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Shopping at HomeGoods | Take Two


A few weeks ago, I went on a shopping trip to HomeGoods (and posted about it HERE.)  It was an amazing opportunity.  I was armed with $1000 gift card furnished by HomeGoods to shop for my master bedroom.  I came home with a bunch of things, with the big splurge being this rug for $500.   


I loved the rug, but there was a nagging thought in the back of my head that was a little concerned that it might not really work.  It was the only one there that really fit my style and blue & white color scheme and I felt like I needed to jump on it, so I bought it.  In the weeks since I bought it, I have hunted for a fabric that would work well with the blue in the rug and have come up empty-handed.  I also got to buy my dream bed and that made the nagging thought nag me even more.  Would the bed and the rug work together?



Then I found this fabric and fell in love.  The nagging thought started to scream at me.  This rug might be okay, but it’s not the best and I knew I would be settling if I kept it.  So, I looked into HomeGoods’ return policy and learned that I can return things I bought over 30 days ago in exchange for store credit, which is what I wanted anyway.  Thursday morning, my husband and I rolled up the rug and drove to the HomeGoods in York, PA.  In addition to bringing the rug to exchange, I also brought some pillows, shams and curtains.  I basically returned almost everything I bought in the first shopping trip.  I liked it all and it all worked together, but I was hopeful that I could find things that I LOVED.

I went straight to the rugs and immediately saw this… 


It might look like a shaggy cream rug, but when you get close…  it’s a beautiful tufted wool rug with the most amazing, cushy texture.  My husband was with me, which I immediately thought might have been a mistake when he exclaimed that he didn’t like it and it looked like packing peanuts.  Okay…I flipped through the other rugs.  Nope.  I had my heart set on the cream-tufted-wool-packing-peanut rug.



“Well, if you really love it, let’s get it.  I don’t want to be returning it in a few weeks, though.”   Fair enough.  I love it.  Let’s get it.  I then had that irrational feeling I always get when shopping that everyone in the store is going to want what I want.  I resisted the urge to ask my husband to stand by it while I staked claim.  I just went to the register like a rational person and let them know I wanted to buy it, so they could take it down.  I may or may not have gone back to the rug section and informed a very sweet woman who wasn’t even touching “my” rug, but was close enough to it to make me nervous, that I was buying the rug.  (That was the paranoia talking.)

Now that the rug was secured, I went shopping for other things.  I found this flat-weave wool rug, which I bought (for only $40!)… 


…an antique-looking wooden basket…


…a basket with a blue painted stripe…



…and some preserved boxwood topiaries.



I was really excited about finding those.  I am not great with plants and I’m not a big fan of plastic plants, so preserved boxwood is the perfect thing for me.  It’s real, but I can’t kill it.  The price was great as well…better than I can buy wholesale.

When I went shopping at HomeGoods before, I was trying to make what I found work.  This time, I could see when I stepped back and looked at my cart that it was all “me.”



A couple of ladies even commented at how great the contents of my cart looked together.  This is a nice example that you never know what you’re going to find at a store like HomeGoods.  Last time, I struggled to find my style.  This time, it was a major score.

I had some things to return to TJ Maxx as well, so I stopped in there after lunch (my husband went to the tool section at Lowes.  He had experienced enough shopping with me for the day.)  This chair immediately caught my eye and I was wondering if someone nabbed my living room curtains and upholstered a wing chair with them while I was being paranoid over a rug and HomeGoods.



If  I was a furniture designer, though, I would put turned legs with castors on this piece.  The legs are too modern for the fabric.  Just giving my opinion.

Anyway, with my gift card from the returned items, I bought two of these x-back, bentwood chairs for my kitchen…



I’ve been eyeing this chair style for a long time, but haven’t found some at the price I want to pay.  Unfortunately, there were only two, so I’m crossing my fingers and calling every local TJMaxx to try to find two more.  (If you’re reasonably local to me and see them, please let me know!!)

I want to move my kitchen chairs to the dining room.  They’re about 100 years old and they need a bit of a break from everyday use.  These chairs are sturdy and give that Frenchy-farmy look I like.



