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Some random things about me…


I was going to write about balancing blogging and life, but doing that would mean staying up past my “bedtime” and not being very balanced, so I thought I would just share a bit about myself.  Some random tidbits that might make you laugh or make you feel like we’re long-lost kindred spirits…

  • I try to squeeze every little bit of toothpaste out of the tube.  If there’s a pea-sized glob left, I will get it out.  I don’t think it’s a thrifty thing, because I can be wasteful in other areas.  I like to finish things, so I guess it’s a challenge.  
  • I love the show Survivor and I would totally apply to play if it didn’t involve leaving my family for a couple of a months.  I’m sure I would cry a lot, though.
  • If I could eat only one thing throughout a day, it would be fresh bread and real butter.   I mean, I can put away a baguette.  And a stick of butter.  (That’s one reason why I’m doing P90x)
  • Air conditioning is one of the greatest things ever made.  I don’t know how people live(d) without it.
  • Some of you may have noticed that I have a nose ring.  My mom hates it.  My husband gave me permission.  I’ve wanted once since college, so I did it.  I know it’s not everyone’s thing, but that’s okay.

DSC_3949 (800x530)


  • Scarves are my security blanket.  I like them as a fashion statement, but they feel like something I can hide behind.  I think I’ll wear scarves less often once I get leaner with all of the push-ups and pulls-ups I’m doing these days.  Finger’s crossed.
  • I do not like mushrooms, tomatoes or watermelon.  It’s a texture thing.  Mushrooms – spongy, chewy, tomatoes & watermelon – grainy and watery.  Not liking mushrooms is especially tough as a vegetarian.  Everyone wants to serve me a big portabello mushroom for dinner.
  • I still have my wisdom teeth and I’m a baby about getting them pulled out.  I’ll have my gallbladder removed, but not my wisdom teeth.  This goes back to having 12 of my baby teeth extracted when I was in middle school.
  • Greece and Austria are tied for the most beautiful places I’ve seen in this world.  Acadia is probably a close second.
  • I have freakish thumbs.  I can bend them back at a perfect 90 degree angle and the joints collapse when I try to open a jar, so I use them folded backwards most of the time.  I think I may have passed the freakish thumb thing to my oldest son.  He also got my pigeon-toed walk.  Poor guy.

There you go.  A little randomness about the Marian behind the Miss Mustard Seed.  Come on, don’t leave me hanging.  Share something random about yourself…

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  1. I’m a little OCD…we have two light switches at the top of the stairs with double switches, they control 2 different lights. They HAVE to be in the same position. I laugh at my husband because he knows it drives me crazy, he has a devil of a time trying to get them the right way while having the lights off/on. lol :)

  2. Nancy Hanson says:

    I am a firm believer that the toilet paper roll should roll off the top! My friend changes it every time she comes to my house!! LOL! Potato chips are a food I will not live without!

    • Totally agree with the tp, it drives me crazy when people don’t put the roll on “correctly”. I may be known to change it even at somones house, ha

  3. Molly Taylor says:

    Hi MMS. I have always wanted a teeny tiny diamond stud pierced in my nose but I have never had the guts …. now I’m a Mom of two. Can I still do it? I could also live off of baguette and sweet cream butter. The whole entire loaf, ripping off the bites one at a time. A slightly cool bottle of cab with it doesn’t hurt either. I can’t eat yogurt. I could eat spoonfuls of sour cream but no yogurt. We all have such silly nuances. Where do they come from?

    • Yolanda says:

      Hi Molly, yes you can still get a nose ring. I got mine done on my 51st birthday and LOVE it! My kids think that I am going through a mid-life crisis, but that’s okay. I have always wanted one too, so my husband took me after my birthday dinner. It didn’t even hurt! Be brave!

  4. omg, hysterical. okay…I warm up yesterday’s coffee when I’m too tired to make a fresh pot in the morning.

