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my office & my floors


I have been working hard the past few days to get some things done around my house.   Most of the week was spent catching up from the lack of work time over the holidays.  That included organizing my office to get it super functional.  There’s still a long way to go, but I’m only in phase one, which is sorting and organizing the stuff.  I shipped off a couple boxes of fabric to Sutton Place Designs, have a buyer for my Cricut and have another pile for local girls who want to buy some of my craft supplies.


Phase one is messy.  It’s getting there…


We also installed the hardwood floors in our family room yesterday, which is why I was absent from all social media.  (And why I can hardly walk today.)


It was a day of ripping out carpet, padding, staples and tack strips.


It was a messy day…



…and one spent on my hands and knees and pushing myself beyond the point I should have.  BUT, we got it all done!



Last night, though, as I was coaxing my body to bend in half so I could sit down, I groaned to my husband, “We’re getting too old to rip out carpet and install a wood floor in one day.”  That ability must cease somewhere in your 20’s.




We still need to finish up the thresholds, trim work and I have a lot of touch-up painting to do, but all of the flooring is down and I love it!  We’ll be working on the bedroom floors next.  I did take pictures along the way, so I’ll share our experience and things we learned along the way.

For now, I’m signing off to watch the Redskins beat the Seahawks…hopefully.  Update: Dang it!  We lost.  Congrats Seahawks fans!

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  1. Claire Bacon says:

    I’m feeling your pain! I will be 60 this June and we are in the process of doing some renovations on a house we purchased in Oct. One thing we did was rip up carpet, padding and tack strips, BUT we had someone else install oak hardwood flooring.

    Yesterday after taking down all the Christmas Stuff and rearranging/redocrating, my OCD kicked in and I just HAD to go outside and wash the vinyl siding on the front porch, I could not wait for Spring!!! I did this by and hand and with an old mop and bucket. I was so soar and stiff but after a nice hot shower I slathered myself with rosemary oil (hear it’s good for aches/pains/arthritis) and I feel absolutely marvelous today!!

    I get such pleasure out of doing what I can and seeing the results, but boy it does kick one in the back side. lol

  2. Sherri says:

    Your new wood floors are beautiful! Kudos to you and your man for doing such a great job.

  3. Wende says:

    i love the choice of flooring..the dark wood tone is 54..i’m learning i just don’t want to do things myself anymore..that’s after i’ve already started..i love doing projects but i’m in need of a better body for all the bending..and forget being on the knees..A it reaLLy hurts..2 it takes forever to get up the nerve to stand back up…

    sorry your skins ravens won..sad to see ray retiring…hope RG3 heals and is back to his running game next season….hope you’ll join the purple nation in rooting on our ravens…

  4. Okay… I hate to do this but I am going to bombard you with questions about the flooring… without reading all the comments (because my time is super limited right now and my sweet hubby is needing my assistance… kitchen repairs.. ugh…)
    1. where did you get your flooring?
    2. how many rooms do you have it in?
    3. how long has you had it?
    4. manufacturer?
    5. hows it wearing?
    6. does it show dirt, dust, prints in the bright light?
    7. color?
    love the color of yours… it looks a lot like ours which i hate even if it is new… it is too shiny and shows EVERY speck of dirt plus ‘puppy’ paw prints. it looks too fake! and new! and shiny!

    Thank you so very much! Now I’m off to help with kitchen plumbing repairs…. think of us!

    • Ha! That’s okay.
      1.) Lumber Liquidators
      2.) We just put it in our family room, but we are installing in in our bedroom as well (740 sq feet total)
      3.) We just installed it this weekend, so I can’t day how durable it is yet. It does have a 30 year warranty against normal wear so I’m expecting it to be durable. I’ve heard testimonies from others that it wears well.
      4.) Virginia Mill Works, it’s the Heritage Hickory engineered hardwood, click-together floating floor in 4″ planks
      5.) see above
      6.) It doesn’t show everything, but it does show a lot. The darker the floor the more will show. I have dark floors in my other rooms and white kitchen floors, so I am a glutton for punishment!
      7.) It’s Heritage Hickory. I’d say it’s a medium/dark wood.

