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A Range Hood, A Cow Head & Angel Wings


I’m having one of those days where I feel like I could write about five blog posts.  I just want to chat and tell you what I’ve been up to, what plans I have and some things that are are my mind.  The past few days, I’ve been in much more of a “doing mood” than a “taking-pictures-and-talking-about-it” mood.  And now I feel like chatting, but I don’t have a ton of time to write those five blog posts today.  So, I’m making a note of those things and I’ll share them here and there.

Today, though, I want to share the most exciting thing.  We finished the range hood!!  The counters made a huge difference, but the range hood is definitely the icing on the cake.  It looks so custom and gourmet and high end and all of those things that are desirable in a kitchen.

DSC_8633 (424x640)

I posted this peek of it on my Facebook page yesterday…

 …and had quite the reaction to the cow head.  Some people thought it was a REAL cow head!  Now, I’m not opposed to taxidermy, but I don’t think I would want a stuffed cow head right above my stove.  No, it’s a metal cow head.  Though, I understand that looking up at this while cooking some hamburger meat might be unsettling enough…

DSC_8632 (424x640)

I am a vegetarian and my family doesn’t eat meat at home, so it’s not an issue for me.  The cow and I can be at peace with one another as I’m flipping a black bean burger.

 So, why do I like the cow head?  Despite my denials, I guess I do have a thing for cows.  I don’t want to fill a curio with cow figurines, but I really love my cow paintings.  The cow head ties into that, but it also reminds me of the bullheads hung in European butcher shops.  I grew up in Germany and I tend to sway towards things that remind me of the decor I loved so much as a child.  (My dollhouse was filled with hand painted bauernmalerei beds with red-checked feather deckers.)

DSC_8628 (424x640)

I think I’m going to have a lot of fun decorating the range hood, though.  Sometimes I might put up a platter or tole tray or hang mini-stockings for Christmas or line up some ironstone sugar bowls.  We’ll see.  For now, though, I love the cow head.  Do you think she needs a name?  I’ve decided to name my newest cow Hyacinth.  A reader suggested that and it just stuck in my mind.  So, now I have Eulalie, Adele and Hyacinth.  What shall we call this one?


In other kitchen news, we’re learning how to live with butcher block counters.  So far, they’ve been very durable.  We have gotten a couple of dings and scratches, but that’s going to happen and they don’t look bad.  I do have felt pads on the bottom of things that are regularly on the counters to minimize that…

DSC_8627 (640x425)

DSC_8626 (640x424)

We did have a mishap with a plastic shopping bag.  My husband set it on the counter, as one would think it would be okay to do, and the bag stuck to the counter and left a mark and some coloring from the graphic on the bag.  We were both pretty bummed, but it wiped up with mineral spirits and you can’t see a thing.  I imagine that won’t happen once the finish has cured for the full 30 days.  Until then…no plastic bags on the counter!

I’m also still working on organizing the kitchen cabinets.  With the new sink, we had to move the trash from the cabinet under the sink.  The pipes prevent the can from going in all the way.  So, I installed a slide-out trashcan holder in the cabinets next to the fridge.


DSC_8624 (424x640)


…and with the cow head and wreath moved to the range hood, I have a free chalkboard wall.  I’m going to create some kind of butcher shop inspired chalk art, I think.  Again, I don’t know what it is with the whole cow/meat/butcher thing…  I mean, if you take all of the meat out of an old European butcher shop, it’s a pretty amazing looking place – warm woods, beautiful display cases, a chalkboard filled with products and prices, marble tiles…  Are you following me?

DSC_8636 (424x640)


And lastly, I thought I would share another round of freelance projects for that I’ve been working on…  Halloween costumes!  I was really hesitant to take these on, but I found I had agreed to do six of them.  It’s definitely not my forte, but it’s pushed me to be creative in new ways and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it.  I don’t think this will be a regular gig for me, but I’m glad I gave it a try.  Here’s a preview of the feathered wings I made…

Feathered Wings - Beauty Shot 1 (640x424)

They were definitely my favorite and I must admit that I couldn’t help tying them on.  Since I have boys, I had to “borrow” a girl for the tutus and frilly stuff.  My poor four-year-old boy did have to be a fit model for me, though, and his face was a riot when I was trying to tie a tutu on him.  Just a part of being Miss Mustard Seed’s son.  Poor guy.

A parade of furniture, a cow head staring at you while you’re eating a snack and now tutus.

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  1. Deborah Sedgwick Quiogue says:

    Love your kitchen. I think your newest addition looks like a Daisy!

