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Inspired You Women’s Conference


This blog had surprised me in so many ways.  I never thought when I first clicked that “Start a Blog” button over three years ago that it would bring me to the place I am now.  With all of the surprising and amazing opportunities, this next one is perhaps the most unexpected for me.  I have been asked to speak at the women’s conference at my church, First Baptist Church of Gettysburg.  I’m not a Bible teacher.  I’m not a theologian.  I’m not an experienced speaker, even!  Almost a year ago, they asked me if I would do it and I said yes.  My stomach churns at the thought of it, but I know it’s something God put before me to do and I’m not going to make excuses and shy away from it.  I’m trusting that He will give me the words to say that the ladies who are attending need to hear.  It’s a big step of faith.

What will this women’s conference be?  Well, since I’m not a Bible teacher or theologian, it’s not going to be a bunch of sermons.  I believe that testimonies can be very powerful, so I’m just going to share my journey – the story of my business and how God has used it in surprising ways.  I’m also going to speak on some of the themes in my book like contentment, hospitality and creativity.  We’ll end the day with a hand’s on workshop.  If you’re interested in attending, here are all of the details…

Saturday, January 26, 2013

9 AM – 2 PM

$20 conference fee before January 24, $30 after or at the door (includes lunch)

Speaker – Miss Mustard Seed

Special Musical Guest – Shannon Wexelberg

Located at: 1015 Chambersburg Rd.
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(2 miles west of the square on Rt. 30)

Childcare is available by reservation (call Denise at 717-334-2564.)  It’s $5 and you need to pack a lunch for your child/children.

Scholarships are available for those who would like to attend, but can’t afford the conference fees.

You can make your reservation online (and pay through PayPal) at the FBC Gettysburg Church website.

I hope to see some of you there!

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  1. I do hope you will post your “talk” to the First Baptist Church in your hometown…..I am a
    Baptist woman in Roswell New Mexico and follow your blog. Your book was very inspirational
    to me and I look forward to “hearing” what you have to say. I am grateful that many of the
    projects you post can be accomplished in my home..

  2. Michelle Burke says:

    So excited for you, Marian! You write from the heart, and you will speak from the heart as well.

  3. Would you believe I am going to be in Lancaster that weekend? Now to figure out if I can pull it off…I would love to go and hear your testimony as well as the testimonies of others. Maybe we can meet! Thanks for the info! You can do this! Let God use you…He can do awesome things!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  4. I am excited about what God is doing in your life. I have started my design business just last year and enjoy reading your blog. It is amazing what God will do through His children when we just say YES!!
    May God continue to bless you in your business/ministry!!

  5. Debbie Byrd says:

    Speak to them like you speak to all of us, and you will be GREAT…because you are being yourself. Years ago, I spoke to a few hundred women at church, and I was terrified. A couple of ladies told me if I got too scared to just look right at their faces, and that helped. I sooo wish I could be there to hear you, because you are such an inspiration to me. Mainly because of you, I am finding courage to start my own blog. I started to once, even made a name (ByrdsNest), as my last name is Byrd. But I never did anything with it. Now….I am reading and rereading (is that a word?!) everything I can, to make this dream a reality. Now, if you can inspire someone like me to go for my own dreams, then you WILL be an inspiration to the women right in front of you! You ARE Miss Mustard Seed, ya know!!!! They’re gonna be soooo fired up after hearing your story.

  6. :) checking to see if my calendar is free and if the ladies from my small group/church would want to make a day trip out for it!

  7. Marlene says:

    You can speak of how you have helped us with your kind jestures, when we needed a pick up – Thanks for returning my e mail at my darkest time – Through your blog, you have brought me hope again!

  8. Amazing. Ladies Auxiliary is close to my heart. We put on a rally every year and the inspiration that we take home with us…is priceless. May God bless you and fill you up with things to share. k.

  9. Mary Ann Filler says:

    Just signed up! Really looking forward to this!! You’ll do GREAT Marian!!! Thanks for including a link to pay by paypal!!! I kept meaning to get tickets….and you know how that goes! I’m bringing a friend!!

  10. It is amazing what God does in our lives. I admire you and love reading about all your adventures! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  11. It would be so fantastic to be able to attend something like that. Wish I lived closer. I’m sure it will be a marvelous time and God will speak through you. Lord, we lift up this conference to you and know that you are fully in control. You have been orchestrating this long before Marion eve clicked that “create a blog” button. I thank you for her faithfulness to You and ask that You would prepare the hearts of the women who will hear her tell of all You have done for her and ask that you would calm her heart and her nerves. Amen.

    I’ll continue to lift you up my sweet sister in Christ.

