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shopping for a rug


 Other than a bathroom mat or something to catch drips at the kitchen sink, I haven’t really shopped for rugs until recently.  I’ve never had large expanses of hard flooring until we moved to our current home.  My decorating budget was always non-existent or super-tight, so the rugs I had were freebies from family, carpet remnants left in our basement from the previous owner or great bargains (like the $8 yard sale rug in our guest room, the $75 bamboo mat in the dining room and the 70% off clearance rug from Target.)  When Flea Market Style contacted me about photographing my office, they wanted to add some punch to the space in a few ways, including a rug.  Stacey, one of their creative editors, sent me some links to various rug companies and asked me to pick out something I liked.


I immediately fell in love with Dash & Albert Rug Company and chose the Gypsy Rose Cotton Hooked rug.  It was sent to me to use for the photo shoot and I was supposed to send it back afterwards.  Well, after having something so lovely in my home, I had to buy it from them.  I got a nice discount, but it was still a big splurge for me when compared to my other rug purchases.   



It reminds me of a grandma’s crocheted throw.


So, when I needed to find a rug for my family room (now engineered hardwood), I went to Dash & Albert’s website without hesitation.



Here’s what I was looking for in a rug…

1.) It has to be real.  I’ve grown to really dislike things that are fake.  Give me wool, cotton, hemp, jute and linen.  Give me solid wood, feather inserts, preserved boxwood and dried lavender.  Oh, and while you’re at it, give me real butter.  So, when I’m looking for rugs, I immediately restrict the search parameters to natural materials.  In the case of my family room, I restricted the search to wool.

2.) It has to feel nice.  I like rugs that are comfy on my feet and comfy to sit and lay on.  I’m very partial to hooked and tufted wool.

3.) It has to be the right size for the space.  This might be a no-brainer to some, but I really have tried to pop a dinky 3′ x 5′ rug in the middle of a room, cross my fingers, step back and hope it has somehow magically filled the space.  Of course, it doesn’t.  A good rule of thumb is that the front legs of the furniture in the room or arrangement should be on the rug.  The rug doesn’t need to go fully under all of the furniture, although I suppose it would be okay if it did.  I would prefer a rug be on the large size than too small.

4.) Details matter.  I’m picky about the details of the rug, like the backing and the binding.  I think the wrong binding around the edges can make a cute rug look cheap.  I prefer a rug when the pile and/or loops goes all the way to the edge.

5.) It has to work.  If we’re talking about a small bathroom rug, you can pick one out on a whim.  For an 8′ x 10′ rug, you have to make sure you’re in love, it’s quality and it’s something you’re not going to get tired of.  I went with a rug that is full of blues and soft neutrals, so I could use it almost anywhere in my house.



The winner for me was the Brindle Stripe Sea Tufted Wool Rug.


(I even love the ribbon they use to tie their rugs in a roll.)


I’ll show the full reveal of how it looks in the room in another post.  I can say that I love it, though.  Some other rugs I considered were the Vine Denim Tufted Rug and the Scroll Platinum Hooked Wool Rug.

Look out for a Dash & Albert giveaway soon!

I also wanted to show one of the preserved boxwood balls I purchased last week.  I plopped it into an ironstone bowl and put it in the family room and it makes me happy when I see it.



Disclosure: This is a post sponsored by Dash & Albert Rug Company.  I was given the rug in exchange for advertising and featured posts on my blog.  All opinions and advice given in this post are honest and my own.

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  1. Love Dash & Albert! I have several in my home….Love yours too!

  2. uh-oh.
    i just found the rug i have been looking for.
    that platinum scroll rug is JUST what I want for my bedroom. . . we won;t be “doing” our bedroom anytime soon though. . . could always just start with the RUG, right??

    by the way, that denim scroll rug looks just like the painted front of one of your dressers!


    (did you say GIVEAWAY??)

  3. BOTH of the rugs that you chose are such fun! I’ve been looking for one for my office and the stripe would work beautifully! I saw the Gypsy Rose when you posted it last year (fall, maybe?) You have such neat taste! GIVEAWAY!?

    xo, Kimberly

  4. C'est Moi says:

    Another nice thing about Dash & Albert is they partner with boutique style shops so you can go into a local shop & check out rug samples on approval… yep!! you can take one or several if you can’t decide home and try it in your space before making a commitment !

  5. Sharon in Chicago says:

    Marian — that rug SO looks like you! I’m definitely with you regarding natural fibers for rugs.

    And thanks for sharing about the dried boxwoods — I’ve seen them at Homegoods, but never realized what they were. Might have to come home with me the next time I run across them.

  6. Love the soft tones and I am with you I want the real stuff. I recently lucked out on a dream rug. A company that had been in biz for over 65 years was closing its door, So 75% off was still pricey but when do you have a chance at a hand tied India rug,the colors devine

    love the look of all the carpets you have been showing us

  7. Wow Marion, it’s really lovely. I love the stripes. I’m so happy that your blog is bringing you such success (and by your blog I also mean all your creativity and hard work that you put into it)
    all the best

  8. Mary Boggs says:


    I know you talked about your new wood engineered floor recently and wanted to ask about potential water damage. I am sure the quality of your flooring is much better than the inexpensive laminate we have in our home. We just returned home after being gone for several weeks to find some water damage to the kitchen floor where ice that was trapped in the icemaker leaked onto the floor and buckled several feet of the flooring. This is NOT easy to fix without tearing out the whole floor, and not an option at all if you have no ‘attic stock’ (which we do not since it was done prior to our buying the house and the guy who ‘flipped’ the house did not leave us any.)

