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Shopping at HomeGoods | Take Two


A few weeks ago, I went on a shopping trip to HomeGoods (and posted about it HERE.)  It was an amazing opportunity.  I was armed with $1000 gift card furnished by HomeGoods to shop for my master bedroom.  I came home with a bunch of things, with the big splurge being this rug for $500.   


I loved the rug, but there was a nagging thought in the back of my head that was a little concerned that it might not really work.  It was the only one there that really fit my style and blue & white color scheme and I felt like I needed to jump on it, so I bought it.  In the weeks since I bought it, I have hunted for a fabric that would work well with the blue in the rug and have come up empty-handed.  I also got to buy my dream bed and that made the nagging thought nag me even more.  Would the bed and the rug work together?



Then I found this fabric and fell in love.  The nagging thought started to scream at me.  This rug might be okay, but it’s not the best and I knew I would be settling if I kept it.  So, I looked into HomeGoods’ return policy and learned that I can return things I bought over 30 days ago in exchange for store credit, which is what I wanted anyway.  Thursday morning, my husband and I rolled up the rug and drove to the HomeGoods in York, PA.  In addition to bringing the rug to exchange, I also brought some pillows, shams and curtains.  I basically returned almost everything I bought in the first shopping trip.  I liked it all and it all worked together, but I was hopeful that I could find things that I LOVED.

I went straight to the rugs and immediately saw this… 


It might look like a shaggy cream rug, but when you get close…  it’s a beautiful tufted wool rug with the most amazing, cushy texture.  My husband was with me, which I immediately thought might have been a mistake when he exclaimed that he didn’t like it and it looked like packing peanuts.  Okay…I flipped through the other rugs.  Nope.  I had my heart set on the cream-tufted-wool-packing-peanut rug.



“Well, if you really love it, let’s get it.  I don’t want to be returning it in a few weeks, though.”   Fair enough.  I love it.  Let’s get it.  I then had that irrational feeling I always get when shopping that everyone in the store is going to want what I want.  I resisted the urge to ask my husband to stand by it while I staked claim.  I just went to the register like a rational person and let them know I wanted to buy it, so they could take it down.  I may or may not have gone back to the rug section and informed a very sweet woman who wasn’t even touching “my” rug, but was close enough to it to make me nervous, that I was buying the rug.  (That was the paranoia talking.)

Now that the rug was secured, I went shopping for other things.  I found this flat-weave wool rug, which I bought (for only $40!)… 


…an antique-looking wooden basket…


…a basket with a blue painted stripe…



…and some preserved boxwood topiaries.



I was really excited about finding those.  I am not great with plants and I’m not a big fan of plastic plants, so preserved boxwood is the perfect thing for me.  It’s real, but I can’t kill it.  The price was great as well…better than I can buy wholesale.

When I went shopping at HomeGoods before, I was trying to make what I found work.  This time, I could see when I stepped back and looked at my cart that it was all “me.”



A couple of ladies even commented at how great the contents of my cart looked together.  This is a nice example that you never know what you’re going to find at a store like HomeGoods.  Last time, I struggled to find my style.  This time, it was a major score.

I had some things to return to TJ Maxx as well, so I stopped in there after lunch (my husband went to the tool section at Lowes.  He had experienced enough shopping with me for the day.)  This chair immediately caught my eye and I was wondering if someone nabbed my living room curtains and upholstered a wing chair with them while I was being paranoid over a rug and HomeGoods.



If  I was a furniture designer, though, I would put turned legs with castors on this piece.  The legs are too modern for the fabric.  Just giving my opinion.

Anyway, with my gift card from the returned items, I bought two of these x-back, bentwood chairs for my kitchen…



I’ve been eyeing this chair style for a long time, but haven’t found some at the price I want to pay.  Unfortunately, there were only two, so I’m crossing my fingers and calling every local TJMaxx to try to find two more.  (If you’re reasonably local to me and see them, please let me know!!)

I want to move my kitchen chairs to the dining room.  They’re about 100 years old and they need a bit of a break from everyday use.  These chairs are sturdy and give that Frenchy-farmy look I like.



I couldn’t wait to roll out the rug in the bedroom.  It looks amazing…



…and feels so comfy underfoot.