  5. So glad I read this post! What a fun thing to write. I love knowing the odd little details behind some of the women who I really know mostly by their work. That is really funny about the thumbs. My sister has what is called “hammer thumbs”. Well, there is a scientific name for it too, but they are so weird looking. They looks like flat hammers (more like toenails!). Good thing she is gorgeous and tall in every other way!

    I would love to know how many scarves you have. Freakishly weird. I am a major scarf fanatic. My mother had tons too. I don’t wear them as much when it is warm, but I do love them. Yep. I have no idea how people made it before AC. Just another reason why I am sure God sent me here in modern times instead of 100 years ago. I wouldn’t have made it!

  6. Rhonda says:

    Hmmm…. When I turned 40 I got my first and only tattoo instead of a Harley. Lol. Being from southeastern Louisiana, I only eat Evangelind Maid bread, Community Coffe, Blue Plate Mayonaise, and Luzianne tea. I put the toilet paper over the top and I can’t stand crumbs on the counter but dog hair on the rug is semi-okay. Lol. I have 2 labs who spend most of their time inside because they don’t like the heat. This leads to the AC. Thumbs up the best invention ever made. Keep mine on 64 nearly year round.

  7. Tammy Gilleland says:

    It was so much fun reading about you and what some of the other ladies shared as well. I was on a business trip last night and laid across the bed giggling over some of the posts.

    I am almost 50 and think your nose ring it pretty cool and looks great on you. I also love bread and butter. It had been one of my favorite foods until I gave up on January 19th in order to lose weight. I dearly miss it! I would rather have a hot roll out of the oven with butter than a bowl of ice cream. Some facts about me are:

    – I am a mother of four (three sons and a daughter): Will (30), Amanda (27), twin boys – Zach and Tyler (17).
    – I have one grandchild, Madilyn who is 8-months old.
    – I can’t eat anything that is artificial flavored banana, cherry or grape. My mother once told me she ate banana and cherry popsicles throughout her pregnancy with me. Could be the reason?
    – I can’t stand to see someone spit in public.
    – My spices on my cabinet door is arranged alphabetically and it drives my daughter nuts. she loves to come over and mess up by order when I’m in the other room.
    – I am afraid of the dark (when alone) and spiders.
    – I love collecting English and French dishes, teapots, snack sets, etc.

  8. I understand the wisdom teeth thing! I had 4 of my baby teeth pulled when I was 10. The sound still haunts me. I had my wisdom teeth out though! It’s actually not that bad….laughing gas helps a whole lot!! From what I hear, I had a blast!

  9. I still have my wisdom teeth in and refuse to have the pulled. I’ve wanted a nose ring since fifth grade and now that I’m married with two girls I still want it but the hubby doesn’t approve :) I’m not left brained or right brained I’m equal on both sides which drives me crazy because I love doing tons of things and can’t seem to keep up… :)

  10. Hi – thanks for sharing these fun facts about you. I too have my little quirks just like everyone else, but I wanted to say something about wisdom teeth. I had only one of mine pulled while I was in high school, Another one grew in on its own some years later and didn’t give me much trouble other than being a little crowded and it was kinda hard to floss back there. Well, that tooth developed a small cavity last year and my dentist said I should have it pulled so he sent me to an oral surgeon, who after doing a panoramic xray of my mouth found a wisdom tooth on the other side of my mouth was impacted into my jawbone and was encased in what’s called a dentigerous cyst, which had displaced almost all of the bone tissue in my jaw. I was lucky he found it, because if the cyst had grown any larger it would have cracked my jawbone in half! And the surgery has caused some permanent numbness in my face. Anyway, long story short, get those wisdom teeth pulled if you can! I am 49 years old and wish like heck I had done it earlier… just a little advice from someone who’s been there.

  11. Loose wet hair makes me gag. I don’t know what I will do if my husband is ever not able to clean out the tub drain. I guess I will have to call a plumber or move.

  12. I have freakishly short pinkies. They are about 1/2 inch shorter than everyone I’ve ever “compared pinkies” (I know, weird) with and gloves are always way to long only on the pinky.