    You probably haven’t had any water accidents yet, but in your investigation of choosing the flooring, did they discuss that with you at all?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Well, sitting water is going to damaged even the highest quality solid hardwood floor, so I don’t think the quality makes a difference in that case. Our flooring is in our family room and bedroom, so it is less likely to have standing water issues. We are working on sealing the exteriors doors better and we have two extra boxes just in case!

      Will your home insurance replace/repair the floor?

  9. Jackie says:

    I really love the neutrality of that rug and think it will look beautiful in your home! Good choice!

  10. Janet Lawson says:

    Love..Love..Love..The rug you chose..
    I am off to check out their site..
    Oh, and I really like the boxwood ball and how you displayed it..
    Have a great day..

  11. Love the new rug, it is stunning. What a fabulous color too. Hugs, Marty

  12. I checked out the company. Allthough it’s a rug company, I liked their throws the most!

  13. Love the rug!!

  14. I LOVE the rug you choose! It is so perfect! I have to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dash and Albert rugs!!!! About 6 years ago now we had moved into our “dream” home and it was wood every inch. I started buying Dash and Albert at that time. For cost (and because I love the striped/plaid/gingham rugs) I always went with the woven ones. We have since moved and I have a few in this home. My dream would be to have a summer home (northern MI of course!) and have Dash and Albert rugs in every room!!

  15. gloria says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more ~ wool, cotton, hemp, jute and linen, solid wood, feather inserts, preserved boxwood and dried lavender….. love!

    Hoping to get to our Home Goods and find some preserved boxwood. I too am challenged with house plants, and would love a bit of boxwood to brighten up our home I must say, oh my! Dash & Albert giveaway ….. well over the moon!

    For those of us who were blessed to attend the seminar on Saturday, much pondering of contentment, and blooming where He has places us.

    Thank you for sharing your journey. Have a wonderful week!

  16. michelle says:

    okay… the rug you chose for your office i’ve been coveting for a while….. LOVE LOVE everything about it! it’s definitely a make you happy rug with that came from grandma feel :) and your preserved boxwood ball… the perfect touch! you didn’t mention where you got it? please share that info! i recently started following you and i am completely and utterly enthralled :)

  17. I love Dash and Albert! I have only a small 2×3 rug by our back door, but I love it so much. The colors are great, and I love all the different styles and types of rugs they offer. I’m so glad you got one for your home!
    classic, great quality.

  18. P.S. I REALLY wish I knew for sure that those boxwoods were at the one of the stores here!!!! : ( The two we have are an hour away, and I don’t have time this week to drive up and see. That was an incredible deal!!

    • Denise,
      Just give them a call first. I called the one only 15 minutes away and they had one left. He said they had a table full before the weekend and had one small one left today. I have a bunch of Restoration Hardware ones and they are beautiful. If your willing to pay they are on sale now (look online). The pots they come in are very nice and very quality–no complaints.

  19. Great rug choices. I wasn’t familiar with Dash and Albert until I read about them on your site. The boxwoods seem to work in any room.

  20. Carol says:

    That rug is beautiful. You should also check out Company C. I’m luck enough to have them in my hometown of Concord, NH and visit their special sales. And often just browse their beautiful showroom of rugs and furniture that’s always styled great.

  21. tonya nagle says:

    Oh! Maybe I am the only one who doesn’t know – but I’ll ask anyway :) What exactly is preserved boxwood? So beautiful!

  22. Lisa Dominguez says:

    Fell in LOVE with my striped Dash and Albert Rug Company I bought at Shades of Amber in Monument, CO. Their vibrant colors and my choice in sizing gave me a beautiful statement in my kitchen.

  23. Harriett says:

    Can hardly wait for the Dash and Albert rug give away! WOW! Both rugs look perfect in your home. Harriett

  24. pretty colors in the new rug! I LOVE the one you have in your office!!! My favorite!

  25. I only buy Dash and Albert rugs, love ’em. After buying my first one I was hooked (sorry for the pun). They are made sooo well and have a beautiful creative selection. The Brindle Stripe has a timeless but current look to it… it has my wheels spinning. I’ll be looking for that contest!

  26. I really love that rug – can’t wait to see the reveal.
    I have a Dash & Albert tote that i bought that i love to use in summer time.
    It’s a perfect picnic or beach bag!

  27. Madly in love with your bamboo alphabet rug. Please don’t tell me you painted it yourself? Is there a website for this beauty?

  28. Tawny says:

    What is the best way to clean a wool rug? I am having a difficult time with mine, because I cant even vacuum it without it starting to fray up. Its a lighter blue with cream so its starting to dirty up a bit. Any suggestions?

  29. Carmen says:

    So much for white rooms!! Iol I love the colors of the first rug – I need it. I agree reminds me of crocheted throw blankets. 😉 Great choice on both rugs.

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