I couldn’t wait to roll out the rug in the bedroom.  It looks amazing…



…and feels so comfy underfoot.


(Yes, I’m wearing plaid pajama pants in the afternoon.  I am my own boss, so I can do stuff like that.)  When my six-year-old got home, he ran in and exclaimed “Marshmallows!” and then licked the rug.  Of course, he got a mouth full of fuzz and realized that the floor was not covered in thousands of mini-marshmallows.  My cool mom stats got a huge spike and then leveled out again.  The boys tested out the rug with cartwheels and somersaults, though, and gave their approval.  It’s really a great wrestling/tumbling rug, which is important in a house full of boys.



I put the flat-weave wool rug in the living room.  It’s a little too small, so I layered it over the jute rug from the office.



I don’t know if it’s perfect, but I know two things…  1.) I’m keeping this rug and using it somewhere in the house.  2.) I really like a rug with more pop over the antique tapestry rug I had in there before that blended into the floor.



Once the rugs were in place, I cut the tags off the boxwood topiaries and tried them around the house.  These two came out of the wire basket and one went on each night stand.  I did NOT return the beautiful mirrors I bought on my last shopping trip.  I still love those.  I’m thinking I will only be able to use one, so maybe I’ll have a giveaway for the other…or try it in my guest room.  We’ll see.


I think this second buying trip taught me some lessons about shopping at a place like HomeGoods.

1.) It’s okay to buy something you like in the store to see if it works in your home and then return it if it doesn’t.  If you hang onto the receipt and return it within 30 days, you can get a full refund.  If not, you can get store credit.  (I will take a second here to say that everything I returned, except the rug and curtains, had the tags on and were still in the original packaging.  Everything was in brand new condition.)

2.) If you don’t find what you’re looking for in one shopping trip, try again or try a different HomeGoods/TJ Maxx.

In addition to the lessons learned, it was a very profitable (and fun) shopping trip.

My new bed is coming on Monday and my new fabric can’t come soon enough.  It’s all coming together now!

Disclosure: This is actually not a sponsored post, but a follow up on a sponsored post…if that makes sense!

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  1. I want to run to Homegoods right now and see if I can find everything in your cart–totally my style AND my favorite colors!! I never have that kind of luck in ONE trip…usually many trips there…and back with lots of returns!

  2. Wow! You scored some great finds at HomeGoods! I love the idea of layering rugs, I never would have thought of that. I might be borrowing that idea 😉

  3. Oh you have me giggling at the rug stalking thing. I do that same thing. My heart seems to race as I speed walk over to the sales counter to get my hold sign. I get anxious as I try and will the salesperson taking my desired purchase up to the front to move faster as if some fellow shopper is going to swoop in and steal my item just to spite my super score efforts. I love your new rug and think you were right in following your instincts. I like the other one too, but this one doesn’t lock you into a making it work kind of pattern. Love the boxwoods too. I tell you, Home Goods sure does have the deals on those right now.

  4. I love that $40 rug!! Are you sure you don’t want to give that away? I can’t wait to see the finished room!

  5. Before you even made the comment about everything in the cart looking like you, I was already thinking it! Glad you had such a successful trip- makes me want to go shopping!

  6. Laurie says:

    I found similar french farm chairs at World Market. They are the same finish as the RH dining set I have, that looks like the same style as your new bed. They were less than $100, maybe on sale?

  7. Oh my gosh! I want to go to Home Goods right now!, and we’re iced in here! GAAAAHHHH! I LOVE your rug, and the topiaries… i’ve been looking for some and they’re right there at Home Goods, check out that price! The mirror is insanely gorgeous, that was a great haul!, and so funny that your son licked the rug…


  8. Laura says:

    I’ve actually never been to a HomeGoods store, but I think I’m gonna have to plan a trip!

