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the eagle has landed


 Some kind of cliche code phrase just seems to be appropriate for what my husband and I accomplished today.   After a lot of sweat equity, geometry, learning what lingers in drain pipes and a dinner break to Olive Garden (in ill-fitting, paint-splattered  sweat pants), our butcher block counters, new sink and faucet are installed!!!  Forget weekend warriors… we’re Thursday warriors.

DSC_8251 (640x424)

DSC_8257 (640x415)

DSC_8258 (424x640)

I knew I would love them, but I had no idea what a difference they would make in the space.  It makes the kitchen look so high end!  I was pretty astounded.

Anyway, I am headed to Atlanta tomorrow for a workshop and book signing on Saturday, so I won’t get to really “play” with them until I get back.  I almost feel like I need to learn how to decorate my kitchen all over again.  I’m used to trying to hide things I don’t like with a bunch of stuff I do like.  Now I don’t need to do that!  I hardly know what to do with myself.

We also need to build and install the range hood and put some finishing touches on everything to get the kitchen officially ready for “beauty shots.”

I am bursting, I can tell you that, and I can’t wait to show more.

PS – There will be a full tutorial on making your own butcher block counters on soon.  I will also share more about the sink and faucet, why I selected what I did and the installation process.

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  1. maggie says:

    Gorgeous!! (But you knew that!) 😉

    • Carol says:

      I love the look of the new counters. And everything else you do. I was just wondering if there was a reason why you didn’t join the corner at a 45 degree angle.

  2. Seriously GORGEOUS! LOVE!

  3. Absolutely fabulous. I really love the color stain you used on them. Grogwous.

  4. What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment you must be feeling :) Looks wonderful!

  5. Laura S says:

    With the tile backsplash and all the white cabinets, the natural wood butcher block definately brings in the warmth! You have made many brilliant decisions with your kitchen remodel and you should be very proud :) Simply Beautiful!

  6. Georgia says:

    WOW! Your kitchen looks fabulous! I’m sure it must feel terrific to see the results of all the work you put into it…….congratulations!

    Have also been meaning to let you know I love your book……so much good info and great photos. I am so glad I ordered it. Again, another great job!

    Have a wonderful trip to Atlanta and travel home safely!


  7. MelissaPete says:

    I’ve never seen that type of counter before. It’s beautiful and truly stunning with your cabinets! Well done!

  8. They are absolutely beautiful!! Look so rich with color and I love the backsplash. Your kitchen is going through a transformation! Can’t wait to see the end result – great work!

  9. Sherri G. says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous and worth the Work! I have those same sweat pants and some of my best and creative works get done in them! HaHa

  10. Ooooh, I have kitchen envy! It is gorgeous! I love the herringbone backsplash against the dark butcher block counters. Stunning!

  11. Absolutely beautiful! I am filled with envy …. we just remodeled our kitchen and paid a local artisan to make walnut countertops. They are lovely, but not nearly as dark as I would have liked (nor did they match the sample he had given me prior…..hmph!) I LOVE yours though! I wish I had found your blog sooner, perhaps we would have made them ourselves and then I would have what I truly wanted. I recently moved from Richmond to near northern VA, and was in Luckett’s Store the day they were setting up your milk paint display last fall….small world! Thank you for all your shares….you are a great inspiration!

  12. Not only are the new countertops and faucet gorgeous, but the whole kitchen looks absolutely amazing.

  13. Hi Marian – everything looks beautiful! I really love the wood countertop. I wish I could have done them but when i was re-doing my kitchen, I had a few teenagers also cooking in the space and I thought that they would really wreck the coutertops – so I went with granite, which I still love!

    My faucet looks like yours – only oil rubbed bronze. They were from a comoany called Newport Brass. I had great luck with one of the faucets (after 7 years of use) on my prep sink. But the main faucet started to wear away in one spot (same with the drains – which I am now replacing because the bronze wore away). I have to buy another oil rubbed bronze faucet – preferably one that won’t wear down!!

    I’ll be anxious to hear the reason why you chose the faucets you did!



  14. Susan says:


  15. Rachel says:

    Love it! Great job!

  16. Sheila says:

    Love what you are doing in your kitchen! I’m greatly missing your Furniture Feature Friday–where did it go?!!

  17. They look amazing! Your hard work paid off again!

  18. Well done!! (applause!)

  19. WOW! How gorgeous is that! I love it! I’m in process of re-reading about the wood, etc. I need to do this! So so pretty! I’d have to keep getting up at night just to turn the light on & see them again & again!! Absolutely fantastic!!!

  20. Janie says:

    Perfecto Mundo!

  21. Beautiful!

  22. Julie says:

    Beyond fabulous!!!!!!

  23. Girl, my mouth literally fell open when I saw the first picture. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!!
    Way to go! ~Holly

  24. stunning!

  25. Dianne says:

    Your kitchen IS beyond fabulous! You have such vision as I have said before. You are amazing. And, I am always grateful for the continued inspiration you bring. After seeing your pillows, I made a small pillow to go with my new bedding. Not the same, but with more detail than I normally would have tried. I love the result.

  26. The countertops look amazing! We recently had new countertops put in (my husband and I do not have the skills for such!) and I chose the exact same faucet! It was a bit of a splurge, but I LOVED the look! Life to the full, Melissa

  27. Michelle Wallace says:

    I love your faucet! My daughter and I were just looking at it for a bathroom we are finishing in the basement to go with a vessel sink. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it on your blog! BTW, I love your kitchen it is so beautiful and inviting.

  28. Caroline says:

    Stunning, just stunning!!!

  29. okay. i’ve heard a lot about you and your website, business, paints, etc, but don’t have a lot of time to read blogs so i hadn’t really researched you site. today i found a link to one of your tutorials and have spent an hour moving around your site. when i found your kitchen counters, i just had to say out loud . . . we have much in common(i flatter myself). about the same time that you were putting in your counters, we were doing the same–well, we had hired someone to do it for us–my husband spends a lot of time overseas. here’s a link to ours:
    i’m sure i’ll become a blog stalker and you will likely have to block me in the near future . . . thanks for sharing.

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