  13. I can cross my eyes ( in Scotland we say skelly eyes) over and over again, raise only one eyebrow and touch my nose with my tongue, my mum taught me to whistle with two fingers in my mouth and I hang the toilet paper from the top (furthest away from the wall. I also love bread & butter but my aunty Liz introduced me to bread butter and condensed milk
    ( bliss !!) but you need a bath after it. Can I ask what’s this things about wisdom teeth? We only have ours extracted if they’re causing problems. Mary x

  14. Hillary says:

    I’m a 43-year-old mom to a wonderful 4-year-old princess, scientist, soccer superhero.
    I had only 3 wisdom teeth. One removed in my mid-20s by the dentist and the 2 bottom by an oral surgeon when I was in my mid-30s — I was petrified to be put under so opted for the laughing gas option and listened to the Phantom of the Opera on headsets while the procedure was underway!
    I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 18 — I’m not terribly fond of vegetables so I try to eat them in quiches and whatnot. I dislike the large portabello mushrooms too. I’ve never been keen on tomatoes and only like watermelon when it is juiced.
    I’m a bread, olive oil, cheese and potato type-girl.
    My favorite “food” is unsweet, no milk hot black tea — Darjeeling being my favorite.
    And lastly, I wish I exercised my regularly! I have a July wedding to attend and would love to lose 10-15 pounds!!

  15. What a fun post! I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out when I was 22 years old. My then boyfriend came with me to drive me home, because I was heavily sedated. When we were in the car, I noticed a Mexican restaurant that sold tacos. Tacos weren’t common where I lived and I never had one before and was dying to try one.

    It wasn’t easy, but I ate my first hard shelled taco with fresh stitches in my mouth.

    p.s. I should have married that boyfriend, he was a good one!

  16. LowerIncomeMama says:

    I never had wisdom teeth. My dentist told me I was further evolved than most people. : )

    I still use butter at 72, was a total vegetarian (even macrobiotic) in my 40s, but gradually added turkey & chicken along w/dairy back into my diet. I felt tired living on veggies & grains even though I took vitamins. Love saving money, and along with my old pieces, buy everything from thrift stores and upcycle them now that I’m on SS, not just the occasional piece anymore.

  17. Don’t we all love our quirks. I have those freaky hammer thumbs and alway hold hands with my now fiancé thumbs in. I have always tried to hide them. Toilet paper has to roll from the top. My fiancé wears tee shirts for his job and when I first organized his closet he freaked out because they were organized according to color. Light switches have to face the same if there are more than one on a switch. I to did not like tomatoes, watermelons etc, until I changed my way of eating and lost like 40 pounds.did not want to take cholesterol meds so I changed eating habits. I cut out bread, potatoes and those types of non nutritious foods and my body started craving tomatoes and asparagus and thing I never liked or ate before and now I love them. I feel much better and have great energy and don’t crave sweets. Funny how your body tells you what it needs. I have many quirky habits and I am lucky to have someone who adores me for them. God Bless us all with quirks so we are each unique.

    • Hi Robin,

      What did you do to change your eating habits and what did you cut out/add in? I so far have cut out potatoes, pop, and corn and although I have lost a bit of weight and I feel way better, there is still more I want to do but I need to know more!



  18. Kristen says:

    I’d love a tattoo or a teeny nose ring but I’m too chicken.

  19. This is too funny! I do the same thing with toothpaste! And I, too, am pigeon toed. My sister in law and her husband make fun of me all the time, but I don’t mind! We used to live at the beach and they would make fun of how my footprints in the sand pointed inwards – HAHAHA! I laughed right along with them.

  20. Cheri says:

    I love this post! I have always wanted a little nose “stud” but I’m such a coward. Good for you!! My sister has those kind of thumbs and someone once called them “star” thumbs. I am OCD about the toilet tissue and light switches too.