  2. Colleen Bloxham says:

    I love the cow head!! Though I do think you should take it down and sell it to me a perfectly happy, well adjusted carnivore! lol. Anymore where that come from??

  3. Oh you have a Hyacinth now? Have you ever watched the BBC show “Keeping up Appearances”? The main character is Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “bouquet” according to Hyacinth)… in honor of Hyacinth Bucket I do believe you need either Rose, Violet, or Daisy.

    Oh how I miss the old metzgerei! :) Where were you in Germany? We lived in Augsburg and Bamberg…. both in Bavaria (way back in the 70’s before the wall came down….)

  4. Angie W says:

    Love the range hood. Curious – did you have a microwave there before and if so, where did you put that? And I love the cow! My grandpa was a milker so I grew up around cows. I have seen some really great cow pics that I wanted to buy but just didn’t. I have the rooster thing going on. Might be time for a change!

  5. I love the metal cow! it’s perfect and that kitchen of yours is spectacular!!! LOVE IT!! I think your cow should be called Telullah “Cow” Belle :)

  6. nancy from the nati says:


  7. Laura S. says:

    Your son may have to try on tutus but he gets to have a cow head in his kitchen, for goodness sakes. There’s trade offs! Lol. Your kitchen has turned out so beautiful!! So happy for you :)

  8. Sierra says:

    Ok, where’d you get the cowhead and the wreath? I want both. I am a meat lover and I would have no problem hanging that in my kitchen! Love everything MMS!

  9. Winnie says:

    I used to know a cow named Petunia – she was a sweetheart!!

  10. Love the range hood and the decorations. For some reason I think the cow head looks like a boy rather than a girl – although how I can tell that I have NO idea! LOLOLOL As for a name – maybe Agnus?

  11. Lahna Wheeler says:

    Fraulein? (Is she single?) Tulip? Just another flower name, but any good female German name would work. Fraulein Tulip? Frau Tulip?

    Fraulein Mustard Seed?

  12. Patti says:

    Lovely Marion, I own a cleaning service and thought I’d give some helpful advice. While all is new on the hood lightly furniture polish all the items you’re going to be putting up there. They will be much easier to clean especially since they’re right above your stove. The wreath can also be sprayed and then wipe the excess off, those wreaths are the hardest ones to get clean when they’re dirty. Your kitchen is beautiful, many blessings!

  13. karen says:

    I think in honor of the season, your newest cow should be named “Lily” as in Easter lily. Your kitchen is gorgeous. And I LOVE everything you do with your grainsacks.

  14. Phyllis says:

    Seriously – where can I buy a cow head like yours? Really – what is not to love about cows and sheep? They are such lovely, docile, trusting creatures.
    Range hood looks very spiffy – looking forward to the tutorial. :)

    • Look what that trusting cow in MMS’s kitchen got for being docile and trusting….his/her head whacked off! Sorry to be the outlier here, but that head looks creepy to me.

      I think Patti has a point with the cleaning issue. Even the top of my fridge and MW attract filth.
      But MMS has wrought near-miracles in the past, so maybe she has a secret way to keep kitchen decor clean and will share her arcane knowledge sometime soon. i would really love to know her secrets. The MW &fridge, you see………

  15. Judi in the UK says:

    I think your new cow just has to be DAISY doesn’t it? Loving your whole butcher style kitchen.


  16. I love your creative flair. I can’t wait for my travel schedule to slow down so I can get some of your milk paint to redo my childhood bedroom furniture. It needs a facelift for sure! :)

  17. Maybe her name should be Moocille? Hahaha :)

  18. Carolyn says:

    Hood perfection! And, I was wondering where your heifer head went from the chalk board wall. I fell in love with her ages ago and got one intending to put her on my yet to be completed range hood. (Painted my cow a zinc color)

    I was so anxious to see your completed hood to compare with my design and just imagine how thrilled I am to see it complete with cow. Now I know I’m headed the right direction! I just love what you’ve done. It’s a dramatic change and I’m really glad to see how the variable heights work.

  19. GingerPeach says:

    Lovely. Great names. How about Mabel – from the stable.

  20. She needs a German name to celebrate your little years? Berta, Ilse, Wilhemina? There are so many pretty ones…and she looks smart and thoughtful, too. :) Love, love how your kitchen is turning out. It is really a treat to see the progress as you share it. You have such a warm, kind way about you. Thanks for letting us peek at the prettiness…and the pretty cow, too.

    • I vote for Wilhemina. It is a perfect German name and it is kinda lyrical. Everything looks great. You are so talented.