  9. I just love your posts, you make a not so good day good or a good even better. Great choices, the blue is my favorite color. The room is going to look beautiful, can’t wait to see it.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. meredith says:

    Reading this post after spending the morning at Home Goods makes me laugh. Two chairs, two pillows, two trash cans a possibly one of a pair of lamps are going back. I stared at the topiaries for 10 minutes, but didn’t nab one. The artificial succulents were beautiful too. I grab what I like when I can, b/c it’s never there when I go back. LOVE your purchases…thank you for sharing them with us! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the x-back chairs when I make my returns. Our TJMaxx and Home Goods are in the same shopping center in Owings Mills, MD…B-I-N-G-O!

  11. great finds! love how you pulled it all together.

  12. Love your new purchases…especially the basket with the blue stripes! I had a good laugh about your son licking the rug…I can totally picture one of my kids doing the same!

  13. Deb C says:

    What a successful shopping trip. I guess the second time was the charm. I especially love the rug and the antique wooden box. Also partial to the basket. I love baskets. I also love Home Goods, but now live far away from one. I totally miss that store. I also love shopping there and finding household treasures. Good job on your shopping expedition. Nice to go shopping with you through your blog!

    • LOL…I`m the TAKE BACK QUEEN! I buy it, take it home, place it where I THINK I would like it, gather it up and throw it back in the car and away we go! And my Hubby Say`s the same thing! I was at the Carpetbaggers Antique Store last Saturday, had all these items lined up on the counter to buy when a group of Ladies stopped buy to admire my MANY finds, I think I could have sold the items to them and made a profit to boot! One thing for sure, I can`t return items to Antique Shops, so I had better LIKE THEM! Isn`t Life is funny. <3

  14. ColleenR says:

    I am in love with that blue rug! We don’t have a Home Goods but we do have a Marshall’s and TJ Maxx so I checked them both out after reading your post yesterday. I found a similar but smaller modern wool blue rug but I am still crushing on the bigger one. Good call returning the other one; the new one is going to look great in your bedroom!

  15. WOW!! A $1,000 gift card to Homegoods! How fun! I know you’re not sure about the blue rug where it is, but I LOVE the picture of it in your living room! Everything really works well together in that room and the staging is beautiful!

  16. Sherry says:

    Absolutely love everything you got! HomeGoods and TJ Maxx are my favorite places to shop! I have the exact same boxwood topiaries in the wire basket from there. Love it all. Can’t wait to see your room.

  17. You make me want to run to Home Goods! I guarantee the one around here is not going to have the cool stuff you found though!

  18. I love all your purchases this time around. All says Miss Mustard Seed style to me. :) Oooh, I may have to run to my home goods and try to get some of those boxwoods. I love trips to Home Goods and TJ Maxx (without my kids preferably)…

  19. i have been eyeing those exact chair for my dining room! I nearly jumped out of my seat when you showed that you found some in a store. the cheapest i’ve found online is $98 bucks a piece. Do you mind me asking how much they were at TJ Maxx? Hope ours has some!!

  20. They were $79.99. They had a settee, too, but I really wanted four chairs. Hoping I can find two more!

  21. Sheila says:

    Love all your purchases, but is that lovely rug really a walk on everyday rug? Don’t mean to be Debbie Downer, but I wonder if such large, loosely plied pile would catch every piece of dirt and be smashed down by regular foot traffic. Just something to think about. I’ll keep my eyes out for those chairs for you, but I live in Cincinnati- a bit of a drive for chairs!

  22. I definitely understand why you were nervous about the rug. It always seems that something will sit on the store shelves forever, then two or three people want it on the same day! Glad you got it. Funny marshmallow story!

    Have a great day.

  23. Oh how I wished we had a Home Goods by ne:) Love everything!!!

  24. Janet Lawson says:

    I love it all..
    I want to go to Home Goods..

