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more than stripes


When you have a stripe-painting project, what do you buy?  Painter’s tape.  Frog Tape if you’re really smart.  :)  While Frog Tape is perfect for painting stripes and other patterns, I have found that I use it for more non-painting projects than painting ones.  I am not challenged by Frog Tape each month to come up with a new use for their product.  I actually use it a couple times a month for random projects and then think, “Oh!  I can use this for my Frog Tape Blog Squad post!”  I wouldn’t have agreed to participate if it was going to be something forced and contrived.

So, how did I use Frog Tape in February?

Well, I first used it when I was grouting my back splash.  Grout can be messy and I didn’t want to get it on the wall, so I used Frog Tape when I was working around the edges.

DSC_7339 (424x640)


DSC_7342 (424x640)


…and I used the delicate surface Frog Tape when we were working on the counters.  We had two pieces that were almost the same size, but one was going to be routed on two sides and the other just one.  I didn’t want to get them confused, so I used Frog Tape to label them.

DSC_7463 (480x640)

I reached for Frog Tape because I knew it wouldn’t leave a sticky residue on the unfinished butcher block.

So, even if you don’t have a stripe or chevron painting project on the horizon, you might want to pick up a roll of Frog Tape.  I think you’ll be surprised how many times you reach for it!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Frog Tape. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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  1. Sherilan says:

    I have the same tile back splash. Yours looks great.

  2. Denise T says:

    Definitely , the frog tape is definitely very useful for multi-purposes.

  3. Linden Townhouse says:

    We use it all the time too. I just finished the roll that I won on a give-away of yours quite a long time ago! (and promptly bought another roll)

  4. Marian, I wonder if you can explain the difference between regular painters tape and Frog Tape. Wouldn’t regular painters tape be good enough for things like protecting your wall from grout and for posting a note on your counter? I’m curious because Frog Tape is almost twice as much money here in Canada and I want to be convinced that it’s better. Thanks. Great tiles btw!

  5. I lurrrve me some Frog Tape! I use it on paint projects, crafty projects, and even when I run out of plain old scotch tape. Did you know that it’s the perfect tackiness to pull glitter off a table without making a bigger mess than the one you are cleaning up? I didn’t either, until I made that mess – it’s awesome!!!

  6. My hubby asked is that a new bracelet and I did laugh out load, as it went so well with my outfit old jeans with about 16 colors and a pink sweat shirt that clashes well with my redhair. So do I use green tape I should by some stock. About every month at least. Why do I use it because when I have worked on a project it does not pull of paint, It reallllllllllly seals if you take the time to reallllly press it in place.I have used for marking measurements on walls. I have used when hanging pictures on freshly painted walls….and on countless redo projects My top commented post was a old trunk that I did a union jack on all of course using green tape….and lining up subway lettering yeap again…So I will wear my bracelet with pride but not the pink sweat shirt LOL

  7. Hi Marian,
    Same question as Joan from Canada…(Hi Joan~excellent question!). Is frog tape so much better than regular painters tape?

  8. i wont buy anything other then frog tape! it is amazing. i never have to touch up afterwards and it never allows paint to go through the tape. love it!

  9. Caren says:

    I like frog tape, but found recently it actually peeled up the paint when I used it to hold down a stencil. It was on a piece that had milk paint on it, which I hadn’t used before, painters tape may have done the same? Also, wondering if anyone could share how to use tape when painting lines or stripes. Last time I did it, it left a raised edge along the lines. Not sure how to prevent it?

  10. Jan McGuirk says:

    I tried Frog Tape to protect brads on a chair while I was painting the legs and it does not stay on as well as the blue stuff.

  11. I’m with you on Frog Tape! Since using it I will never go back :)

  12. I like the frog tape… it has it place though. I only use it to tape off stripes or other projects which I am masking off areas where I’ve got fresh paint. It’s for those delicate surfaces like that. I know you like to promote Frog tape; but it is a bit pricey for using it in areas like your tile project. Just sayin!!! Love your blog and wonderful tips and tricks!

  13. I paint barn quilts & sell them via my online shop.
    Painting them is my passion so I use Frog tape every day!!
    I have tried every other type of ‘painting’ tape & nothing works as well as Frog Tape!!!!
    Love it!

  14. I love Frog Tape and use a lot of it in my workshop! It is on the expensive side, but keeps paint from bleeding over into areas I want covered.

  15. Frog tape is so much better than the blue stuff!

  16. Amanda says:

    I used frog tape so I could paint some stripes on a table a couple days ago. There was no problem with bleeding but it did chip off some of my bottom color (I use ASCP). Not sure if I did something wrong?

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