  21. Sue Pagels says:

    Blossom – she just looks like a Blossom to me! The kitchen looks great!

  22. cheryl liberty says:

    Oh so beautiful! I am going to check out the tutorials. I am waiting for the cow on decor steals but no luck yet :( . there was one on antique farmhouse for $380 so I assumed it was larger than yours. Hope i didn’t miss out although i can’t spend that amount!!

  23. Absolutely LOVE the cow head and wreath! I love your style, and all that you have done and so graciously shared.. I am just starting out in the Blog world, and your site is my favorite of all!!!! I ‘ve pointed several friends to you..:-) and they have fallen in love with all that you do also! Would love to find a wreath like yours. Did you make it, or purchase it? Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  24. Your kitchen looks great! I love the cow head with the wreath over your stove. It’s not too different from all the deer heads that have become all the rage!

  25. Oh how about Bessie? Love the cow head and the hood. Your kitchen is amazing!! I really love the sign above the window!!!!

  26. If that cow is French, she needs to be called Marguerite! The number one choice for any cow!

  27. Kathryn says:

    I dunno….how about ya call her Butch”. Nothing like looking up while you’re flipping that aromatic black bean burger and saying “hi Butch!” with a wave of the flipper

  28. The range hood looks great! Looking forward to tall the tutorials.

    How about Anneliese, Trudy (for Trautl) or Ilse, or even Schatzi, for the cow’s name?

  29. I have to laugh at the irony of a vegetarian decorating her kitchen in a “butcher” theme! I love cows as well (but I do eat mine) and like to collect cow paintings– I have two Cari Humphrey prints, which I think I’ve mentioned before. There is something really grounded about them that I am drawn to. Anyway, I love the way the kitchen is shaping up, cow’s head and potential butcher’s chalkboard and all!

  30. Krist E says:

    Don’t have any suggestions for Cow names for you, you have already been given some great ones to choose from! I also like Cows and try to discriminately collect them, only the items I just can’t live w/o. :) I do think it a little ironic though being a vegetarian that you gravitate toward the “Butcher Shop” decor. haha! Anyway, great job on the kitchen it looks wonderful.

  31. Looking great Marian … The range hood turned out so nice. The cow head and wreath are perfect there. You did good!!!
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  32. My kitchen has a cow head crush! That looks fabulous, as for a name…I would lean towards something like Lulu personally.

    xo, Tanya

  33. Gloria says:

    Growing up we had a cow named Bossie. That would be a good name for your cow that seems to be looking down on everyone as in the Boss. Love your kitchen,

  34. M J Riley says:

    Where did you get the boxwood wreath? Thanks!

  35. Rug source!

  36. Linda A. says:

    The kitchen looks great. Your range hood turned out beautifully, and will be fun to decorate through the seasons. I am also enjoying the irony of the vegetarian in the butcher shop!

  37. Amanda says:

    She definitely looks like a “Buttercup” to me!!
    Love the kitchen:)

  38. I think the cow head is lovely. She has a very sweet face and soft eyes. When Decor Steals makes them available, I am buying one! I have been waiting for the large boxwood wreath too. I just love your style! We have a mini farm and this style works with everything that I love! You are the only designer that I follow. Many blessings to you and thank you for the inspiration.

  39. HOW ABOUT BUTTERCUP ? Growing up my Dad bought my sister & I 4 sheep so we could get involved in 4H. We named them BUTTERCUP, DAISY, PRINCESS & Dumbo ( yes the Disney influence was alive in the 70’s in our house) we weren’t too good at showing but we sure loved going out to the pen & feeding & hugging them. Lol. Yes I think Buttercup would be a perfect name for your Cow!

  40. debbie says:

    I am thinking Iris or Tulip – Lovely kitch!!!

  41. judi murray says:

    Marion do you have any clout with the daily decor site that you could get them to have the cowhead again???PLEASE I am MAD for cows

    • Yes, the cow head was originally an MMS pick of the month with Decor Steals. I’ve let them know my readers are interested in seeing it as a sale again and they have ordered them, but they are on back order for a few months. I will definitely post about it when the sale is going to happen again.

    • Check out decor steal’s sister site – antique farmhouse. They currently have one for sale.

  42. Anisha S says:

    Where did you get the under counter garbage slide out? We have been looking for one for sometime, and I like yours better than what I have seen…..

  43. Emily says:

    I have this cow head and want a wreath like it. Can you tell me what size this one is? Please?

  44. Rendell stafford says:

    I am interested in finding the Clara the cowherd can you tell me where I can buy one

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