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the new bed


My new bed was delivered yesterday!!  For those of you who have ordered lots of pieces of furniture and had them delivered, this might not be very exciting to you, but it was thrilling for me.  I usually dig my pieces out of the back corner of some barn and have to put a great deal of work into it before it’s ready to use, so this is a different experience for me.

The delivery guys even came early, so I didn’t have to run to the door at every thump during the “2 hour window.”  After they set it up, I rounded the corner into my room and saw my new bed, my dream bed.   


It looks even better in person than it did in the catalog.  To make the day even sweeter, my new bedding was delivered yesterday, too.  I’ll tell you about that down the road.


(It’s the Vienne Bed from Restoration Hardware.) 

I was so excited to go to sleep last night that I fell asleep with my contacts in.  I not only woke up with sticky contacts, but with a touch of pink eye courtesy of one of my sons, I’m sure.  Despite that, the bed was so comfy.  It felt like I was staying at a luxurious hotel.  Except I get to stay there every night.  And I can’t pick up the phone to order breakfast.



I have the grain sack draped over the bolster pillow to give a preview of what I’ll be making soon.

I also just ordered some more grain sacks to upholster this side chair (and make a slipcover for the ottoman)…



The walls are going a crisp white with lots of trim and detail, so I’m going to paint the armoire bluish/gray.  I painted it last year when I was really crunched for time and I did a sloppy job of it.  It’s time to fix that.



A lot of the projects I’m taking on over the next few weeks are for freelance articles.  It’s pretty nice when my home wish list turns into my business to-do list.  Once I get through these projects (and there are a lot), I will start getting pieces ready for the Lucketts Antique Market.  I’ve already started collecting some things, but I’ll have to give it some focused attention.  Since it will be my one big retail event of the year, I want it to be really special.

Before I look ahead to everything on my list, I’m going to enjoy a good night sleep in my new bed.

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  1. Maura says:

    I have a chance to get a bed just like yours on Craigslist. Are you still satisfied with the bed? I think it’s beautiful! Is yours king or queen? Also…… Pine Cone Hill bed linens are not in my budget — any ideas on recreating a “Pine Cone Hill look” at a lower cost? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I love your blog!

  2. Hi Marian!
    I am in the market for a new bed for our master bedroom and remembered your lovely Restoration Hardware bed. I was wondering which finish you went with. I’m thinking it looks like the burnt oak finish.

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