  25. Aaaahhh, I NEED that cream, chunky rug! If I wasn’t iced in right now, I’d be driving all over the greater Raleigh area to find one…dibs 😉 ! I’ve been looking all over for one like that (that’s affordable) for my front living room. My two big rug sources are Overstock and HomeGoods and I’ve been striking out on Overstock the last couple of days and was going to go HomeGoods this weekend and check! Do you remember how much this was and the size by any chance? Note: my heart is racing and I’m feeling paranoid that someone is buying this right now!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Oh, I hope you can find it! It was $499, so it was an even exchange for the other one. Of course, it was the most expensive rug there, but I had the gift card and I really wanted wool. I couldn’t find any specific information on it, but the tag says “made in India, Handtufted Wood” It’s 8×10 and was $499.99 compared to $1000. The dept is 23, Style: 028460 Type: 2 Cat: 8822 VS: Solid. Maybe that will help. You should try calling around tomorrow to see if a store has it.

  26. Thank you for taking us on your shopping trip. It was beautiful…and full of common sense. My kind of shopping trip. lol! btw: I could actually FEEL the excitement/anxiety over the rug purchase. I have been know to feel like staking my claim a time or twelve. 😉 It’s so hard to be calm about it! :) Thanks again! k.

  27. Patricia says:

    I LOVE the rug ! I have been looking for one just like that for so long ! You have the BEST Homegoods and TJMaxx stores, by the look of what you scored ! Lucky girl – you made the right choice – I would love a rug like that, and the price for the preserved boxwoods is amazing ! Great scores….

  28. Love that rug. I have a choice of 5 different Home Goods stores all within 25 miles of each other and the selection is nothing like what you found! Well done!!

  29. Marlene says:

    Can’t wait for the opoortunity when finances allow to run to HomeGoods – Great choices as usual and you and I shop alike – Stand by your choices and take a few things back!! Love those boys –

  30. How wonderful! When you posted the first rug secretly I felt it was kinda like my PB rug we got on clearance that anchors our living room area and well, it just didn’t seem you. Now all the stuff today? It’s you! Please don’t return any of it!!! And thx for the tipi that maybe our HGs has the boxwood. Didn’t know it came preserved and I know what I need it for!! But alas, I live in a smaller city so all HGs are not alike:/
    At least I know what to look for when I’m out and about! But rugs? I’m good…but I did do the same thing at PB when saving my rug…like in three minutes it took my hubby to get a clerk someone else would get it!!!
    Enjoy your new bed!

  31. Love all of your purchases! Great style as always!

  32. maryJean says:

    I met you (and bought your lovely book) in Monument Co.
    I felt a kindred spirit when I read your Home Goods experience and
    had to smile a bit……us creative types.
    It HAS to be “us” to keep it.

    I SO get it.

  33. Gotta love a dive into a rug made of marshmallows…..almost. I love that story and I am so happy you were able to find just the right thing. I love those shopping karma days! Can’t wait to see your bed in there!

  34. Amanda - Sydney Australia says:

    Hi Miss Mustard Seed… I lived in the USA for almost 4 years. I would walk past TJ Maxx for the first 6 months or so and think it all looked a bit bargain basement without actially going in. When I did finally venture in I was hooked… I would ferret through all the stores in the area until I found a complete set of something.

    Need less to say I eneded up with more china patterns, napery, towels and sheets (oh and SHOES!!!!!) than any person should need, but it all came back to OZ. 100 small boxes going over turned in to 30ft ft shipping container space and that did not include any furniture.

    My daughter and I just went back for a month’s holiday and our first shopping trip included a Homegoods store in Virginia. I was salivating and trying to figure out how to get those big items home but didn’t resolve cost effective shipping… found out now about this company
    We still managed to stuff 7 suitcases full of craft (Oh how I miss Michaels too), shoes, sheets etc – so help me lord when I next come over….

    I am SO envious but love living vicariously through your shopping expeditions. Can’t wait to see the finished bedroom

  35. What great finds! Love the cushy rug! Love it all! Enjoy!

  36. Katherine S. says:

    WOW, I sure wish we had a Home Goods store near us up here in Northern Minnesota. Your sense of style is extraordinary!

  37. Kim L. says:

    There are two stores in Northern VA that are about an hour’s drive from you – Vienna and Sterling. Have you called them?

  38. I wish I had a Home Goods store any where in Montana. I would be checking it out because that blue rug is totally me! If you can’t find a place for it…LMK!

