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Milk Paint Workshop Giveaway


Next week I am on the move again!  I am traveling to the city where the majority of my blog readers and Facebook fans call home – Houston.  That’s right.  Houstonites (Houstoners?  Sorry, I’ve just been told it’s Houstonians…) give me a lot of love and blog traffic and it’s time that I pay them a visit.  I will be there January 11-12 for a milk paint demo, book signing, breakfast and one workshop.  It’s going to be a packed couple of days, but I’m really looking forward to it.  Would you believe I have never been to Texas?  I’ve been to Russia, but I’ve never been to Texas!  I’ll be there with my boots on and I’m excited to meet Mandie from Altar’d, my retailer and hostess, and a few blog friends like Lesli, Christi and a some others.

If you’re in the area and would like to attend any events, here is the schedule…

Friday, January 11th
5-6 pm Free Milk Paint Demo
6-8 pm Book Signing

Saturday. January 12
8 am-10 am
Breakfast with Miss Mustard Seed
Tickets $50 & includes gourmet breakfast. Limited to 50 people.

11 am – 3 pm
MMS Milk Paint Workshop
Bring a small piece of furniture that you can carry in under your arm, all paint, supplies and a catered lunch will be provided.
$275, limited to 15 people.
Contact Mandie at [email protected] or 713-447-8579 for breakfast and workshop reservations


(me teaching in Petaluma, California)

I hope a lot of you can join me!  And to sweeten the deal, Mandie is offering TWO free tickets to the workshop and TWO free tickets to the breakfast!  Just leave a comment on this post if you’d like to enter AND are available to attend.  You must be 18 or older to be eligible to win.  The giveaway will close Sunday, January 6, 2013, at midnight PST.  I’ll announce the four winners on Monday.  If you’ve already bought tickets, you can still enter and will be reimbursed if you win.

Good luck!!

I also wanted to announce that there is a workshop this weekend at Greenworks Building Supply in Vancouver, Canada.  It is being taught by the president of Homestead House, the manufacturer of my Milk Paint, so it will be very informative!  Here are the details…

January 6, 2012
11am – 4pm
386 West 8th Ave
$150.00 includes all supplies, floating book shelf to paint, lunch and snacks
Receive 10% off all Milk Paint purchases on the day of the course

They will cover step by step the methods to transform your piece. You will learn how to prepare the milk paint, patch holes or rehab if necessary, apply colors of your choice, distress and apply the furniture waxes for a finish coat. Your piece goes from rehab to fab in one day! There are a limited number of spots available for the course so sign up today!
Call: 604-685-3611 or
email: [email protected]

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  1. Mary Brown says:

    I would be honoured to join you for Breakfast or the Workshop.

    • Margaret Mary Horton says:

      Count us in! This is the excuse our husbands would need so that we can leave the kids with them while we meet our favorite blogger. We are in Dallas and are ready to drive. Please pick me!

      Thank you Marion and Mandie!!!!

    • Gina B says:

      Miss Marion and Miss Mandie-

      We would love to drive down to join you this weekend. Thank you for the opportunity!

      Welcome to Texas, Marion! Watch out for the lure of the Lonestar – you may pop into our state for a visit and decide that you want to reside here forever. It happened to us… and our entire family.

  2. Holly Townsend says:

    Wow! What a great opportunity to meet my favorite blogger! My sixteen year old daughter and I would love this opportunity! She is a budding artist through her junior high and high school art and painting classes. This would be so awesome to share together…and I could get my book signed by you! We only live 15 minutes from Altar’d!

    League City, Texas

  3. Patty K says:

    I would love a chance to attend! Thank you!

  4. Dana Munoz says:

    I’m a Houstonian! And would LOVE to win tickets to one of your workshops! How exciting and a BIG TEXAS welcome to you!!
    Dana Munoz

  5. Rather misleading that you will be in Houston. LaPorte may be an incorporated city of Harriis County which includes Houston, but it is not Houston! LaPorte is quite a drive from Houston, especially with Houston traffic.

  6. don’t live in the area sadly but just wanted to say I love your hair cut short!! good luck at your workshops.

  7. Rather misleading that you will be in Houston. LaPorte may be an incorporated city of Harriis County which includes Houston, but it is not Houston! LaPorte is quite a drive from Houston.

  8. Kristen says:

    What a great opportunity; I’d love to join you!

  9. gail moretz says:

    Don’t live in the area, but would love a workshop like this is Virginia or North Carolina. Thanks for all your inspiring ideas and life.

