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Furniture Feature Friday – Jessica’s Favorites & a Link Party

I spent the day traveling to Long Island, New York where I’m working with a group to help clean up and rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.  They have an overwhelming amount of work that needs to be done still about seven months later.  I brought my camera, so I’ll share some pictures of the work we’re doing.

Before we get to FFF, I want to give a special shout out to a place that has earned my affections today.  This is probably TMI, but if you’ve ever driven through an urban area and drank a bit too much water prior to doing so, you know how hard it can be to find a restroom or even an exit that leads to a restroom.  So, after about a hour of driving through NYC traffic, I was about ready to burst and cry.  We finally took an exit in Queens, hoping to find a place that would obviously have a public bathroom.  Or a bush.  No luck.  I spotted a small pizza place and asked (maybe pleaded) if we could pull over.  I was almost certain I would be turned away with the usual, “Sorry, you have to be a customer…” or I would be handed a key strapped to a cinder block where I would be directed to sketchy shack behind the restaurant. I ran to the pizza place, hoping they would take pity on a teary woman who was clearly not a New Yorker and was also clearly about to wet her pants.  The wonderful man at the host/hostess station of Dee’s Pizza in Queens smiled and gave me directions to their restroom  and permission to use it without being a customer.  From this day forward, Dee’s Pizza in Queens has a special place in my heart.  (Their pizza looked and smelled amazing as well!)  Anyway, thanks to the kindness of strangers, we will get the full deposit back on our rental van.

I told you…TMI.

Sooo…since I’m traveling this weekend, I had a friend pick my favorites for me.  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Jessica of Dear Emmeline  through her blog and also through Lucketts.  She has great taste and picked some beautiful pieces.  You can see she likes the chippy thing.  My kind of girl.  Here are her favorites.


The layered effect that Jacqueline of My Simple Home Life created on this antique dresser is simply gorgeous.  The light gray and pale blue look lovely paired with mustard accents! Rumor has it she used a wax technique to achieve this look.  We’ll have to hop over to her blog and beg her to share the process!


Jen of City Farmhouse gave this bench a Restoration Hardware inspired makeover.  The frame received a simple paint wash treatment and the seats were recovered in drop cloth.  So pretty!  This bench also has a twin that was given an equally fabulous makeover.  You will not believe how different they looked before Jen worked her magic.

The finish on this colorful dresser from Dionne of The Turquoise Iris is meant to look like a piece of real turquoise.  Heavy distressing isn’t for everyone but I think this piece is stunning.  Distressed in all the right places and perfectly complemented with a southwest style rug.


It was so hard to pick just three features from all the wonderful projects linked up last week!  I couldn’t move on without giving a nod to the rest of the projects that caught my eye.  I pinned all the projects I wish I could have featured on my painting-refinishing-reupholstering Pinterest board with MMS 4/19 in the comments.


Thanks, Jessica! Sorry to introduce you after a potty story!

Here are the rules for our furniture get-together…

1.) Your post has to be about furniture. Please, please, please…just furniture. If you find your link has been deleted, it’s not because I’m mean, it’s because your post was not about furniture. You can share makeovers, awesome finds, favorite pieces, furniture arrangements, or even pieces on your wish list! Built-in furniture like kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities qualify as furniture.

2.) Post a permalink (the link to the post), not the link to your blog.

3.) This party will close Friday at midnight PST and I will choose my favorite(s) and feature their piece(s) on next week’s FFF.

Enjoy the party!

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  1. Thanks for hosting! have a great weekend :)

  2. That is not TMI, that is true life!! Been there! Sitting in traffic with no place to pull over, that is torture!

    I love Jessica! She did a fantastic job picking favorites. Every one of them deserve to be featured here.

  3. Thank you Jessica! I am so thrilled. I live on Long Island, that was gracious of you to give your time. Have a great weekend! Jen

  4. Thank you so much for choosing my chippy blue dresser Jessica! This made my night being featured on the fabulous Miss Mustard Seed blog!