      I didn’t want new shiny wood, either. My preference would’ve been for reclaimed wood floors, but my husband wasn’t up for that brand of torture if we were doing it ourselves. I figured I would fight that battle on our “dream home.” This was a great prefinished option. In general, I like the Virginia Mill Works finishes more than the others. It was satin and had a warmer look. I would encourage you to visit a showroom to see what you like.

      • Thank you so very much! I just took a break… my poor sweet husband. Our garbage disposal died and he is replacing it. However the exchanging process is being a bugger… this is the 5th one he has replaced (each house we’ve owned plus his parents) so he’s not a novice but this one is being a total pill! And to think he spent time under the house/in the attic today as well due to mice… all after working a full day and having a reserve weekend… thankfully he has no upcoming deployments!!

        Have a wonderful week!! Enjoy your beautiful new floors! (oh i love your family room restyling/organizing! tomorrow when the boys are back at school i start my projects! yippee!!)

  5. MaryS says:

    My gosh. While I have all hardwood now (3/4 of it I installed by myself), I so very much like the wide planks. I started w/hardwood at least 10 or more years ago and the wide planks weren’t available. I won’t let my brain even think about pulling up the other stuff to install the wide planks. I’m not that mad at myself!

    Right now, I’m impatiently waiting for my foot surgery to heal… I’m in the middle of an upholstered headboard, then an ottoman like yours. Yesterday, I painted the first coat on a table from the seat of a walker and have plans for my dining room furniture. Sure am hoping this foot thing gets over very soon! Congrats… your floors look fabulous.

  6. Marlene says:

    Love it – My husband spent the weekend before last to rip the carpet out of our Master Bed Room and install wood flooring – It looks wonderful, he was exhausted!! Just the start of my list!

  7. Julie Norred says:

    YAY! So happy for you!! The floors are beautiful – you will love the hardwoods and the easy care and cleaning! I hope to meet you in Atlanta on March 16! :)

  8. Hi Marion, Your floors are gorgeous!! There’s just nothing like dark wood floors and cream slip covers. I did want to let you know that since you updated your blog, I have a hard time with it. I can’t scroll down the page smoothly… just goes down in increments…..tic by tic. :) I hope that makes sense. I read where some others were having the same problem. I have always done the painting of walls and porches, etc. and refinishing of furniture in our home but the last year the aches and pains have crept up on me, especially the knees. I think my better half is going to find out exactly how much money I have saved him over the years doing the work myself, when we have to call someone in to do the work. ack! Have a wonderful day. xo

  9. Lisa Stilwell says:

    i am thinking about replacing my floors but fear of the unknown is keeping me from taking the first step. it looks and sounds so easy when watching HGTV, but i have a feeling there’s more to it than what’s being said. Would love to hear from you any tips and things to know before starting. I would really like to know how much you saved by doing the floors yourself vs hiring someone to do them. I’ve learned that if you can do it, Marian, i can probably do it too! Thanks for all the inspiration you spread onto others!

  10. The floors look great! Sad to see the Skins lose and hoping RG3 is going to be ok. It was horrible watching him play in pain.

  11. Bea-u-ti-ful!! Good color choice. I can’t BELIEVE you guys got that done in a day! By the way, could you let me know the color of your cabinet in the last 2 pics? I keep eyeing it – I’ve seen it from some older posts but wasn’t able to if you mentioned the color. Thanks so much!

  12. sweet! I can’t imagine doing all that in one day. Looks gorgeous

  13. Lisa Broussard Januska says:

    Your floors turned out beautifully, great job!! Just the carpet removal is enough for most people, but you went far and beyond with putting in, in one day!?! YIKES!!! We too are in the process of selecting new floors, this is the exact color, and finish I’m looking for. We have quite a bit of ceramic tile that would surround this flooring i.e., entryway, kitchen, and a Sun room at the end of our Living area. This flooring will have to blend into these areas nicely. I knew I wanted something not too dark due to the fact every spec of dust shows on dark floors. This color choice is the perfect one!!

    Oh, and one question for you…..have you chosen the 4 winners for the tickets to your Houston workshop yet? I looked everywhere to see…I so want to meet you!!! Looking forward to at least coming in maybe Friday for your demo. Take care, and God Bless!