(Yes, I’m wearing plaid pajama pants in the afternoon.  I am my own boss, so I can do stuff like that.)  When my six-year-old got home, he ran in and exclaimed “Marshmallows!” and then licked the rug.  Of course, he got a mouth full of fuzz and realized that the floor was not covered in thousands of mini-marshmallows.  My cool mom stats got a huge spike and then leveled out again.  The boys tested out the rug with cartwheels and somersaults, though, and gave their approval.  It’s really a great wrestling/tumbling rug, which is important in a house full of boys.



I put the flat-weave wool rug in the living room.  It’s a little too small, so I layered it over the jute rug from the office.



I don’t know if it’s perfect, but I know two things…  1.) I’m keeping this rug and using it somewhere in the house.  2.) I really like a rug with more pop over the antique tapestry rug I had in there before that blended into the floor.



Once the rugs were in place, I cut the tags off the boxwood topiaries and tried them around the house.  These two came out of the wire basket and one went on each night stand.  I did NOT return the beautiful mirrors I bought on my last shopping trip.  I still love those.  I’m thinking I will only be able to use one, so maybe I’ll have a giveaway for the other…or try it in my guest room.  We’ll see.


I think this second buying trip taught me some lessons about shopping at a place like HomeGoods.

1.) It’s okay to buy something you like in the store to see if it works in your home and then return it if it doesn’t.  If you hang onto the receipt and return it within 30 days, you can get a full refund.  If not, you can get store credit.  (I will take a second here to say that everything I returned, except the rug and curtains, had the tags on and were still in the original packaging.  Everything was in brand new condition.)

2.) If you don’t find what you’re looking for in one shopping trip, try again or try a different HomeGoods/TJ Maxx.

In addition to the lessons learned, it was a very profitable (and fun) shopping trip.

My new bed is coming on Monday and my new fabric can’t come soon enough.  It’s all coming together now!

Disclosure: This is actually not a sponsored post, but a follow up on a sponsored post…if that makes sense!

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  1. just love your ideas and your deeper message!

  2. I have almost the same woolie rug (but it doesn’t look so nice anymore since it’s 9 years old in a house with two little boys). I wish I could visit Homegoods. Looks like a beautiful store! The filled cart looks very ‘Miss Mustard Seed’-style: natural looking fabrics, wood, lots of blue, boxwood, patterns, grainsack-stripes. I think that’s what sums up your style (in a nutshell).

  3. Evelyn says:

    Definitely you’re my kind of girl, my sister is always making jokes that I bought for the pleasure of returning, Ha, ha, ha. You’re absolutely right I buy thinking that women around me want to buy what I’m seeing and that if I’m going to lose time. Therefore, take it home and see how it looks but I run to the store to return. Your house looks wonderful and is a great inspiration for us. By the way, your book is a gem… I can’t wait for the “next book”, think about it . Now I need to try the milk paint. I love everything you bought, excellent taste.

  4. I used to work at a popular home furnishings store, and we carried a rug much like the one you bought. It was almost always returned by customers because once they had it home for a while, they noticed how badly it sheds – there would be fuzz all over the place from it. We started just telling customers right off the bat about the shedding before they made the purchase because it is such a hassle to have to return a big 8×10 rug and we wanted to save them the trouble. Just wondering if you have noticed your rug shedding…

    • Yeah, I vacuumed it and my vacuum was full of fuzz. It kept going over it and the amount of fuzz I vacuumed up decreased. I have another hooked wool rug and it shed a lot when I first got it, but then it stopped.

  5. I love all of your finds and how you put them together, simply beautiful!

  6. Looks amazing and you are making me want to check out my Home Goods! I need some rugs for the house too!

  7. looks BEAUTIFUL (and I too have learned that when your purchase is “nagging” at you, its time to go back to square one..) Love the layering of rugs…Lovely!