  10. Cathie says:

    What a wonderful 2 days that will be! You and Mandie together will be dynamite! Love you both!

  11. Debra says:

    Hmm wish I could win and it was in “Michigan” :( However I am following and watching for the day!

  12. Malise Langlitz says:

    It would be a great honor for me & my girlfriend Patricia to attend your workshop! We could make it work if we won tickets!

  13. My mom and I are coming to the breakfast and would love to attend the workshop!!!!
    We are so excited!!!!

  14. Kristi Garner says:

    I would love to attend!

  15. Bri D. says:

    Would love a chance to attend! I recently bought some of your milk paint but have not used it yet…this workshop might give me the courage to try it. :) I also got your book for Christmas so would love to get it signed and I am in the area!

  16. I am just up the road a piece lol, Cowtown. I would love to meet you hon.. xoxo

  17. susie says:

    I am so excited that you are coming to Texas and am also so proud that you have so many fans in Texas! You will love it here. My sister is Sharlotte at Sharlotte’s Reflections… she lives just a few miles from League City… I live about 80 miles… maybe you’ll choose us!

    Looking so forward to seeing you!

  18. Kasey says:

    I would be so excited to join this great event!!

  19. Linda says:

    Can’t make it to the Houston area but do wish you could come to Tulsa. Do you have a dealer here?

  20. I would so love to attend and have your book signed I just won from the lovely Karen at The Graphics Fairy (…but alas Minnesota is a long way from there! Hope you get close to Minnesota some day…

  21. nancy says:

    It would be a dream come true if I won tickets for my daughter and I to attend either the workshop or breakfast. I live in Austin and a 4 hour trip to Houston would be nothing just to meet you and learn more about your Milk Paint, which is honestly still a mystery to me. No matter whether I win or not – welcome to the great state of Texas. I know you will have a marvelous time.

    Wishing you the best in 2013!

  22. Frankie Livingston says:

    I live in LaPorte and just discovered your website! Even though I’m a late bloomer, I’m
    Already a big fan! Can’t believe you’ll be here! We are moving up in our little town! Would
    Love,love,love to meet you and of course,paint with you!

  23. Pam Cannatella says:

    PICK ME! PICK ME! I would love to attend your workshop.

  24. Susan Matte says:

    Sure hope those are cowboy boots and not snow boots. Bring some layers as it could be anywhere from 30-70 degrees. If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it will change. LOL

  25. Cheryl Arnold says:

    I would love to attend the breakfast. It would be worth the two hour drive to meet you and attend your workshop. I hope I get picked and bring someone with me for the drive and breakfast.

  26. I’m a Houstonian and would love to win and have the opportunity to come!

  27. Just started following your blog and have enjoyed every post. A friend and I were just talking about wanting to find a class on milk painting so you can imagine how excited I was to find out you will be here in the Houston area. Looking forward to seeing you in person and maybe even taking the class.

  28. Angie Burd says:

    I just attended a workshop at Altar’d Designs in La Porte today. Miss Mustard seed paint and the upcoming events were the buzz. I bought some of your paints but have not used them yet….I really would like to get more familiar with them so I can use them as they were intended to be used. I just opened a store in Galveston County and I am selling painted furniture. I hope to include this product in my store. I would love to win these tickets!!!! It would be a dream come true! Please choose ME!

  29. Jane B says:

    C’mon up to Big D next time please! I’d love to attend one of your classes. I’ve bought 5 paint samples, haven’t used them yet and have watched all the videos…I’ll watch again before I dive into painting something though, just to be safe!

    Enjoy your visit to the Houston area, Laporte is actually a bit south of the city but hey – in the general area. Hope you can make it to Dallas one day and I would be more than willing to pay for the class up this way…but if you’d have a contest I’d jump on that too ;0)

  30. Patty says:

    WooHoo!!! I’m in the hill country west of Austin, but my sister lives driving distance to Houston, so we would LOVE to come meet you!! I hope you enjoy your short visit – you will have to come back when you have more time and check out some of our awesome sights (and be sure to bring a truck, you’ll find lots of treasures, hehe)


  31. Melisa H. says:

    My daughter loves you. She texted me earlier to let me know that “her favorite blogger” is coming to Houston! She’s bought your milk paint but hasn’t used it yet. I’m sure I will be helping her when she tackles her first project with it. Her husband got her your book for Christmas so I know she’d love to attend and have you sign her book.

