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Union Jack Ottoman


 As I shared in my other posts about my Houston trip, I met some amazing people.  One of those people was Jennifer Williams of Metamorphose Studios.  I was getting ready for the Milk Paint demo and Jennifer comes out of the back room, smiling.  “I have a present for you.”  I was slightly distracted and didn’t notice what she was holding.  She then lifted up this black garbage bag filled with something boxy and handed it to me.  My first thought, and I’m pretty sure I said it out loud, was,  how am I going to get this home?!  I pulled the garbage bag back and saw this amazing Union Jack pattern in burlap, cream and aqua.  My second thought was, I’m going to get this home no matter what.


Jennifer left the legs raw, so I could paint them.  I’ve been known to do that sort of thing and she thought I could handle it.  With the legs off, it was doable to take it home on a plane.  Amy, who is very clever and resourceful, made what we affectionately called a “redneck suitcase” to carry the ottoman in.  It was made out of a box for folding chairs and duct tape.  She even made a handle that worked like a charm.  It was so impressive, I got complimented on the construction of it when I checked it at the airport!  (There’s a picture of it on my FaceBook page HERE.)

It was a bit comical to see my husband’s face when I carried it in the house and even funnier when I told him it was an ottoman.  Yes, I checked an ottoman onto the airplane.  Proof that good furniture will make me do slightly strange things.


Jennifer does brilliant work.  She makes these ottomans entirely from scratch.  This started out as four legs, a two-by-four, tacks, foam and fabric.  Not only is it impressive that she made this, but it’s so quality.  I love it when things are hand crafted so well that it doesn’t make you think , “Wow.  You must’ve made this.”  You know what I mean?



I was a little envious of her perfectly straight stitches.  I tend to wander a bit when I’m sewing.


I haven’t decided what I’m doing to the legs, yet, but I’m leaning towards staining them.  Maybe painting them cream…


As I unwrapped my ottoman when I got home, I realized what an amazing gift this was.  She charges $450 for this ottoman and she just gave it to me.  Jennifer didn’t ask for a trade or a plug for her business or anything in return.  It was just a gift with no strings attached.  A thank you for how my blog has inspired her.  So, I’m linking to her and plugging to her because I want to, because her work is amazing.

Jennifer’s pieces are available for sale at Altar’d in LaPorte, TX and she even teaches workshops on making this ottoman…

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  1. so beautiful! i loved the ottoman you had there before but this one is so unique!

  2. That is a very beautiful ottoman. I also have a UJ ottoman, but not quite like this one. I think the legs look fine as they are, but cream would look lovely too.

  3. Beautiful ottoman. I would love to know what the name of the material is that you used for the chair. I would love to cover a chair of mine in the same material.

  4. Love the new ottoman – very cool!

  5. dang.
    makes me wish I lived closer to TX.

  6. Karen says:

    love it! what a generous deed and person. that’s what it’s all about :) deserving friends to help each other! what about staining the legs same color as your chair legs??

  7. Sayra says:

    I’m in Oklahoma swooning over this ottoman! She did an amazing job! What a great feeling to inspire such loveliness! ♥ SayraLynn

  8. I love the ottoman and I love Altar’d! There’s where I virtually hang out when I’m not hanging out here :) such a beautiful gift!

  9. Robyn says:

    What a lovely and thoughtful gift! I really like what she did with the corner pieces of upholstery and the placement of the upholstery tacks :)

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