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Houston Trip | Part Two


I took some time today to recover a bit from my trip to Houston this weekend.  I got a lot of things done around the house, too, and I’ll post about that later.  Tonight I’ll share a bit more about the trip and the workshop.

I must start with saying Mandie and her husband were such wonderful hosts.  My mom and I stayed in comfortable rooms and ate delicious food.  Their shop in LaPorte was really cool and a perfect place for the signing and workshop.

I arrived in Houston on Friday morning and then we had several hours to eat lunch, get some rest and change.  That was so important because I rolled out of bed at 3:00 am, threw on some sweats and went to the airport and I would’ve been toast that evening if I didn’t have a catnap.  The first event that evening was a free milk paint demo.

Then I signed some books.  Quite a few books, actually.  They sold out that first event!  Here’s the cozy corner they set up for me…

I got to meet a bunch of wonderful people, but I was really excited to meet Christy of The Brown Shed (and her husband.)  She’s one of those bloggers who I feel a real kinship with.  She sent me the upholstery webbing bunting that is in my home office and she is thanked in the acknowledgements in my book for it.  She has amazing taste and is so genuine and sweet.  She brought me a beautiful bag of goodies, which I’ll have to photograph and share with you.  She has me pegged.

 (me & Christy)

We went out to dinner with a delightful group of people to a restaurant with a huge aquarium in it and some kick-butt kettle chips.  I was getting a little fuzzy by the end of dinner and it didn’t take me long to fall asleep that night.

The next morning we had a private breakfast at Mainly Drinks in LaPorte.  People…the chef made homemade whipped butter and biscuits.  I did my best to float to all of the tables and talk to everyone, but I know I still missed a few girls.  It was great food and really nice time to sit and chat with ladies I had so much in common with.

I then taught a workshop where all of the attendees were allowed to bring a piece to paint.  This was my favorite workshop so far.  I love it when people get to paint something of their choosing and it was interesting to see milk paint work on all of the different surfaces.

When this woman showed up with this rusty old stove, I was a little nervous…

I had no idea what milk paint would do on rusted metal.  She painted it in Kitchen Scale without the bonding agent and it adhered beautifully.  The rust did seep through some, but it ended up looking really cool.


Christal was one of the winners of the ticket giveaway on my blog.  It was providential that she won.  Her and her husband have been looking for a hobby to do together.  When she won the ticket, he encouraged her to go and even gave her this beautiful table to paint…


I’m telling you, as I watched Christal finish her table, I was watching someone discover a hidden talent.  Her painting and distressing work looks gorgeous and this was her first painted piece EVER.  I wish my first piece looked that good!


I got to see how great milk paint looked on a raw wood stool from Ikea…


(It took a few of us to figure out the assembly, but it ended up looking very much like a vintage step stool. I might have to get one!)

Lucketts Green was a popular color and I particularly liked this table…


The details and the chipping were so perfect.

I also loved this frame…


…painted in Mustard Seed by Stacey of Feather Lane Designs.  (She’s also the one who took all of the photographs not watermarked in this post.  Thanks for sharing them, Stacey!)

It was fun to see Summer, a first-time painter, experiment with one of her kitchen cabinet doors.  She was so brave and created her own faux finish that she’s now going to use on her entire kitchen island.



This was just a builder-grade oak door.  She used a base coat of Kitchen Scale with a wash of Flow Blue and some Furniture Wax then Antiquing Wax to finish.  Isn’t that an amazing look?  She said she’ll send pictures of the island when she’s done.


I also got to see Lucketts Green over a white painted stool (I think it was latex)…


…and Kitchen Scale over black…


…which looked very cool!


Those two pieces were by Kelly and Shelly of fadedology.  Those girls have jaw-dropping style and do a little bit of everything…furniture, weddings, sewing.  They’re very talented, so it was fun watching them work.

I think the piece that stole my heart, though, was this old chair painted in Flow Blue…



The finish looked so authentic.