  8. June G. says:

    Hi Marion. I have the exact same Home Goods “rug story” right down to the same rug! I tried to live with it too and just couldn’t figure out what to do with all that color..I’m really a more neutral color scheme person, but I was listening to a few helpful family members that “we needed color”. Kid’s are all grown so I should be listening to myself! I couldn’t return the rug fast enough! I’ve had fun spending the $500.00 store credit since it was good at all the sister stores too. I bought a wing back chair at a little shop here yesterday and would love to cover it similar to the chair you have in your LR (?) looks like European Grain Sack with a blue stripe pattern. I have a few very nice grain sacks but I bought them with a red stripe I’m not wanting to use the red on this big of a piece.

    Thanks for your help,

    June G.

  9. David Davis says:

    Great find!

  10. Everything is just gorgeous and I love the two rugs better then the first!!!! Beautiful!

  11. mary eguia says:

    I noticed you said “If I were a furniture designer”. UHM ……..YOU ARE! Go with that thought…………

  12. I don’t think your being paranoid Marian, things go FAST at HomeGoods so you have to make your stake or yes, someone else might snag it. I can not tell you how many times I hesitated on buying something only to go back the next day and it is gone. Their return policy is awesome, so that makes me keep going back. You just never know how it will look in your own home, so trying it out and knowing you can return it makes it so much more easier. Love, love the rug. So glad you didn’t listen to your husband. Although, he is right it does look like packaging popcorn, but it still is fun! I bought one similar to that from Pottery Barn in a blue color, and just love it.

  13. I’m with you. I’m really wanting those chairs!! Good thing I don’t live anywhere near you! By the way, how much were they at tjMaxx ? I have one about 30 minutes away from me.

    • They were $79.99. Someone shared the exact pair with me on Overstock, so I bought the other two there.

      • I have been looking for a deal on those x-back chairs for forever now. My sister-in-law in Atlanta just texted me a pic of two at her local TJ Maxx. But I ran over here to make sure there wasn’t an update on another place to get them. I’m so glad you posted about Overstock, because they are having a 10% off sale today. AND I went through and got an additional $35 off (of a $300 purchase) AND 5% cash back. So, I just bought four of these chairs for a total of $69/each. I’m super excited!!

  14. Hi Marian
    Love it. I bought a wood box with the handle a few months ago and really love it’s texture. I shop like you and really enjoyed your story… and your flannel pants.

  15. Marian,
    I see your decorating influence everywhere these days! An email I recently received from BHG had a room, not yours, but decorated in a way that reminded me so much of yours. And that chair at HomeGoods is just another example. You’re influence is widespread!

  16. You sure made a score at home goods! Love everything you found!

  17. Hi Marian, I love your choices, especially the blue and white rug. Your living room looks beautiful! xx, Sherry

  18. Patrina says:

    Love the two boxwoods in a basket. Saw them at my TJMaxxand went back for them the next day…gone of course. I am still on the hunt for those mirrors and havent been able to find it at any of our Homegoods. Looks like you had a GREAT homegoods day!

  19. I love Miss Mustard Seed, I started following sometime last year and have so enjoyed all of your idea’s. I am so happy for you in all of your accomplishments. I especially love the silver tone mirror and will look for it this coming week at Homegoods..

  20. For the past few years I have enjoyed your blog for your ideas and inspirations. But more and more I find that your site is just one big advertisement for various stores. And now your recent blog brags about the $1000 gift card you were given. Just another person in America selling herself to corporate America. Must be nice because very few of us in the real world are able to afford a $1000.00 shopping spree. Continue to sell yourself chickie. I know it is of no consequence but I will no longer view your blog.

    • RJ, Thanks for your comment. I’m really sorry you feel that way, but I understand where you are coming from. I made a decision with my blog, which is a business, that I would partner with brands I love and promote them. In many of those partnerships, I am paid in gift cards, product exchanges, etc. I don’t view taking payment for my work as selling out and I doubt anyone else who collects a paycheck would either. What blogs you spend your time reading is a personal choice and I totally respect if you no longer enjoy reading mine. I do wish you the absolute best, though. :) – Marian

  21. Patti says:

    Checked on the chairs at my TJ’s and none there – too bad, as I am making a trip up to York next week! After reading your blog about HomeGoods, I decided I hadn’t been in a while so off I went since no football this Sunday. Ended up with only a candle (love!) and a new bath rug, but I had a ball. Thanks!
    P.S. Don’t pay any attention to the comment from R.J. Sounds like a bunch of sour grapes to me. You ARE NOT a sell out!