  32. What a generous giveaway. Would love to win and enjoy a mother-daughter day!

  33. Rose Wild says:

    I would love to meet you and learn more about your paint! Love Mandie too 😀

  34. Liz Rivera says:

    Hello Marian!!! I purchased your book before I actually found your blog and I have to say i love it…I have found new inspiration for re doing a lot of furniture in my home. Also your book gave me that push I needed to get started!!! I would be over the moon to attend your workshop and have you sign the copy of your book…btw I read it front to back and always keep it handy to keep me going :)

  35. Laurie V. says:

    We love you in PA, too! Any chance you’ll join us at the Clover Market?

  36. The timing for this contest is perfect! I just looked up your milk paint distributor in Dallas today. And I can carry the piece I want to paint under my arm. Always looking for an excuse to drive down to Houston…. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  37. Sandra says:

    Lived in La Porte approx 26 years ago and would love to return for this awesome event. Have a precious friend and faithful prayer partner who is still resident of La Porte. Couldn’t imagine a more perfect day than the two of us meeting Miss Mustard Seed, visiting with Mandie and spending the day back where our friendship began.

  38. Ginene says:

    Having just received my Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, I would like to take the class!

  39. Diane Wilson says:

    OH YES I WOULD LOOOOOVE to come and check this new paint out. I am a PAINTER OF EVERYTHING. I am sooo thankful that I found your blog!! Blessings as you head to the great state of TEXAS

  40. I’m HOURS away in northeast Mississippi. But I’d drive over if I won. Love to bring my daughter in law! Btw. Who won your last giveaway the end od dec?

  41. Debbie Myers says:

    Marian I have to tell you I stumbled upon your blog in November 2011 and instantly was drawn to everything Miss Mustard Seed. You are the one and only blog I have ever “subscribed” to! My husband has made the comment that the house is getting cozy because you have inspired me that much!
    I would love to invite you to Round Top, Texas (pop. 90) in April or October during our famous Antique Fair. It is home to Rachel Ashwell’s Prairie, HGTV’s Junk Gypsy’s and Royers Pie Haven and alot of other fantastic shops and galleries.
    I was surprised by the fact that you have never been to Texas, but I’m born and raised in Texas and had to google Laporte! However I’m willing and able to drive the 125.41 miles to meet you and learn how to milk paint. Pick Me roundtopjunker!

  42. Robyn Hirvela says:

    I am a HUGE MMS fan!!! I am so excited that you are coming to my neck of the woods! I love your blog and your book. I have been dying to try your paint on a few pieces of furniture in my lake house. I would be honored to learn the technique by Marion herself!!!! Please pick me for the workshop or breakfast!!!

  43. I would love to attend your workshop and learn more about your milk paint. Pick Me Pick Me! Being picked would top off the weekend of my 13th Anniversary.

    Many Blessings to you in 2013

  44. Lyn Manley says:

    I would love to attend ANY of the events!!

  45. Autum Dugat says:

    Would love to learn a new craft!

  46. Hi Marian,

    Thanks for the shout out in your post! Can’t wait to meet you too. I’m glad to be attending the breakfast, but hey! since I’m already there I’d love to win a ticket for the workshop–that would be faboo! Safe travels to ya!

    btw-southeast Texas is not much to see in the winter, but we’ll treat ya good! :)


  47. Rachel LeMeilleur says:

    This would be a DREAM come true. I want so badly to attend the workshop, but funds are low :( So here’s crossing the fingers hoping I win!!!!

  48. Ooooohhh…I wanna come!!! I’m so excited to try the milk paint to achieve that wonderful chippiness we all love.

    Welcome to Texas!!!


  49. Sunny C says:

    I would absolutely Love to win!!!!! I want to meet you so baddly, and to be able to visit Texas would just be icing on the Cake!!!!
    You can bet that I would drag something on the plane also, so that i could work on it while there!!! :-)

  50. I am going to say this….once you come to Texas you will be back…hard not to like a state that is as large as lots of countries…and from one end to the other…is as diverse as our country..You have got to do Round Top seriously ! a book signing in the spring….with blue bonnets…..I am not going to ask to to go…I just want you to have fun and enjoy…but I am going to say you must must must hit the Heart of Texas,Austin area to San Antonio it is the best ….but folks from Dallas will say different…that is what is so cool about the state…so much to see and driving 100 miles is a day trip here…Like my grandson, I was not born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could

    Have fun and make Memories.

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