  5. Thank you for hosting! Good luck and be safe traveling; can’t wait to hear more about it when you get back!

  6. Thanks for hosting! and boy oh boy do I hear ya with the needed potty break and no place to go… that is so awful! Little Bit

  7. I seriously just called my post “French Enamel” chair?! I meant to put Kitchen Scale! Nothing like getting the color wrong with the girl who created the color?! Yes, my face is red! But, not as red as it would have been if I had wet my pants! Thanks for hosting! Life to the full! Melissa

  8. Wanda G says:

    Fun story, thinking of all of you this week as you work and serve in Ny.

  9. Your time is choc-a-block filled. Thank you for hosting Furniture Friday. You are a continuing inspiration.

  10. I can see why you and Jessica are friends! She’s got great taste, too!

  11. Therese @ Fresh Idea says:

    Beautiful picks from Jessica! Thanks for hosting. Happy and safe travels home.
    Oh, I better run! I gotta go tinkle! Lol
    Hey, it happens.

  12. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am so happy and flattered Jessica chose my turquoise antique dresser. What a way to make my weekend super. And, a huge thanks, to you too, Marian for hosting a party for such fun creative friends!

  13. Hi, Thanks for hosting. Have a super weekend!

  14. Thank you for hosting, Marian.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Beautiful inspirations, thanks for hosting Marian:) Hugs, Biljana

  16. Thanks for hosting. This is such a great linky party …so inspiring!
    Have a great weekend, Jen

  17. Thank you for the linky! Always have such inspiring projects!

  18. Thank you so much for hosting! It’s such a great opportunity to explore some fantastic blogs i haven’t seen before. Love your site so inspirational have a fantastic weekend!

  19. Susan Smith says:

    Hope you are retaining all of your blog writings, they would make a GREAT book!!!

  20. I know the feeling I feel like I’m that way all the time in the car. I love Jessica from Dear Emmeline. She’s such a sweet girl and very talented. She chose some wonderful features! :)

  21. Totally not TMI! We have all been there, love the kindness of strangers, a good reminder to be kind always. Thank you so much for a great party, have a wonderful weekend!

    xo, Tanya

  22. Diane says:

    Thanks for coming to Long Island to help out!
    I live on Long Island :)
    Let me know where the church is
    I would love to help out too
    You truly are an inspiration !

  23. Thanks for letting me sub in Marian! It was lots of fun taking the time to check out everyone’s posts! Though quite hard to narrow it down!

  24. Shout out to Queens. Nice people are really out there…..thanks for letting us know about them!

  25. Hi Marian,

    Thank so much for hosting and Jessica did a wonderful job picking out the features.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  26. Hi Marian,
    I’m on Long Island too, never heard of Bradford…googled it and came up with upstate ny. You sure it’s Bradford? Glad to heAr the pizza guy was friendly, never know what you are gong to get around here! Too bad your ot teaching a class too, but so sweet of you to lend a hand. Alot of people I know are just getting back to their homes.

  27. Theresa Nardone says:

    Oops, just googled church….Baldwin ny….like 5 minutes away from me!

  28. Yes, sorry ladies! I was on the way to the pizza place and was a little distracted. It’s in Baldwin. We’ll be there working all day if you want to stop in, even just to say hi.

  29. Thank you for helping with Sandy. I am sorry to say I do not feel the same, when Ike hit Galveston, Texas. We lost over 100 year old trees and over 100 year old homes. We were on the news the week off but no more. No one came to help us but the Beach Boys. We were hit just as bad. Thank goodness Texas can take care of it’s own. We really would love for the rest of the US to help us also.

  30. Sharon says:

    Thank you for being here in NYC to help. I did some work out in the Rockaways in December and they were still in bad shape, and I know many still are in bad shape.

  31. colleen says:

    ha ha been there done that . we were coming back from Mexico and sitting in traffic at boarder I was almost sick! my husband said go pee behand a bush and I said NO cause it was someones front yard geez. so when we got close enough I ran in to American restroom before we were waved across they tried to stop me and I told them I would gladly pee on thier shoes. they let me in ;).

  32. Hi Marian,

    I look so forward to your posts. You were one of the first ladies that got me started on this crazy furniture painting adventure. Thank you for that :).

    I believe I am a little late for this party but thought I would try anyway.

    Have a great weekend Marian,

  33. Thanks for hosting. Have a great weekend!

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