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Bedroom Chandelier & Ceiling


The planked ceiling is almost done, but I couldn’t wait until we totally finished to share how amazing it looks..




There’s still a lot of finishing to do…holes to fill, paint to touch up, I need to make a cord cover for the chandelier cord, we’re going to add crown molding (also for a tutorial), and we have about 3 feet of the ceiling left to plank.  We ran out of material because someone miscounted the packages of planks we had on the cart.  Yeah.  It was me and I was bummed when I realized we couldn’t finish and I had more plank-painting in my future, but my shoulders were shaky and we were ready for a rest anyway.  What we finished, though, makes me giddy.  The chandelier puts it over the top.  As I was laying in bed last night, I hoped my eyes would adjust, so I could stare at it before I fell asleep.



I used a plastic medallion to add a little umph around the chandelier canopy.



I ordered the canopy off E-bay, since the chandelier was missing the original one and I found a lot of vintage crystals on Etsy that were exactly what I needed.  This chandelier is pieced from five different stores, but it looks like it was meant to be this way.


I love how the planked ceiling and chandelier look with the antique shutters on the wall and my fluffy boxwood wreath…




I’m waiting for some materials to come in to make the curtains and upholster the chair and we need to make a Home Depot run for the rest of the planks, crown molding and some other things, so the bedroom will be on hold.  I’ll start working on some Halloween projects next week and the demo of the kitchen (just the counters and a couple of cabinets) will begin.  More to come…

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring. Can’t wait to see the tutorials!! I am really enjoying this series about your bedroom renovation and literally seeing your vision come together piece by piece. I will admit that I could not visualize how it would all come together at the beginning of the series but am definately seeing it now. How I wish I had some of that ability to envision something so beautiful for a space.

  2. It’s beautiful, but them I’m pretty sure all of us out here knew it would be! I’m loving your bedside lamps, too. Any suggestions where I could find some?

  3. Beautifull!!!!!! Congrats!!!!

  4. Sally B says:

    Absolutely beautiful….Are you going to add crown molding? I love it all…

  5. I love it all! The best part….is that your family is on board. That is such a good feeling. You all get to live in what you create together. What a blessing! Congrats on all of the beauty around you. :) k.

  6. Just gorgeous!


  7. Teresa Teague says:

    Love it! Love your style and how you share what you do. Thank you for keeping it real!

  8. Inspiring!!! This is so lovely.

  9. Merri Jo says:

    Stunning! Your bedroom is a lovely oasis that you may never want to leave!

  10. Oh my – way to go Marion. What a gorgeous room even though it’s not finished. Such an inspiration

  11. pam clark says:

    I know you didn’t ask, but I’m going to say it anyway…..I LOVE your room…the colors, ceiling, bed, fabric, chandeliers…….BUT I really think you’re doing a disservice to the room by adding the fabric cord covers on your chaneliers. They eye goes right to them and not to the chandelier. The chains look just fine as they are. If it’s the cord that’s bothering you, why don’t you put some antique gold rub and buff on the cord so that it blends in with the chain? Just felt I had to say that! thanks for sharing, I love reading your blog every day ~ Pam

  12. Heather says:

    Beautiful room!!!! What product did you use on the celing planks? Many Thanks!!!! Love, Love your site!!!!!!

  13. I’m so inspired by your planked ceiling! I’ve always wanted to try something similar in my home. I already have a fine chandelier, crown molding and a faux plaster medallion, so I think a planked ceiling is the next step!

  14. Courtney D says:

    Amazing transformation! I can’t wait to see the finishing touches! beautiful!
    Do you have consulting services available? I have a desk, similar to your “painted desk post 04/30/11” and want to use your milk paint- if you were up for hire-to look at a photo of the room/draperies and provide an opinion on color combos-such as shutter gray and linen? or boxwood and grainsack….just curious-I know you are so busy and I understand if that is not a service you provide. thanks! -cd

  15. Marian, this is already my all time FAVORITE thing you have ever done…and it isn’t’ t even completed yet. Your room is going to inspire many, me included, and I wish that you were working on your second book to put this in, it is absolutely spectacular! Thank you for always being so inspiring, so creative and sharing it all with us, makes my heart sing!!!

  16. Janet Lawson says:

    Oh it is beautiful..
    I can see ya smiling all the way on the other side of the state..
    Have a wonderful day..