  14. I LOVE those floors. I can’t wait until we have the finances to put new floors in our home.

  15. Oh to be young.. and since I am 58 I get to say that, with no disrespect! It is with admiration.

    I am alone now, but my ex and I completely gutted our first house and did it most of it, from 27 to 38. We were 38 when we moved here, and now I am doing most of it, because one thing has not changed.. you save a lot of money this way! I am fortunate, though alone, I can do a lot, but from early married to now older and divorced, I miss those middle we can afford to pay someone years! I have always done the all the painting, and the sewing curtains, furniture, and now I learned I capable of so much more, I ripped my 50 yards carpets, but paid the installation for new. Good news, I get to make all the decisions…!!!

    I love that you appeal to all age groups, and all economic groups.. I have always said easy to decorate with money, but good taste is not something you can buy. I look so forward to your posts.. Happy for you that you are getting some of those things you want to do in your house.. Like that beautiful gorgeous bed. Thank you MMS

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      You go, girl! I hope I’m ripping out carpeting at 58. :) Very inspiring.

      Thanks for your comments about my blog. I totally agree that it’s easy to walk into a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware and drop $20k on a beautiful room, but it takes some real talent to put together a great space on a realistic budget.

      • Lol, literally. 😉 I told my hubby I wanted bedroom furniture from RH for Christmas. So, we went to check out styles I liked in dressers/nightstands (french style of course) and I realized, I don’t want a room like that! I love how I’m doing it, taking my time and buying unique one of a kinds that you can’t buy off a show room floor. I was having the urge to get milk paint or chalk paint on those suckers as we shopped! I even had decided I was getting rid of my four poster Louis XVl bed (Ballard Design repro) and getting that cool 19th Century Campaign metal bed at RH. I put that on hold too and I’m thinking I’ll just paint my bed instead most likely with milk paint. Your comment just reinforced that I’m doing the right way. :)

        *Love the new floors and am freaking out that y’all did it in ONE day! O-O

  16. Looks lovely! Can’t wait til we get our hardwood put in. Love your blog :)

  17. Barbara says:

    Looks beautiful , Americans must be good DIY homemakers , very impressed , good luck from Barbara , Horsham , England.

  18. The floors came out gorgeous…thinking I should just buy those instead of having ours sanded and stained again. I guess you’ve been too busy, I finally posted the tutorials on how to do floor checkerboard…although guessing you may be in too much pain to do them! Lol!

  19. Debra says:

    Ha! We ripped out our Carpeting and putting in wood floors this week. Yeah except I stayed away from the engineered. We went with a bamboo which is moisture resistant and (supposedly) 10 times harder than oak. I got the handscraped-with all the divits, dings, and saw-marks in already. We moved in our home in Late October and I hated the carpet (she had a large newfoundland that must have thought the front room was his potty, yuck! 4 layer f of vinyl, and two sub-floors, some “new” wood to replace the nasty stuff and we are going to have beautiful floors. Mine looks very much like yours but has a slightly darker edge to it. Looks great!

  20. I love the floors. My husband I are thinking about that type of product for the bedrooms in our house. The satin sheen is great. I guess I’ll be feeling like you this coming weekend because we are refinishing our floors in the kitchen. Have a great day.

  21. Laurie V. says:

    Gorgeous floors! Well done and I totally get the aches and pains of flooring. I pulled out all of the rugs in my old house, by myself, in one day. I was about 32. I am sure I couldn’t do that at 40. Hang in there!

  22. Regina Ball says:

    Oh your floors are beautifull, very rich looking. I got your book yesterday, sort of a after Christmas present for myself. I can’t wait to sit and read it. You inspire me all the time. Because of you I tried chalk paint (which I love ) and now I want to try your milk paint :)

  23. Judy W says:

    GO HAWKS!! Sorry, had to write! The floors look great! I just found a place out here to get your Milk Paint – can’t wait!

  24. I feel ya, Marian! We ain’t as young as we used to be. :) When we moved this last time, we did it ourselves, and I remember saying, “This was a lot easier in our twenties!”
    I told Cy that we are either never gonna move again, or we are hiring a moving crew next time!