I have loved Milk Paint for a while, but seeing it on so many different pieces in one room makes me love it even more and I think the people who watched the demo and took the workshop agree.  Mandie was pretty stocked with paint when I got there…


…and was almost sold out when I left.

Thanks to everyone who came!  I had a terrific time and can’t wait to go back to Texas.

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  1. I felt like I was there… that was so fun!!

  2. Debbie Byrd says:

    I can only imagine having been there! Beautiful pieces….inspiring post. May God continually bless you in all your creative business endeavors, Miss Mustard Seed – and I’ll keep watching for you to hopefully come to Mississippi someday!! Btw, the rusty piece that was painted in kitchen scale is just gorgeous! I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the women asked you to autograph their finished pieces of furniture, along with your book!

  3. Sue Pagels says:

    I love seeing all the different pieces and colors that people paint! And also fun that you were in LaPorte, as I am in LaPorte, Indiana!

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast! Love seeing all the projects people have done!

  5. Great photos – I wish I could have been there too! Must say – your little sassy hairdo is so becoming!

  6. I wish you would come to California, you workshop looks like so much fun. I have been a follower for quite awhile and I love seeing your success. I have no idea how you do it all but I have loved reading about your journey.

  7. Carolina says:

    Hi Marian, thanks for sharing such lovely experience you had in Texas! It is so beautiful to see the variety of items painted, very interesting pieces. All the ladies that attended did a wonderful job using your paint…and of course you did awesome there like always….btw you looks so cute with your new haircut 😉 I hope I will be able to meet you in one of your trips to California!

    Carolina xoxo

  8. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Makes me feel humbled to see all those fabulous pieces and all the talent that is out there. Still need to get me some milk paint, maybe I’ll have to check out the shop in San Antonio for my birthday.

  9. Oh , I so would love to see you do a tutorial/class in person and try my hand at painting some of my furniture pieces with milk paint! Those pieces turned out beautifully! I am inspired to get moving on the pieces i have been wanting to paint for some time now with milk paint :-).

  10. What fun! They all did an amazing job!

  11. Lovely pieces! So fun to see how different the colours look depending on the original finish.

  12. I see why Lucketts Green was so popular; it’s a show-stopper! Though, all of the pieces are stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Alright, lady. You BETTER come to Florida or I’m going to be so bummed!! I want to do one of your workshops so badly! I drove all the way to Alabama for one of Shaunna’s chalk paint workshops, so I’m DEFINITELY going if you make it down here at any point :) I wanna try your milk paint!

  14. So sad to fill in the caning holes on that blue painted chair! I would love to re-cane it.

  15. Barb Tilton says:

    Can you help me to understand milk paint a little better? On the blue chair…is that sanded after painting or the natural end result of using milk paint without the bonding agent?

  16. What a great time! Looks like everyone was really into their projects and ideas! It’s fun to see how the milk paint works on different surfaces. I really like all the colors too!


  17. Love how all the different painted pieces turned out. The crackled and peeling looked really natural. I love it when paint does that. So glad you had fun in Texas.
    Audrey Z. in Texas too.

  18. wish i could have been there too! lovely paint colors, make everything look wonderful. just got a shipment of your paint today and can’t wait to play! thanks, karen

  19. wow…that cabinet door in blue over green is great looking!

  20. Marian, THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming to Texas and Thanks to Mandie for hosting such a fun workshop. I learned so much from you and Loved the outcome of my Luckett Green table. Taking it to my shop tomorrow and hoping someone else likes it as much as we did. Your Mom is adorable and really enjoyed both of your company. She told me about your surprise waiting for ya back home. AWESOME Hubs!! Terri

  21. Loved seeing all the different colors and how they look on different pieces. However, Christie’s table colors were not mentioned. I am interested in both colors. Thanks for sharing your trips with us.

  22. Sherri Miler says:

    WOW!! I live in LaPorte and had no idea you were coming to our fabulous little town. I saw the picture you posted from Kemah, but never imagined you would be in LaPorte! Hope you enjoyed it, and I look forward to you returning soon….maybe I’ll get a chance to see you then!


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