  17. Vickie says:

    Holy Cow Marian!!!! your so gifted…just blow’s me away

  18. Lovely, Marian- everything is just lovely!

  19. Soooooooo BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Patti Gencarelli says:


    It looks over the top beautiful – and it is
    very important to make your bedroom
    as high a priority as your living room.
    Mayby even more so.

    I loved meeting you in La Porte and
    look forward to following all your
    projects that call my name all the
    way back to Texas.

    God’s blessings on your endeavors.


  21. seriously drooling! gorgeous!

  22. Marian the room is absolutely breathtaking! I can’t wait for the tutorials and finished space. You have such lovely vision :)

  23. The ceiling is so peaceful. It’s funny how design hits people different ways…but when I saw it, the feeling was…ahhhh. Great post.

  24. Kaille says:

    Marian, this is just beautiful on so many levels. I don’t what I can say that hasn’t already been said, but I am in awe of your eye and your ability to visualize things and put a plan together and turn out something that looks like this. You have such a gift and I’m grateful that you are willing to share with people like me that feel so overwhelmed that they don’t even know where to begin. (I’ve been in my home for over 10 years and have failed to complete one room and now I’m tired of everything and want to start over but fear I’ll just make the same mistakes…. it gets to be expensive when you don’t know what you’re doing! But enough about that !) Absolutely stunning room! I don’t know what speaks to me most – every element by itself is beautiful enough, from the fabric, the chandelier (love), the bed, the ceiling – and together – just wow….

  25. Madie says:

    I love the room. Everything is looking lovely. I wanted to know if you painted the shutters. They have the look I want for a table I have but I cannot figure out how to achieve the look. Its in my mind but the idea stops there. Thanks

  26. Marian,

    Your room is really coming together and looks GORGEOUS! Wow wow wow! I wouldn’t be able to sleep a wink in that room I’d just want to stare at how pretty it is all night. ;0) Just kidding…it looks very comfortable too. 😉 I was wondering, not having any experience with chandeliers myself but LOVE the way they look, do you think they give off enough light for the room or are you finding that you need more lamps too? Also…another question…do you plan to use an outlet fan during the Summer? Maybe you’re not a fan girl, but I think I’d miss some air flow, especially when it gets hot. Just curious…thanks!


  27. It is beautiful! I love the fabric on the walls. I’ve always wanted to do that in a room.

    This may be a dumb question, but do you have to take the chandelier down to put the cord cover on?

  28. absolutely beautiful! its so calming…but also so not boring….perfect for a master bedroom!! I keep wanting white for my master, but I am afraid of it being uninteresting…thanks for the inspiration!

  29. Wow! So beautiful! I’m a newbie to your blog, so I have lots of reading to catch up on, but I love it already!
    (I’m getting ready to plank the ceiling in my sunroom. My hubby would love tongue & groove planks–what is the brand name at HD if I may ask?)

  30. It’s come together beautifully and such an inspiration. I’ve been hoarding, I mean collecting some chandelier crystals for some time now and have a very plain, cheap brass chandelier Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. katie says:


    Where did you buy your planks? I’ve been wanting to do this forever in my kitchen but we can’t find anything at a reasonable price. HELP!!!! By the way it ALL looks GORGEOUS!!! You are a creative genius. ;o) I love visiting your blog every day!!!

  32. Liz VanKirk says:

    I love the planked ceilings. My husband and I have wanted a beaded board ceiling for years in our kitchen. I have researched many types of ways of doing it along with getting ridiculous quotes to have it done.

    Recently we were pricing out planks at Home Depot to DIY it. Could you tell me how wide your planks are? And also did you buy the 12 ft long ones? I also wonder was it super difficult to get the planks together after being painted?

    I look forward to learning more….


  33. Oh my…what a dreamy room! Such sweet slumber & delight!

  34. Simply stunning!

  35. Your new planked ceiling is to die for! Amazing. I love it with the chandelier. I would be staring at my ceiling all night and never sleep. Also, your wallpaper is dreamy with the whimsical platter decorations. Love your look!

  36. kristen says:

    I have been scrolling through the comments and It sounds like you bought a box to do the tongue and groove ceiling. I have had my ceiling on the list to do and this is the month for it so before I go to Home Depot and buy what I already thought I was going to use (tongue and groove pine boards) What did you use? For clarification was there a box of preprinted somewhere in the store? Thanks

  37. kristen says:

    Sorry..I meant pre painted…..cuz you wrote “miscounted the packages of planks”. Are they in a package? That would save me alot of time – prepainted etc…

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