    The floors look gorgeous!

    I’m in the messy stage in my office too. But I’m getting there.


  25. You do love punishment… or your crazy nuts! One day??? Getting older is not all it’s cracked up to be and I don’t remember exactly when it happened!! Your floors are GORGEOUS, we just had our whole first floor removed, but with finances we had to re-carpet it all and I put in a vinyl flooring in the kitchen…I love it so much more than the orange, green and yellow that was here, but somewhere down the line… Wished I lived closer to you, I take ALL your unwanted craft supplies off your hands! We moved in this house in August and I still don’t have my craft room/office done yet. Heck, I’m still painting rooms. A few years ago this place would have been done in September…when did I get old???

  26. what is the name, color, width, brand, etc of your floors? I LOVE everything about the way they look and would be interested in knowing where you got them AND the exact name, color, width…..everything you can think of!! I, however, at my age will be trying to find someone to put them down for us! they are really gorgeous. love the wide boards. Please include everything so I won’t make a mistake!

  27. The floors look terrific Marian! Must be the time of year to rip out carpeting. We did ours just before Christmas, same thing with all the staples. Pine floors underneath but painted. So we painted them a new color to go along with a carpet remnant that we had bound on edges. Was going to cost $1000 for new carpeting, we did it for $300. We have hardwood floors in 90% of house so didn’t mind the family room with carpeting. Everything looks so nice Marian that you have done, can’t wait to see it all finished along with the bedroom. You are inspirational to us all!!!

  28. I love your update :)

    The floors look great – excited to see the photos!

  29. The floors look wonderful; worth the aches and pains :)

  30. Deanna says:

    Love the floors! We are in need of new kitchen flooring and I may have to “copy” you, thanks for the info…

  31. peggy says:

    love your floors….they look like mine:) ha.
    when i read your comment in your book about wanting no-shine, loved on wooden floors, it just made my day! I told my husband, “Marian would love my 8 year old floors that have been loved on by a energetic Labrador & three teenagers”.
    Your book has been a breath of fresh air. I Love everything you’ve said and how you said it. I love the spirit it’s all written in. So fun that God finds joy in providing for us in the craziest ways when we don’t get consumed with having to have it right then. (you wouldnt believe what I ‘stumble upon’ in my five minutes in a thrift store). He can be trusted even for silly things like the right chair:) I always tell friends that I love my home because it is filled with great stories, treasures from our family to thrift store finds.
    Your book helped me not feel like I am crazy! &I love your style!. I definitely feel encouraged by all that I have done to my home and feel inspired to try some new things…. very grateful.

  32. Marion,
    I love you posts and your blog, but didn’t you just mention cutting back and not spreading yourself too thin? I have young children and I also have a blog and successful antique business. I know the time and effort it takes to write, edit and post photos, whilst juggling kids and a husband. Sometimes I wish you’d just post once a week and keep us waiting for more.

  33. I have that same floor in my kitchen! Love it, and I’m sure you will too!!

  34. Marian – I am so happy for you. What a blessing to get something so beautiful for your home. Good job on the DIY. Sorry your Redskins didn’t win but we are sure Proud of our Seahawks! Hugs to you, Patti

  35. “thou shall not covet” “thou shall not covet” “thou shall not covet”

    Beautiful floors! Absolutely beautiful :) And I’m not really coveting – I’m rejoicing with you! Enjoy! Enjoy! ENJOY!

  36. I totally love your new floors! Sorry it caused so much pain, I know how that is. I ripped out carpet last year, and refinished the floor underneath, and that is the last time I will attempt a project like that. I am waaay too old to be crawling around on hands and knees!

  37. Annette says:

    Floors look great. Style/color is exactly what I would have picked out if in the market. I will say that you’re right, the days of all day reno end somewhere in the late 20s or early 30s. I just hit 40 and have learned not to expect quite so much from myself in a day. (Frustrating, but far more reasonable!) Congrats!

  38. I love laminate floors! They hold up well to all kinds of traffic and they’re easy to clean. You chose a beautiful pattern, too. What brand and pattern is this? I love it!


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