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New French Sofa


Do you ever get that feeling…the sudden urge to look at Craig’s List?  You just know in your gut that there’s something there for you.  Sometimes I get that urge and come up empty.  My awesome-deal-on-a-piece-of-furniture-sensor must be picking up a reception from another region or something.  When I got the urge the other day, though, I found a beautiful French sofa with cane sides for a great price.  I bought from this shop before, so I jumped at it and bought it over the phone, hoping it would be nice in person.   It was.  It was even better

DSC_8376 (640x411)

The cushion that looked a little iffy and lumpy in the CL picture is actually one long down cushion.  Score!  It’s so comfy.  The sofa is pretty deep, so you can sink into it and really cuddle up.

DSC_8380 (424x640)

 …and the detail on the carved legs.  Sigh.  You know how I feel about legs.

DSC_8382 (426x640)


…and the cane arms?  They’re double-caned, meaning there is cane on both sides with about one inch space between.  It’s beautiful.

The upholstery isn’t bad, but I do plan to “mustard-ize” it a bit.  Come on…what do you expect?

So, it was time to pass the old daybed along.  It was given to me by some friends and I want to give it to someone else who would enjoy it.  It needed some work and I didn’t want to tackle it again.  I removed the grain sacks from the seat to use for another project and put it up for free on Craig’s List (without the pillows.)


DSC_6155 (640x424)


So, this afternoon, a very sweet lady and a couple of guys came to pick it up.  I explained a little bit about it and why I was passing it along.  The woman nodded and smiled and finally burst out, “You know, I know who you are!”  I laughed and the men rolled their eyes.  I learned a lesson at that moment.  Take a shower and put a little makeup on before having people come to your house to pick up free furniture!  We had our picture taken together and one of the men brought a copy of my book and a pen out from the truck.  The daybed is featured in a few places in the book, so I signed it on one of those pages.  It was a surreal moment that made me feel so special and happy that the daybed was going to a home where it would be enjoyed.

Aside from my little red carpet moment on my back deck in my sweatpants, I had an uneventful day catching up on e-mail and milk paint stuff.  Tomorrow, we’re working on (and hopefully finishing) the custom range hood in the kitchen.  Almost done…

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  1. Talitha says:

    You’ll probably think this is a weird comment, but I thought it was a funny coincidence to read how you gave away a loved piece of furniture! I had a bit of an inner struggle the other day when I felt God put it on my heart to give a favorite book away to a friend as an encouragement. Guess which book… yours. It has blessed me so much and I know it will bless my friend. I felt a little sad, but also happy knowing how she will be encouraged. And then I read your blog… which put a big smile on my face!

  2. Joann says:

    Love your blog. Love your style. I can’t believe your luck on CL. I’m a leg girl, too, and then the cane arms and then the down cushion!!!! SCORE!! I get lots of inspiration from you and really enjoy your humor. Till next time.

  3. Loved this post the pretty and the real life…a lucky score for both you and the person with a pic your may not want posted….love your new piece

  4. Sheila Dezio says:

    What a sweet story…it’s all about paying it forward!

  5. It’s WONDERFUL! What an amazing find!


  6. Doreen says:

    I agree”What a find”l love your decorating style. Where did you get your family room slipcovers made? They are just what I am looking for and I am in your area.

  7. Stephanie Halliday says:

    Hi, Marian!

    I love your couch and I found something sort of similar online and went to check it out. I’m not sure if it’s over priced for the amount of work that must go into it, but I’ll send an email to you for your opinion. Thanks for sharing! : )

  8. I’d love to find a little daybed like that for my office. I know the feeling you’re talking about when searching Craig’s List. I had that feeling when I found my identical match to a Ballard secretary with chicken wire door that I had been eyeing in the store. I think I was speeding the whole way to the person’s house to pick it up because I didn’t believe I was really taking it home with me!

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