  12. Wow, I wish I could be there. Two of my favorite things, Jesus and creativity. I love it!

  13. Sarah Keefer says:

    Looking forward to hearing you! A few ladies from work are coming too!

  14. Awesome! SO excited for the ladies who will have the honor of hearing you speak!

  15. Linda Parsons says:

    I will be praying for you as you prepare and as you present. You will do well.

  16. Ashley says:

    I am very excited to be able to make it to this event !!! You will do GREAT!!

  17. Awesome! Amazing how God can use our love for decorating AND for Him to share and inspire others! Wish I could attend!

  18. Wonderful! I think this will be a perfect illustration of God helps those who help themselves. Also the parable of the talents. I remember that Dr. Phil’s wife gave speeches at huge Christian women’s conferences. Everyone is called in different ways. I always thought that your blog was becoming a ministry. You will do very well, don’t be nervous. Ann

  19. Another giant step in your life to inspire people and be blessed by it.
    Good luck … be yourself and have fun.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures


  21. Denise T says:

    Congratulations! I wish I could come but I have plans on that weekend. It is only three hours to PA from my home. I wonder if there will be an interpreter at the conference. Have fun.

  22. Bobbie says:

    If your journey touches even one (MORE) life, than it will be well worth it. You don’t know me, but you have certainly touched my life without knowing it, so I can only imagine how many others you have reached! You go girl! And like the energizer bunny – you keep on going, knowing you are doing more than you will ever know, at least maybe not on this earth.

  23. Janet Lawson says:

    You will be excellent..
    Speak from your heart and how can ya go wrong..
    Have a great day..

  24. How wonderful! I will be praying for you! Enjoy this amazing experience!

  25. Wow Marian, so exciting! Since Im in WA, but my daughter lives there…I just sent her a link and said GO!!! I will pay for it!! You are right, God will speak through you. Sounds like fun :)

  26. Debbie Gilbert says:

    Oh Marion,

    Everything these woman have shared is the truth. I get inspired and start and stop, never really finishing anything. I know I read your blog everyday and knew you were a “sister in the Lord” when I first started reading 2 years ago. God has done mighty works through your obedience and He most certainly will give you the words to speak over the woman attending. It would be cool if you could tape it somehow and put it on You Tube!!! Just show up and He will do the rest. Enjoy it!

  27. God just wants us to be willing. That’s all. It’s such a simple concept and yet I often make it so complicated in my own life. Because of your willingess, God will do great things. He always does!

  28. Hey sweet girl! Just reading the part about you having to speak made me anxious! *Gasp* I’m pretty sure God knew all along you would be offered this amazing opportunity! I’m soooo excited for you!! Sometimes I think I’d like to do that one day, and then my hearts begin to race and I think… well, maybe not anytime soon! :) Good luck… I know you will be great! God will surely take over when He needs to! Hugs!!! Claire

  29. I am so excited to see God work, isn’t it amazing to watch in others and experience ourselves! I am really enjoying your book, and will be attending in spirit (in WA State :)

    Hugs & Blessings,


  30. Oh Marian – I am so very excited for you – what an amazing opportunity to be a blessing and encouragement to other women! I wish I could attend – it’s one of the things that I found that I wanted to hear more about in your book – your faith journey and how God has used your business to deepen your walk with Him. Since the book was a ‘crossover’ between faith and home decor ( I found it in both sections of our bookstore :-) I guessed the publisher didn’t encourage you to take that direction.

    In a strong Bible teaching church setting though, the women who attend will be eager to hear more about God at work in you! I know you say you are not a Bible teacher, but using clear Scripture passages to convey the truth about contentment, hospitality and creativity will lay a strong foundation for what you have to share. As far as those butterflies in your tummy – I think almost anyone entrusted with speaking to a large group would admit to having them! I often say that the minute I don’t feel a little apprehensive about teaching, I will stop – it’s when I get nervous that I {again} realize my own inadequacies and have to trust fully that He will use me despite myself!

  31. It’s funny how when the Lord calls you, it’s never where you thought you would be, but it’s a wonderful place. You’ll be great!!!!

  32. Melissa Owczarzak says:

    I love your blog you are so talented and I must say I
    jealous you live in Gettysburg. Such a beautiful place. I’m sure you will be wonderful in your speech. Look how far God has brought you already :-)

  33. Marcia Ehorn says:

    I am a preacher’s kid, and I can tell you even preachers get the jumpy stomach before sermons. I would have loved to be there to hear you – the Mustard Seed blog title drew me in, and I enjoy your stories enormously! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Susan says:

    God will carry you through. God has provided the means for you to be where you are right now. Sharing your amazing story, being led by an amazing God. Awesome! Be sure and post details.

  35. Thanks for the inspiring post! My Women’s Conference is coming up soon with Lisa Chan! This post only makes me all the more excited for the event!