  21. When I read the title of the post, I poured myself a fresh cup of tea and 2 cookies! Lol!
    I love tea. That would be what I could not give up. Always trying to lose weight, I finally stopped putting sugar on my tea about 10 years ago. I also love diet Pepsi. All my friends say it is bad for me. But I don’t smoke, or drink alcohol, and have a good healthy life! Aspartame is my poison, lol! I love peeling oranges… Then cutting into sections. I know, it is weird. I struggled a lot with body image but after my 40th let it go. I think I’m so cute now!!! Lol!!!
    I hate bananas and raw onions! Ugh! I had my wisdom teeth removed in my late 20’s because they would eventually put pressure on the other teeth, since they were not coming out straight.
    Thank you for the awesome post, I loved reading what others posted, too!!!

  22. Tawny says:

    Too funny! Yep, the toothpaste thing is a challenge for me too. I don’t like bananas at all but love banana flavored foods such banana nut bread, ice cream,etc. Like you said I guess it’s a texture thing. I’m from Texas where banana pudding is considered a food group and I will eat it but pick out the banana slices. One of my biggest quirks is little noises that a lot of other folks don’t even hear such as light bulbs and other little humming things. And rattles in my vehicle drive me insane and I will look until I find the source. I also love bread, although not the bought sliced loaves, it gags me especially if it gets the least bit soggy. No soggy bread of any kind! I had to laugh at all of the quirks posted on here and made me feel like maybe I’m not quite as neurotic as I thought I was and not alone! Very enjoyable! Thanks to all who shared!

  23. Tawny says:

    I almost forgot! I got my very first tattoo at the ripe ole age of 52! I never, ever thought I would do it but I did and so far no regrets. However, I chose a place that will not wrinkle very badly as I get older. I’ve seen some real droopy tattoos and didn’t want that to happen to me. My kids were very surprised to say the least!

  24. I pierced my ears a lot even tho I hate the pain of having them and despite my father’s determination to not let me get it, I still do. And I do not understand myself why I love to get my ear pierced so much XD

  25. Ursula Winters says:

    That is so funny, I have the bendy backward thumbs also, freaks some people out, but they are so handy xx

  26. Just came across your blog for the first time and enjoyed reading this post. Like others here, I am OCD about toilet paper coming off the top. I love tomatoes if they are fresh. Makes a big difference! I like cooked mushrooms, but don’t care for them raw at all. I have never liked cheese, but have learned to eat some milder cheeses – like provolone & mozzarella – if they are cooked in things. I don’t like coconut at all, and can taste it no matter what. I despise cake mixes. No matter how much doctoring has been done, I can taste the chemicals. When I was little, I wanted my thumb to bend backwards. I remember knowing someone that could, and I wanted to do the same. But my left thumb does bend weird at the joint. I also have one weird pinky. I call it my volleyball finger because I jammed it so many times. It is large at the knuckle. And even though I’m 60 and about 90 pounds overweight, I can still bend over and touch my toes.

    And nose rings give me the chills. I have sinus issues, and have to blow my nose a lot. Just seems like I would be constantly yanking it out.

  27. I loved this post! Thanks for sharing.

    PS. My thumbs bend backwards, too. Embrace this gift.
    We are special …… giggle…giggle….

  28. Liane says:

    This is a first for me, leaving a note. I really enjoyed reading about you and love browsing all your before and afters. Love all before and afters. My thumbs bend backwards as does my fingers, toes, legs and elbows. Well actually only one elbow now. I broke my left one pretty bad and after a year and a half of physio they deemed it straightened. When I pointed out the difference they told me that my right one isn’t normal, its double jointed. Actually I’m double jointed everywhere, including my back. I also don’t like mushrooms or tomatoes. Read the “Eat Right For Your Blood Type” book and you may find out why we don’t like certain things. You need to know your blood type. Toilet paper has to be from the top. Drives me insane the other way. I’m pretty relaxed about housework but some things irate me beyond reason. Dog slobber!!! and open cupboards. I have a passion for sideboards and anything with a pedestal. But my biggest addiction/passion is my children and grandchildren and of course my husband.

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