  39. Petria says:

    Simply perfect.

  40. Linda v says:

    I just bought a rug like your peanut packing rug from overstock except that it is a runner and filled with the colors of the rainbow and more…I just adore it !It is a work of art I have it in my hallway that I have painted with black chalk paint! The texture is marvelous! It is funny when we try to push ourselves outside our boxes…sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t…so I try it knowing that I can count on Homegoods to take it back if needed…And sometimes… It SINGS!!!!

  41. Eileen says:

    I love the wooden basket. I was in a store today and wanted to go shopping from another woman’s shopping cart. She had everything I liked and seemed to be 5 minutes ahead of me on everything in the store. There are days like that!! I decided stalking her down the aisles wasn’t going to accomplish much so I accepted defeat and left!!!

  42. I was just in HomeGoods last night and didn’t see that cute wooden basket!!!! I love everything you bought! I burst out laughing when I read about your 6 your old licking the rug-too cute!

  43. Marian, you have a special eye that the rest of us long to have. You have that ability to bring it all together instinctively in an effortlessly. I’m convinced it is God’s gift to you. Love all your finds. Your new kitchen chairs and both rugs are beautiful! AMAZING!

  44. Elizabeth Clark says:

    Hey Marian! I just saw two of those chairs at the Brier Creek TJM in Raleigh… just in case your husband’s family could get them and hold on to them for you. Good luck!

  45. Natasha says:

    When we moved to our new house a few yrs ago…. We made many a trip to Home Hoods, Marshall’s and TJ. Found beautiful wool rugs for the dining, kitchen, front and garage entrances at great prices! Highly recommend waiting for the stuff you live too. It’s always a work in progress to “finish” your home but fun for creatives like us! I love it when things start to come together and yours is looking great.

  46. You are such a great shopper, finding beautiful things at a fraction of the cost of a designers showroom..Love your home, it really is beautiful. Your style is perfect.

  47. Kristine Price says:

    to Katherine S – there are Home Goods here in the cities if you get down here! I was so excited when they opened the one in Maple Grove
    MMS – you always hit the nail on the head. My poor girlfriend (not a shopper but a patient friend!) couldn’t understand my dilemma at Goodwill tonight: Do I rush to the back where the furniture is or rush through the glassware first? Whichever I choose I just know somebody’s gonna nab the best thing from the aisle I didn’t go to!
    Also – you will never regret that rug! The way it feels underfoot seals the deal. Love the blue one, I mean, I really love it and I don’t have a stitch of blue in my house.
    BTW, have you seen the giant demijohns in Target right now? They are pretty awesome

  48. You won’t believe this but I found the same exact chair (but painted a distressed white) at Target and I’ve seen them in Williams Sonoma. I had big, thick chairs in my kitchen that just looked too bulky to me, but couldn’t really justify buying new chairs when the old ones functioned perfectly, I just didn’t like the style. The Williams Sonoma price was way out of my range ($149. each I think). But one trip to Target a few months back I saw the chairs on the end of an aisle under a clearance sign. They were $79. for 2 chairs, I wanted them and knew they would look great, but also knew my husband would not be pleased with the purchase, so I walked away. A day or 2 later I passed by them again and noticed that they were now $37 for 2 chairs! And they had 4. The temptation was way too much and the chairs are now perfectly at home in my kitchen. They have held up extremely well with 2 – 6′ teenaged boys as well as a teenaged girl, and all their friends who come to stay the weekend almost every weekend. I did find out the reason they were so cheap was that they sell them at Target online, but not in the store, someone had purchased them online and returned them to the store. I hope you love yours as much as I like mine.

  49. Here is the link to the Target website, they still carry the chair in white or black for $149 for 2.

  50. Sharon in Chicago says:

    Hello, my name is Sharon and I am addicted to Homegoods (and Marshalls and TJMaxx). My car knows the way without my steering to the 9 stores that are on the loosely defined “way home” from work. Beats rush hour traffic anyday!

    Love the stuff you got — for YOU!

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