  36. I know you will do really well. He has led you this far and He will give you the perfect words to say. I too hope it will be recorded since I can’t be there. :( Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  37. Robin says:

    I started following your blog last fall and now I feel like I am a Miss Mustard Seed groupie! :)
    Your book has “inspired” me with decorating ideas for my little country house, “The Robin’s Nest”! I wish you the best of luck on the 26th. God has equipped you with an awesome gift! I hope you find your way to Sweet Home Alabama someday soon!

  38. I’m not a blogger, love to read them but no time to write one (work full tme, Mom of one plus two) love to decorate, love my home (nest) and love your book, working with a good friend and encouraged her to Carry milk Paint. That said, This blog entry by far has inspired me more than any other! You are using what God has given you to inspire others! What a Blessing to you and a witness to others! Just sayin 😉

  39. How exciting to see what the Lord is doing. I echo the thoughts of the other lady who mentioned using scripture as your basis because that is where all truth comes from and then tell them what the Lord has done. The workshop at the end I am sure will be an extra bonus! Your blog was the first decorating blog I ever read and is the only one I “have ” to read every day.

  40. Barbara F. says:

    You’ll be wonderful Marian, I have no doubts. I would love to be able to attend, and if I lived somewhere on the east coast, instead of the west coast I’d definitely make the trip. Any chance they’ll be recording your talk?

  41. God is so good! I do not consider myself a speaker/teacher either & He has put me in a place of doing it in spite of myself. I love how He uses us in spite of our weaknesses. It will be amazing as you rely on His strength and wisdom. Many blessings to you Marion.

  42. Marian,
    I like your attitude that you have about speaking at this conference. I would be nervous too if it was me. I think you will do fine. You will be sharing your testimony, your business journey, hospitality, etc. like you stated and I think if you speak from your heart you will do fine.

    wished i lived near PA so I could come to the conference and go to the workshop.

    Will be praying for you to enjoy the day!

  43. Brenda says:

    Marian, He is with you always. He is opening doors for you because of your love for Him. He will be with You. Be yourself, thats why we love Miss Mustard seed. I wish I could be there to see you and get you to sign my book. God bless!

  44. Oh wow! This is SO exciting! I’ll definitely be praying for you, all attending, and the event in general. Women’s Conferences are the best ~ I’m headed to the Dare to Be conference this Saturday and can’t wait! On another note, I absolutely love Shannon Wexelberg! I specifically remember her at a worship conference years ago while I was studying music ministry. It was a powerful moment when she sang a song over the people. Have a great time with all those ladies!!!

  45. DianeW says:

    Can’t figure out if mine posted. Try again.

    Love this quote by Rick Warren
    Personal stories are easier to relate to than principles, and people love to hear them. They capture our attention and we remember them longer. Shared stories build a relational bridge that Jesus can walk across from your heart to theirs.

    God uses the ordinary who are willing to allow the glory to go back to Him.
    A message from the heart touches hearts. You go my friend. Allow God to use you greatly!!


  46. i can totally relate, i was asked to speak a few years ago after a Mother’s Day banquet. our guest speaker (who was wonderful) asked if i would consider speaking the following year at a ladies retreat. Flattered I quickly said yes, (flattery can be my weakness) and not being a speaker i figured i had 1 year to come up with something good. well time got away, and in the meantime i decided to open a shop (another first without training) and it just so happened that my Grand Opening was scheduled for the same weekend as the retreat. i considered cancelling because i was so overwhelmed but it dawned on me that God had opened the door on so many occasions that turning back on that opportunity was out of the question. it ended up being the perfect start to a new adventure. i think they enjoyed my “messy story” that or they were shedding tears of pain from my lack of speaking publicly and it truly brought new meaning to what my ministry would be through the shop. GOD truly has continued to put things before me that are out of my comfort zone but i have vowed to be Fearless!! Go boldly, and please share with us fans.

  47. Marian,

    Looking forward to it!! Wondering if you will be bringing paint and products to sell?

  48. How exciting and inspiring! Good luck! Cherie’

  49. Petria says:

    How wonderful Marian! I echo all of those who have written encouraging words to you about the conference. All you have to do is be yourself. And just think…you will have thousands (count me in) who will be lifting you up in prayer.

    As we say in the south…Bless your heart.


  50. I just bought two tickets today and look forward to meeting you. I am beyond excited. I am a pastor’s wife as well and we need to encourage oner another along this journey. Can’t wait to hear how God has worked in your life – remember He uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things such as He does with us. I am bringing my Mom – she has never been to anything like this and greatly needs the Lord. I pray she is open to what the Lord may have for her. So many things to be excited for! See you soon!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

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