  22. I am so happy I found your website:)))) You certainly had an eventful shopping trip the second time around. Your cart says it all and I really like your decorating style. Homegoods is my favorite store and Miss Mustard Seed is now my favorite blog. Thank you for sharing and God Bless.

  23. LOVE your colors in the room…you have inspired me to breathe some life into our little farmhouse. My barn wood ceiling is really unique, huge brick fireplace is beautiful…but with a brown leather furniture and cow hides….I need some green, white and maybe some Miss Mustard Seed Yellow!

  24. Lynn H. says:

    Beautiful, as always. Thanks for the reminder that its okay to try it in your house with the other pieces to see if it works without fear of being stuck. Also thanks for reminding people to return things in new condition ready for restock. I am working on plans for our master bdrm makeover next week. After seeing your loot, I am going to look on the Homegoods site. Thanks for inspiring us all to fearlessly make our homes prettier.

  25. I also love the boxwoods. Went on a search for them to Home Goods and Marshall’s yesterday and today without luck (they did have plenty of plastic boxwoods though). Now I am kicking myself for going past 2 different TJ Maxx’s in the past week and not running in to check if they had any there (I usually don’t have much luck at TJ Maxx – in my part of Ohio they just don’t seem as well kept as Home Goods and Marshall’s.

    Will have to keep searching….

  26. Barbara says:

    Is that a “webbing” rug under the wire basket with the two boxwood plants? I love it!
    Can you tell us about it? Love your blog.

  27. Hi Marion! Wow a HomeGoods I haven’t been to – York might be a good day trip for me!lol I go to the one in Ashburn VA which is about 15-20 mims from Lucketts Store (not sure if you knew there was one near there)

    Love everything you purchased and it was fun seeing it all together in the cart. I am laughing at your husband’s comment about the rug looking like “packing peanuts”! Only a guy would see that.

    Glad you had a fun shopping spree,
    Sincerely – Jeannette

  28. Sam's mom says:

    I love/need the lovely brown blanket on the cream ottoman in the picture above. Any chance you remember where you got it?

  29. Melissa K says:

    Ooooo to the topiaries! I’ve been looking for reasonably priced preserved boxwoods for a while. I wonder if the York store still has them? I might have to call tomorrow to check it out. It’s only a 40 minute drive, though, so even if they don’t, I might have to make the trip anyway!

  30. Terrie from Atlanta, GA says:

    Lovely choices on the exchanges, sweetie! The first go-round had an orangey-red that just wasn’t really “you” . . . second visit must’ve been the charm. ;o) Good scores on rugs are such fun ~ but am I the only cat/dog owner out here whose animals immediately run to those spots whenever they feel ill or full?! Luckily, hardwood floors are pretty and easy to Swiffer.
    Thanks for such a fun few shopping guides!

  31. Sherri Eisenhauer says:

    Love everything and I am actually looking for those exact same chairs, but I want the barstools. I need 3 of them in that style that are bar height so af anyone knows of any I would so appreciate a heads u. I have checked Overstock and Wayfair ($370 ea/?????) and found none.

    Also, Marian, I completely agree with your response to the “selling out to corporate America” comment. You are running a business, for which I applaud you, and I for one would take full advantage of opportunities like that. Been a loyal follower for a couple of years now and not going anywhere!!! Keep up the amazing work!

  32. Debbie says:

    How do you get the gift cards? do you call them and barter with them for advertising?

  33. I have one of those mirrors. I am planning to convert it into a light fixture. Love the look of a sunburst surrounding a flush mount!

  34. Ellen Beal says:

    I, too, love Home Goods but I am a little disenchanted. I bought what I thought was a beautiful rug for my dining room for a little over $500 in February. The rug fibers started coming out in clumps and I had fuzz everywhere. I thought maybe it would subside after vacuuming a few times but if anything, the mess and fraying has gotten worse. I’m reluctant now to buy anything other than accessories there now. I think the chain buys stuff super-cheap and offers no quality assurance. Sadly, the rug will end up in a landfill. Lose/lose for everybody.

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