quickly.  If there’s any doubt, just ask!  I won’t be offended at all.

DSC_9493 (640x424)




I have quite an entourage of people working with me this year.  Of course, my parents and husband will be there.  Faith, who works for me part time to help out with the milk paint line, will be there as well.  She’s the tall, beautiful girl with dark hair and a big belly.  She’s expecting, so it’s okay to point something like that out.  Emily will be helping as well.  She’s the VP of my fan club and my crafternoon buddy.  And lastly, Sean, who has been carting around furniture for me for about 6 years now, especially when it involves breakfast at Anita’s in Leesburg.  Sean and my husband, Jeff,  will be available to carry furniture and awkward items you buy from my space to the gate or your car for you.  They’ll also act as my bouncers if the MMS fans get out of control.  (Kidding.)  In addition, Jeff makes sure I’m drinking enough water, wearing sunscreen and eating periodically.  My mom, Faith and Emily will be working the checkout table and my dad will wrap breakables and bag your purchases.  He’ll also label and guard your stuff if you want to leave it as you shop the other booths.

And there’s me.  Of course I’ll be there!  My job is to talk to all of my customers, readers and friends.  I’ll be available to sign books, negotiate prices, talk shop about blogs, paint, sewing, whatever, give hugs (I may cry a little.  Lucketts Market seems to bring that out in me…) and just hang out.  I’ll also be fluffing, shuffling and filling holes as pieces sell.



I’ve given away goodies the past few years and I’m doing it again this year.  (Look out for two giveaways coming up…one for someone who can’t come to Lucketts and one for the person coming the furthest.)  If you can make it to my booth, I will be giving away FREE rolls of Frog Tape to help out on your future painting/DIY projects.  You don’t have to buy anything, but you do have to ask someone in an MMS t-shirt for a roll of Frog Tape and we will oblige.

I also decided this year to have a “mystery item” somewhere for sale in my booth.  If you buy that item, you will get a $25 credit to spend in my booth.  Sneaky.  Fingers are crossed that the confetti canon and sirens will work at the right time.  (Not really.)

DSC_9467 (640x424)



Believe it or not, I won’t have my milk paint for sale at my booth.  I’m going to let my retailers sell the paint, so I’ll find out where they are and point you in the right direction if you want to buy some.  I don’t retail the paint anymore, so I can just support my retailers and not compete with them.

I will have my book, Inspired You ($19.99) as well as t-shirts ($15.) Most of the t-shirts are a junior-fit style, meaning they run small, have cap sleeves and are a little longer.  Plan to go up one or two sizes in this style.  I love this cut and brand of shirt and wear them all the time, now.  The cotton is thin and soft and the fit is flattering, but comfortable.  I do have some traditional Champion brand tees as well, but those are mostly XL, XXL and XXXL.  I love them for jammie shirts, personally!  I’ll probably put those on clearance.


So there you have it.  More information than you could possibly need on shopping my booth!

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  1. Denise T says:

    Would love to buy a roll of grain sack fabric… Hope it won’t be out by Sunday…

  2. So looking forward to seeing you again at Lucketts on Sunday….!!

  3. Hey Marion….I would like to order a tshirt….I can’t seem to find where to order. HELP!
    Thanks so much.

  4. Grace Charbonneau says:

    Oh My!! So many wonderful treasures!! Wish I could be there, but Virginia is sooo far away from South Texas!! Oh well,…maybe next year! :(

  5. Glad to see you mentioned retailers only sell your milk paint because I have emailed you and never got a response (sad face). Question answered.

  6. Those mini storage boxes look familiar!! I sold 2 in my Booth 65!! Good Luck and have fun at Lucketts!

  7. Hi Marian,

    Sounds like you have been so busy preparing. I am sure your booth will be hopping crazy. Can’t wait to see the signs when they are done.

    Have a wonderful time (as if you need me to tell you). Colorado is a bit far to come to Luckett’s, but I’ll have to coordinate a trip one day to see family and come to the market. It is always a pleasure reading your posts.

    I still have tons of pictures from your trip here to Colorado. Do you still want them? Please let me know where to send.

    Sell lots!


  8. Nikki says:

    I have been looking for ever for the rolls of blue striped fabric!! I live in Ca so I was unable to make it to your sale. Do you sell this on line or do you know we’re I can find it.

    Thank you so much and I LOVE your blog


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