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The Wonders of Grout


 I actually had to dig this photo out of my computer’s recycle bin.

DSC_7133 (640x424)

I was embarrassed at the gaps and, while I had faith in grout and caulk, I wasn’t eager to share the full frontal shot of my first tile job.  So, instead I showed shots where my imperfections weren’t so in-your-face.

Well, here’s what that same wall looks like after it has been grouted.  (I still need to caulk around the edges.)

DSC_7359 (640x424)

Amazing, right?!  I was a little nervous that I had too much faith in caulk and grout, but it exceeded my expectations in making my amateur tile job look great.

Here are some things I learned in my inaugural grout-applying project.

 1.) Grouting is a not-fun job.  When I looked longingly at the bucket of grout on my counter before my trip to Arkansas, I imagined I would smooth the grout over the tiles in one swoop, sponge the excess off and be done in an hour at most.  Yes, laugh.  I had no idea how much arm muscle and back bending and time was involved in applying grout.

DSC_7351 (640x424)


2.) Grouting is messy and gravity works against you when applying it to a back splash.  I finally caught onto that and used a piece of cardboard to catch the clumps of grout that fell.  I also still have grout in my fingernails and will be wearing gloves tomorrow.


DSC_7353 (640x424)


3.) It takes a little time to get used to the tools.  The grout float tool felt very cumbersome to me when working on an 18″ back splash, especially around the corners…


DSC_7348 (640x424)


…so, I used a rubber spreader around the edges and outlets.  It was easier for me to control and there was less mess.


DSC_7356 (640x424)


4.) Mosaic tile requires a lot of grout! I had a gallon of grout and I ran out about halfway through my project.  My sweet hubby made a run to Home Depot after work to get some more, so I can finish in the morning.  We live in the middle of orchard, farm and civil war battlefield country, so a run to Home Depot is no small trip.

5.) Grouting is messy and not fun and all of those things mentioned above, but it’s all worth it when you wipe all of the grout away and step back to look at your work.


DSC_7362 (424x640)




DSC_7359 (640x424)


Today we picked up our counters (well, the raw butcher block) and the finish for the counters and range hood insert were delivered.  My freelance articles on the kitchen and bedroom have to be submitted in a few weeks and the finish line is getting closer…

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  1. Hi Thank you so much for posting. I’m super nervous that my small herringbone will look too busy with my quartz. I came across this and saw what grout does. Here’s hoping it looks better grouted!

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